HALLOWEEN PARTY October 28th 2006 @ 8pm Yes Steve and I are hosting our very first costume party!!!www.magneticevents.info Our group is really into costume parties and everyone goes all out which is SOOOOOO COOOOOL :) Im going as a redback spider and Steve is going as a pirate. Don't worry the next day I'll be update this blog with pics so you can see everyone :P ... [ Discover More ]


I'm Floating...Ok prepare yourself for a deep post here people...I've been kinda down the last couple of months, still adjusting I think, but it feels more than that now. I've been here for a fair few months now and I love that steve and I are so separate from everyone and we're fully dependant on eachother, you know taking the whole world as our own, fighting as a team... BUT, I hate that I feel so alone and remote from mum and dad and my real friends and I hate that other than being steve's ... [ Discover More ]