IVE LOST WEIGHTWOOooHOOooI was pulling my size 20 jeans on like trackpants and I thought "hmm maybe I should buy a new pair". So I grabbed an 18 in the exact same style as the pair I had... just to see if they would fit... HEY PRESTO... Im a dress size smaller :)I wont get my free laptop by Christmas from dad... but I can at least try for a size 16 by the wedding... I lost a dress size in 3 months, Im sure I could lose another in 4 months if i tried really really hard :) ... [ Discover More ]


Monday: Clean the house. Do 4 loads of laundry. Write assorted emails. Listen to music. 7pm go to Amie's to watch weekly Buffy the Vampire marathon. 12:30am go to Lucas' to watch homosexaul-made films. (Not porn, actual movies). 3:30am arrive home.Tuesday: Complete bedrest. Shouldn't have stayed out so late. A bottle of red gatorade and vegemite on toast and reading more of my tarot book. Steve comes home at 9:30pm and brings home pizza.Wednesday: Felling heaps better. Go to Gloria's (Steves ... [ Discover More ]