Toby, Steve & CharliePlaying in the pool just before we emptied it... Toby retrieved his new ball underneath the water which is a HUGE step for him as he is scared of water and even the garden hose!!! We are so proud of Toby, our big boy :)Charlie loves the water and was happy jumping around with Steve in the pool. We didn't fill the pool even half way so he didn't get a chance to paddle but it was sooo cute watching him wade around :D The boys were so good this afternoon and Charlie even posed ... [ Discover More ]

The only reason I wanted to go to Flinders St. Station was because it is the only place I've EVER known to have a B&W Photo Strip Polaroid Machine!!! I kinda got addicted... I kept putting money in hoping the next strip would be better than the last. We got some crappy pics but we also got a few classics that I'll always treasure. I'm going to put these in the guestbook signing frame for the wedding :) ... [ Discover More ]

On the thursday we were in Melbourne city we decided to go out to a nice dinner and splash down a few drinky-poos :) We had a lovely dinner at "Automatic" it was below the Casino... the food was sooooo good. It wasn't a stuffy restaraunt either as we don't really enjoy them. They had loud retro classic music playing and the waitresses were friendly and inviting. This one guy made me the BESTEST cocktail EVER... "Burgandy Lane"Lychee LiquierCranberry JuiceChamboardShaken and served in a martini ... [ Discover More ]

OUCH... My tooth HURTS... :( I'm such a baby... My wisdom teeth are coming through and it farken KILLS. I've been in shocking pain since Saturday. I've already finished a 24 pack of Nurofen Plus. Those who know me, know I hate taking drugs and would avoid it any time possible... but right now, with this farken tooth... I went down and bought more. I originally bought SedaLotion... what a crock of crap!!! Rasberry favoured my ass!!! Its supposed to numb the gum... all it does is kill the taste ... [ Discover More ]

This is in reply to Dani-oli's recent Blog PostGRUB-OLOGYWhat is your salad dressing of choice? RanchWhat is your favorite fast food restaurant? Red RoosterWhat is your favorite sit down restaurant? Restaurant??? Whats a restaurant... somebody better ask steve!What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? Magnum IceCreamsName three foods you detest above all others: Olives, Anchovies, Corned Beef, Zucchinni... they're the main ones but theres more...What is your favorite ... [ Discover More ]

TTC Timeline

TTC Timeline Mar 2003 - We meet & fall in love.Jul 2003 - Me 18. He 24.Jun 2004 - We're Engaged.Jul 2004 - Me 19. He 25.Oct 2004 - Start TTC.Jul 2005 - Me 20. He 26.Aug 2005 - 1st Consult = Steve's 100%.Sept 2005 - Ultrasounds all clear.Jan 2006 - Move to Sydney.Mar 2006 - Wedding planning.Jul 2006 - Me 21. He 27.Mar 2007 - We get married.Jul 2007 - Me 22. He 28.Sept 2007 - Consult Gyno, Reductil.Oct 2007 - Bloods, Low dose Clomid.Nov 2007 - No ovulation High Clomid.Feb 2008 - Off ... [ Discover More ]