Can I still stand on my feet for 8 hours straight???

I'll find out on Thursday as I have a Job Trial to attend... 9am - 5:30pm, Kodak Express store in Penrith, 20 min drive each way.I'm up for Store Manager, Assistant Manager or Fulltime Casual... If they like me and I turn out to be the best... I get my pick. Not sure which way I'll go, I'll see if I like the people.I've had it up to here with crap jobs with little or no experience or life lessons for that matter. The only thing I've learnt is to not waste my time. At the moment, I have the ... [ Discover More ]

"Wendy inda HOUSE"

Me Sipping My Cocktail Wendy Sipping her Cocktail... A VERY STRONG"Midori Illusion"Wendy arrived today and so far all we have done is eat a lovely roast chicken dinner that Steve made for us... then we drove down to the bottle-o and bought Vodka, Midori and snacks...We've been trawling the internet looking at Jade's, Norsworthy's, Luigi's, and everyone else's blogs... its been VERY entertaining!!! We're sipping down EXTRA strong drinks and getting very tipsy... we're pissing ourselves ... [ Discover More ]

Briony & Furr Hairdressing Salon

Furr Hairdressing SalonMy friend Briony is a model for thier Salon and in the last couple of months has done an awesome promotion job for their business. Briony has inspired me to dye half my hair bright blue... after the wedding of course!!!On the website Briony is the one with the purple, red, black & white long dreds in the PVC outfit. Similar to how she is pictured above. I absolutley LOVE her photo with the peacock feathers!!! ... [ Discover More ]

"Hi, my name is Dani and I’m a Magazine Addict"

Notebook - Home and Lifestyle Real Living - Home and LifestyleDonna Hay - CookingSuper Food Ideas - CookingShop till you Drop - Shopping, shopping & more shopping!!!Real Weddings - WeddingsCreative Weddings - DIY WeddingsBride to Be - WeddingsThese are only a few of my faves :) ... [ Discover More ]

Aunty Betty, Grandma Hennessy & Mum On Friday we went to Newcastle to visit all Mum's relatives.First off we visited Betty and Grandma. I haven't seen them inabout 6 years so that was interesting. Aunty Betty thought I was Stephanie for about 15 minutes. None of Mum's relative are coming to the wedding. A few people from Dad's side will be as they are more apart of my life. It was good to see them. ... [ Discover More ]

"The Shultz/Lenrum Household" Mum and I surprised them on Friday afternoon with a quickvisit as we had finished visiting all mum's relatives. I haven't seenJordan-Lee at all untill that afternoon... She is SOoo cute :) Zaylan is full of energy, quick witted and very friendly.I still can't believe I'll be at a closer distance to watch him grow upand hopefully play a bigger role in his life than what I do now. Lendrum looks GREAT... She's all tanned and skinny.Boxing and looking after the kids is ... [ Discover More ]

Keeping in Touch It seems that over the Christmas period, Wom and I are the only ones updating thier Blogs. We want to read/see what you have to say. It doesn't matter if it's ground breaking news or just you bought a new fancy toothbrush... we want to read it. Calling friends once a month is fine if you the friendship to die. Maintianing friendships is hard but rewarding work. To hear the smile on the other end of the telephone in someones voice is priceless. But admitt to yourself that you ... [ Discover More ]

Danielle reminded me to think of my New Years Resolution...I wasn't planning on having one but I guess deep down I did.Here's mine...Be Young.. for onceBe Happy more oftenStress LessMantra: "I can't control the world"Get back into Macro PhotographyStart wearing colour... less BlackExcercise more with the BoysGo to bed earlierRead a few good BooksStart Painting againStart writing letters againLose a dress size or twoHave much more sex, especially outdoors :) ... [ Discover More ]

Sebastian "Basti" serving Bread & Butter Steve and I took Mum and Basti to "Outback Steak House"We drove all the way to the restaraunt and Steve says"Oops... I forgot my wallet!!!"Thankfully I had my bag and wallet on me so we were still able topay for dinner. Mum and I had a few cocktails."Barrier Punch"MalibuMidoriOrange JuiceCranberry JuicePoured into a tall glass with IceEveryone seemed to have a really good time and it was nice to get to know Bastibefore he comes down for the wedding. So ... [ Discover More ]