"Hello Kitty"

Like my new shirt???The lovely Scott bought me this shirt for no reason other than it suited me to perfection. I love it so much!!!This is a pic of me at Britt's going away that Gloria took.I think I look cute :D ... [ Discover More ]

Plane, Trains & Strollers

Well that was an experience... On Wednesday I had to go and pick up Wom from the Airport. So i caught the 2 hour train into the city and rushed around like all the other peak hour "going home from work" people.When I got there Wom was holding Jos and Effie was twirling her hair and wearing her really cool pink school bag. I was SO excited!!! Wom handed me Jos as soon as I was in arms reach. I forgot how soft, squishy and bendy babies are :D I LOVE BABIES :D I bribed Effie straight away with my ... [ Discover More ]

Someone doesn’t like me…

... because I got robbed again!!!Gloria, Brittany and I were having a lovely day. It was "Pick-Up-Wedding-Dress-Day" and everyone was excited and happy.After trying on the dress and confirming how perfect it was we left the dress at the shop and went to Parramatta shopping center for lunch and a bit of shopping. 2 hours later we head towards the car, parked in the centers car park.The first thing I notice is that the door is unlocked. Very weird. Since the last incident I've been crazy about ... [ Discover More ]