Milk ‘n’ Cookies

I'm in a Donna Hay mood lately, so this afternoon I made these YUMMY Peppermint Choc Chip Cookies for Steve to take to work for his Birthday. I'm also making him a cake later on tonight to take into work also.The photo is of my afternoon snack which I ate very slowly while I was making Steve's Birthday card. I wont post a pic for the card till tomorrow.Prompted by Wom, I called and asked Steve what he wanted for his Birthday Dinner and he said Lasange :) This made me proud. So this time I'm ... [ Discover More ]

Lasange… My very 1st attempt

Ingredients: mince, tomato paste, garlic, mushrooms, chicken stock, canned tomatoes, onions, cracked salt & pepper. White sauce, pasta sheets and a big ceramic dish Grated cheese on top and baked at 200 .C for 40mins Ok, my presentation sucks but OMG... how yummy REALLY messy but oh so good. Story behind the lasange is that my mum makes the best Lasange I have EVER tasted so to try and recreate it seemed an impossible task... so I never tried. When we at Woolies I thought "screw that" and bought ... [ Discover More ]

Monkey Business

The new Monkey toy we bought the boys Charlie won the toss for the Monkey and Toby got another ball. The boys on their new bed. Hopefully one they can't break. ... [ Discover More ]

My First 2 Page Spread

Page One Page Two Journaling"We drove up the mountain to Kuranda and spent a sunny afternoon with the Butterflies... I'll remember that weekend forever!!!" 2 Page Spread Close up of the Butterfly I made. I painted his journey all over the spread. I'm very happy with my first attempt at a 12x12... it's very daugnting having all that space to use. I would have re-thought a few of the photo placements but it originally started as one page but I had too many good photos to pass up so it ended up ... [ Discover More ]

I’m very proud… of my bar

I've been a very good and diligent girl at restocking the beloved home bar. Each fortnight I'd buy one or two bottles to bring it back up to speed. Everybottle pictured here is full or at least half full. Very excited. I even bought some Johnny Walker to entice Wendy back down to visit :)Steve signed us up for Chrisco hampers this year (WooHoo, I've never had Chrisco) we got the whole food/meat package but just for me we also got the Bar Stocker which outfits your bar with everything you need ... [ Discover More ]

IKEA… some things I did buy

I have ALWAYS wanted my very own figurine I finally got frames for my concert postersMy signed Thristy Merc Poster in its new framw $1.95 for each frame... bargain!!! You can also just see the lime jewellery tree (I should have got orange... oh well) My black jewellery tree Studio I got these colourful plastic pots :) I also got new scissors and the orange box actually has about 20 little giftboxes that stack... very cool. You'll also notice the little spice jars... I should have bought more at ... [ Discover More ]

Doggys hung out inside

Charlie sitting next to his mummy Toby cuddling up to Daddy(He's big now huh)I noticed I haven't put any pics of Toby & Charlie up on here for awhile so I think it's due time. Last night the boys were aloud inside for about an hour or so... Dads idea.I think it's a bit too soon for Charlie. Toby is at an age where we have total control over him and he obeys without thinking... Charlie on the other hand is still getting there. Charlie gets very excitable inside, all the smells and rooms to ... [ Discover More ]

Thoughts of… my appearance

Apparently as we age we gain an exception of ourselves and come to the realisation that we do not have the body and hold the appearance of those skinny girls in DOLLY magazines. I think I'm slowly getting there... I'm happy about how I turned out. My weight was obviously self inflicted and can and will be changed. But over all... I'm happy. I think it takes a lot to say that... and actually mean it. Here are a few of my wishes as a youth that I'm sure every woman reading this can relate to... ... [ Discover More ]

Photobooth… again

I just ADORE these photographs...I've uploaded several different images all based from these photos onto this blog like a 1000 times but I'm still not sick of them... even if you may be :) I'm falling in admiration for my pencils again. Who knew a pencil sharpener could re-awaken such a love affair?! So I did my own version of Pop Art and it is now uploaded as a very funky desktop and the original has been put in a frame for Steve to take to work. No boring posed photos for my hubby's desk :D ... [ Discover More ]

Studio in the Making…

BEFORE... After receiving EVEN MORE goodies from Gloria I came home enthused and energised to get the studio right... plus Steve had to work late so I had WAY too much time on my hands :) AFTER... Much more roomy and less junk taking up space.I might have a few teething problems as the draws are faraway from the table... I may have to get off my arse.Yes that is a Chucky Doll in the left corner. I'll be removing the shelves... possibly donate it.The easle will be turned around and Ill be ready ... [ Discover More ]

Deck of Me

"Someone Else Contributes"I made this card, the background, the hearts and "Gloria 'n' Danielle".Gloria added the button (love it), the words "Together, Loud, Creative" and also her catch phrase "Fosho" AKA: For Sure :) ... [ Discover More ]

Acrylic Stamps

2 Sets of Alphabet Stamps Baby Theme Stamps(These will sure get a work out :D ) Random Celebratory Word Stamps I just got all these off ebay for under $30 including postage so I am VERY happy :D I'm going to buy the clear acrylic blocks on Wednesday and then I'm set, at least for a while until I build up my collection :D Handmade cards from now on people :D ... [ Discover More ]

Weird but interesting…

Washed the bedsheets yeaterday as we do every sunday and normally we just have a fitted sheet on the bottom and our doona with a doona cover ontop.I thought I'd spice things up but adding a flat sheet into the ensemble... WOW... I can't believe how well I slept!!!I'm not crazy or delierious, Steve even said the same. Hahaha I thought it was interesting. ... [ Discover More ]

Shitty Weather… silver lining…

Thats the forecast for today... obviously not one nationally televised but the truth all the same. The weather last night was AWESOME. It was the closest I've come to a N.T. storm in AGES.Steve and I turned everything off, lit some candles, laid in bed and talked and cuddled for ages. The heavy rain reminded us of our beginning and how we were when we lived at 15 Frangipani Court, Katherine.God I love being married to Steve... He's so wonderful... ... [ Discover More ]

Religious Brouchures

I'm all for religion if that is what you seek but I believe it's a personal choice. Something that shouldn't be imposed upon you at your door at 9am on a monday morning when I am still in my dressing gown... I now have a sign on my door to redirect them to anyone else more interested in people peddling brouchures of Christ. He's pretty popular you know, we've all heard about him. Tantrum over... ... [ Discover More ]

Deck of Me

This weeks prompt was "Parents"Donna Downey inspired me to use paint this time.I love this photo... I'm such a big kid.It was also interesting to use pencil on B&W photo printout. I updated this card...Since its a Deck of Me I put my favourite photo of myself on it.I am 14 in the photo.This was taken before I ever had a boyfriend... ever. Last weeks prompt was "Birds" so here is my entry. "favourite symbol" was one of the first prompts.I've always wanted to be a sex symbol. ... [ Discover More ]

Studio… in the making…

"My Area"Lots of sunlight, lots of storage and all my crap in one place.My eisle is in the corner... you can't see it.It's still very messy and I want to move the rocking chairinto the office and that will me my magazine reading chair :D Jars and Glasses filled with coloured pretties My stationary... well some of it... Bits & PiecesEmbelishments Galore My STAMPING DrawI can't wait to fill it up with goodies :DI'm kinda like a stamping freak :PMy new little gultineI filled the little draw with ... [ Discover More ]

Bye Bye Paj

For all those that rememeber the little custard-coloured Mitsubishi Pajero I used to drive around back in the good old days... well she has retired... for good this time.Dad traded her in for a little White Suzuki Swift Cino Hatchback... I haven't seen a photo yet but I'm sure Stephanie will post one soon. It's just a little car Mum & Steph can drive around.I'm not sure if Dad will want to buy my "white car" anymore, if not we'll probably sell it and I'll use any money from it to go towards ... [ Discover More ]


It was shooting out of my fingertips and and I just had to release it onto a few new cards. Classic Me & Antonia moment"It's fun to be dumb" BFF BFF "d" is for danielle :D ... [ Discover More ]