WooHoo Cocktails

I have been plaing around with the currency converter and it got me all excited!!! For $10 AUD I can buy 4-5 expensive cocktails!!! This girl is EXCITED :D I was a bit worried as we only have $300 to cover us until payday (wed 6th) but when I converted the $300... well it turns out we are MILLIONAIRES :P 300.00 AUD = 2,158,282.62 IDR Steve wasn't worried as he already knew his Bintangs were only going to set him back about 4,000.00 IDR each... thats equates to .55c AUD each. Who knew I'd EVER ... [ Discover More ]

Travel Bag :)

Ahh... the simple pleasures of life are often those most unexpected. Like the joy my new travel toiletries bag has given me :P It's so gorgeous and retro I could just jump for joy... I actually think I did a little when I saw it in Woolies. Yep, this little beauty set me back about $6 and its big enough for everything :DHeaps of room for my brush, shampoo and conditioner and toothbrush... very roomy :P I've got the HOTS for the bag with the DOTS ... [ Discover More ]

Work BBQ

Yes... more of me and my hat and scarf :P Gloria and her Man Hehehe I took photos of those flowers too Gloria :PI loved the sunset on the horse paddocks behind Kevins place. Check this chic out... Hot Mumma Steve and his Cheesy-Grin Cuddle for warmth with Alice Me and my new hair, new Jeans and new black 3/4 Trench. Me & SteveWe had a work dinner at Kevins Place last night... I was sober driver this time :( Oh well. Lots of yummy food and shitloads of cheesecake. It started at 1pm but it got a ... [ Discover More ]

My first TAG

Dani tagged me so here I go...4 Favourite JobsI loved working at the Adult Shop in Townsville. I really felt like I was in my element. Those who know me will understand my reasons why. I loved working with Walkabout Photography. Sure it was only a highschool project but I love it all the same. I loved working at Rockmans in Katherine. Dressing old ladies and boosting thier confidence with every sale. I felt a bit like Trinny & Susanna. My last favourite job would have to be working with Body ... [ Discover More ]

Date Day

On Friday Steve and I had a 'Date Day' and we spent every second of it together... it was awesome. He took me to dinner and to the movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and it was so good. I can't wait to see the next one... I'm sure there will be another. This is us all rugged up after walking home after the movie at midnight... it was SOO fricken cold!!! These are my cute little fuzzy 'grover' socks. They keep me so warm and I even wear them to bed. I got a blue, pink and an purple pair... ... [ Discover More ]


Everything is finalised.Balance is $0.00Excitement is 100%Everything is Signed, Sealed, Delivered.I can't believe we're going to play with Elephants.I can't wait to go on a Waterslide :PI can't wait to get a TAN :)Romantic dinners and pampering.Swimming pools and cocktails.Lots and LOTS of sex...Honeymoons ROCK :D 9 Days to go... ... [ Discover More ]

New Car?

Nissan X-Trail ST-S We'll be getting an automatic... maybe. I don't like the colour of this car, I prefer the colour of the car below, a dark steel is what we'll be getting... maybe.Doesn't this look like the perfect car for us :DPerfect for the boys and all our junk. Steve is convinced it's time to upgrade and get an appropriate car for our little "family" that better fits our lifestyle. I do agree we need to look at a new car but I'm not 100% sure that the timing is right. We are financially ... [ Discover More ]

Betching Sunnies

I found these in Penrith today... I think I might go back to that shop and buy another pair in the future. Steve said they look like every other pair of sunnies I've ever owned... but what does he know. Best confidence-boosting-$25 I ever spent :D Betchin' Babe ... [ Discover More ]

New Camera… finally

I went to Officeworks lastnight but unfortunatley they had sold out and had none at the surrounding stores. I began ringing up electrical stores all around the area looking for this sucker. I found it at Harvey Norman in Penrith for... $176 WooHoo!!! Thats cheaper than at Officeworks. I was triumpant :D Its the smallest lightest camera I have ever used. 7.1 megapixels, 3x zoom and a 2.5" screenon the back which is good for steves eyes. It uses XD cards so i can use the old one in the Fuji. It ... [ Discover More ]

Swimmers for Bali

www.suerice.com.au These are the sexy cozzies I'm contemplating on purchacing. They go to my size, plus they are recommended for busty E cup girls like me... but at $199.00 a pop, its a quite expensive swimsuit. They are based in Sydney.Gloria and I scoured David Jones & Myer and all the stores in between for swimmers at Castle Hill Shopping Center today. No such luck :( I'm going to try in at Penrith tomorrow... well see. I'm sure BigW has something sexy for my honeymoon... NOT.I'm going to ... [ Discover More ]

WooHoo :D

I paid off the last of the honeymoon tonight, though it feels more like a holiday now. I'm so excited. Steve's asleep so I guess I wont be able to share the news with him until tomorrow night... :( with all the overtime he's worked lately I can add a couple more $$$ to the Bali spendings fund which is awesome.::jump for joy:: ... [ Discover More ]

Deck of Me – Change

This weeks theme is {change} and I thought I would use one of my favourite quotes. I find it uplifting and powerful... a good ole kick up the butt... cos you all know I need it from time to time :) I love the painted chipboard technique everyone seems to be using lately in the scrapbooking world. I love the dimension. You'll also notice HOT PINK STAPLES :D I got coloured staples at Woolies. I couldn't find miniture ones like the adorable minis Gloria has but I thought it was cool. ... [ Discover More ]

Party at my place :D

Full party mode Me & BruceI've never seen me pull a face like this one before. Cute Cuddles Shake it Baby Yeah" Go Brucey, it's your birthday..."... not really his birthday :P One drink left :( Aww :D Bruce you wild thang!!! We invited Bruce over for dinner last night, last minute. Sausage sandwiches and booze on offer. It was so good to let our hair down. The three of us just drank and drank and drank some more. We were listening to Kevin Bloody Wilson, dancing to SnoopDog and carrying on like ... [ Discover More ]

Braised Lamb CUTLETS

Today I felt up to a challenge... to try something I've never tried before...Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil1 onion, cut into wedges1 carrot, diced1 stick celery, diced3 cloves garlic, sliced2 tablespoons plain flour1 cup red wine3 tablespoons tomato paste4 tomatoes, chopped425g tin diced tomatoes4 cups chicken stock8 sprigs thyme2 bay leaves1 tablespoon rosemary leavesI dont have fresh herbs so I used Masterfoods lamb roast herb mix.8 Lamb CUTLETS, French trimmed Seriously it looks SOOO ... [ Discover More ]

Deck of Me – Surprises

I believe that babies are our greatest surprise. From conception to, birth, crawling, walking, talking... every moment can surprise you. Nothing says "baby" like pink gingham :) I love the pastel flowers and I've used my new baby stamps. The embellishment was one out of many that Gloria gave me and I just HAD to put a pearly button on as all my baby clothes seemed to have them :) I also had my first crack at using the sanding block. I used it on the top right hand corner to represent age. We've ... [ Discover More ]


Read this post "Sleeping Beauty" and take all those romantic feelings you get from reading it and reverse it's effects... Thats how Steve is making me feel right now!!!Luke is so sweet and romantic, no doubt the honeymoon will never be over for those two and it shouldn't. I thought about how good Steve made me feel, how special, the respect we shared for eachother. I couldn't wait for him to come home from work. I'm STILL waiting...I'll start at the beginning... I've been cleaning all day, way ... [ Discover More ]

Photos of the Revamp

Dining RoomI moved the airoplane shelf in here. I also put the mirror on top as it sits exactly opposite the only window in the room, doubling the amount of sunlight during the day. More additions... How the Lounge Room looks now. I don't think I'll make too many changes tomorrow.This is the part of the room I hate. This is what I want to change. All the special wedding bits, our certificates and the Doll and Miffy :D Steves Bedside TableMessy Messy RoomBut I moved the paintings in here. I can't ... [ Discover More ]

Office Revamp

This is what I've been up to today... No, not mucking around making room layouts in Paint... but actually getting into it, down and dirty baby... litterally! These old houses are nice and unique but they're a bitch to clean, even small places like ours. Very dusty, can't be helped. So this is what the room looks like now...So much cleaner and a LOT less clutter. There were BOXES of Steves junk that I have asked him to sort for over 8 months... so I did it. He hasn't used anything in it so I'm ... [ Discover More ]

Gifts From Japan… Thanks Bruce

Bruce went over to Japan for a couple of weeks and I asked if he could bring me back a doll to display at home. I got MUCH more than I expected, Bruce is so sweet. A lovely enamel 2 mirror compact... ... perfect for my handbag. Bruce collects shot glasses from other countries...I think its the start of a new collection for us :) My lovely Japanese Doll So Graceful. Just a close up of her face.She's about 20cm tall and oh so cute :)THANKS BRUCE ... [ Discover More ]