To my # 1 fan… mwah

This is my boy Lucas. It has been stated that he would like to see more of himself on a website he just so happens to view and refresh, on average, three times a day. I thought, with a fan of this caliber, he deserves a bit of a shout out too and not to mention... a bit of a photo montage :P Love ya Lucas ... [ Discover More ]

Hen’s Night Photos

Hen's Night Photos Gloria left me some really lovely photos from my Hens Night. If anyone else has photos from the wedding or the Hens, I'd really love a copy. ... [ Discover More ]

New Toy

It's sooo shiny!!!It's my new 5pm webcam I got from for $19.95. They are having a 50% off sale. It's a juicy orange colour with XLrg Clear Acrylic clips. It clips straight onto the top pf my flatscreen. Oh so perfect.Stephanie, I'll be sending you my old (but still new) one in a few days. ... [ Discover More ]

Amy Winehouse

I'm infatuated with this singer at the moment. Amy Winehouse is a Jazz, Blues, Soul Singer and I just love, turning her music up loud and painting, doing the dishes or simply while having a shower. Here's to music that touches us. ... [ Discover More ]


Somedays all I like to do is call my girlfriends. Somedays they don't pick up, somdays they do. Somedays I hate the telephone because somedays I like to sleep in. Somedays I have lots of things to say. Somedays I just like to listen. Somedays I miss my girlfriends. Everyday I think about them.To those who deserve a call, you'll receive one, someday. ... [ Discover More ]

Promotion Photos

Sebastian and Mum changing Dad's rank slides from Flight Sergeant to Warrant Officer. Stephanie and Mum changing Dad's Warrant Officer rank slidesto Flight Leuitenant. Mum, Dad, Stephanie and Sebastianholding Dads Warrant Officer rank slides Dad and his boss who he is now in the same rank as. ... [ Discover More ]

Big Night Out… with work

At 3:30pm Steve and I jumped on the train to the city, picking up Alice, Benny, Kevin, Carmel & Bruce from Windsor. A very long, yet entertaining train ride in, we arrived at Central and walked over to Star City Casino which is where the Musical was going to be performed. Gloria and James met us there as they drove in and Rob and his wife were meeting us after dinner.It was a lovely evening for a harbourside walk, the weather wasn't too bad. We had dinner at the Garden Buffet and it was so ... [ Discover More ]

Priscilla Queen of the Dessert, The Musical

It was so utterly, exhaustingly... AMAZING!!! These are the 3 main characters of Priscilla. As soon as it started I got chills. A huge grin spread across my face and I'm sure my eyes got 3 times bigger. It was all just so colourful, bright and fantastical. The actors were so energetic and believable as thier characters, it was brilliant to watch. The costumes were out of this world. It must have been so fun to dress up. Some of the head peices were MASSIVE, I'm surprised their heads didn't snap ... [ Discover More ]

Big Night Out

On saturday night we are going to see Priscilla Queen of the Dessert the Musical... I can't wait. I've never been to a musical or big theatre show before. Sure I've seen drag queens but not like this... these ones actually sing :P We're going with Steve's workmates which is great cos I'll get to have one last blast with Gloria. James had better be driving so we're free to have fun Gloria!!! We're going to catch the train in together at 3:30ish and have dinner then see the show starting at 8pm. ... [ Discover More ]

Love it…

Ahh... I feel so much better about my hair. It's so glossy :DMy hair is dark but its not black. Its a dark brown. A really dark brown. It was my first attempt at a solo home dye job and I think it was pretty successful. It doesn't look too bad curly either. As soon as Steve came home he said it looked heaps better and I did a really good job. You should see my neck though, its splattered with dark dye. But hey thats what a scarf is really good at covering up... that and horrible hickies :P I ... [ Discover More ]


I'm not quite sure how to explain how he moved up the ranks as it in itself is quite confusing. I will try my best... Below is the complete list of ranks within the RAAF. When you join the RAAF you can enter either as an Airmen (troop) or as an Officer (leadership). My dad entered as an Airmen and was given the rank of Aircraftsmen.AIRMEN - Non CommissionedAircraftsman - achievedLeading Aircraftsman - achievedCorporal - achievedSergeant - achievedFlight Sergeant - achievedWarrant Officer - was ... [ Discover More ]


Ever feel bland? Unoriginal or boring? Like you just want to curl up in a ball and never leave the house? I do. Thats exactly how I feel about my hair. Yup, vanity is playing on my mind lately.I know its silly, but its something that has been bothering me. So if I am to feel so strongly about something I guess my thoughts are valid in my mind, therefore worth expressing. Right here and now.I got a bad hair cut before the honeymoon... so bad I never even blogged a photo to show you. I cringed ... [ Discover More ]

Deck of Me… some overdue

Week 24Remember I remember when Luke and I went to the Duck Park. Week 21AspirationsToo many to list... Week 23Right Now"I should be snuggled up in my cozybed with my sexy husband." Week 22LearnI'd like to expand my vocabulary. Week 05 (this one is REALLY late)EphemeraSteve took me on a date to seePirates 3 at the cinema. ... [ Discover More ]

Bali Paintings

A traditional Balinese paintingfeaturing rice paddies. Contemporary Abstract PaintingThis is my FAVE... I fell in love with itas soon as I saw it, Steve too.its 1.5mx1m in size.Its just canvas at the moment.I will have to make new frames as customswould never allow that particular woodinto Australia.Thanks Lendrum for the abstract painting as our wedding present. ... [ Discover More ]

My Front Door

A very pretty yet cold and wet afternoon at my front door. Nothing out of the usual here... ... or is there.... Yep... a Duck...... it's even looking straight at me ...... a DUCK in my driveway...~ Sometimes little things make days special ~ ... [ Discover More ]

"Shinta" – Faithfulness & Honour

"Shinta" Beautiful Batik Skirt Size Comparision"In the Ramayana classical story, Shinta was Sri Rama's wife. She was kidnapped and locked up by Rahwana. She was released by her husband and helped by Hanuman, the white monkey, and Lesmana her brother In-Law. To prove that she was still a virgin, she was burned by her husband but the fire didn't harm her. Hence proving her innocence. A symbol of faithfulness and honour." ... [ Discover More ]

Stuff we bought… not much.

This card depicts the "Barong Dance" that we saw. Our Christmas tree decoration made from Batik. My silver and shell turtle pendant from the silversmiths. Bali shot glass My elephants My boxed Ullyses ButterflyI FINALLY have one!!! ... [ Discover More ]

Jungle Walk

The Jungle was so lush and pretty The scenery was perfect Sexy Steve Steve riding "Singetti" (25yrs old) All the Elephants are from SamartraSingetti played the harmonica as we walked through the jungle. She also blew a whistle, it was so cute. Me riding "Olin" (25yrs old)Me feeding "Singetti" some grass Guard Steve and Singettibloody posers Me and sweet Olin ... [ Discover More ]