Sims2… BodyShop

So finally, after a lot of boredom I set about figuring out the whole online community of Sims2 lovers that seem to create new outfits, hairstyles and accessories, leaving me clueless. talk of meshes and the like were very confusing. I downloaded on or two, played wit them in my BodyShop and was quite pleased at the new hair and clothing additions. Soon I found myself scouring the sims2 website downloading sim after sim, building my collection, feeding my addiction. So much so I only got 5 hours ... [ Discover More ]

Going Batty

It must be the day for it...I have so much to do, so much on my plate. I don't think I can make the daylight hours as long as I fear I need them to be.I bought some pretty flowers, mulch and fertilizer for the backyard yesterday arvo. Its funny, the dogs did hardly any damage to the gardens, it was mainly steve!!! Steve believed that "pruning" with the whippersnipper gave the same effect as doing it properly with shears or secetures (sp?). So a lot of the pretty flower shurbs died where they ... [ Discover More ]

Post Secret

The following images are taken from PostSecret, a blog I believe you should all visit. It is perminantley linked on my sidebar should you wish to visit it again.PostSecret is a creative project that has been running for many years. People from all around the world send in postcards, decorated with a message to spill thier secret. To share a secret is better than to bear it alone. This was one of my faves this week. I'm sure it will touch many of us out there. I would never have thought of ... [ Discover More ]

Handmade Crafty Love

I was lucky enough to be on the recieving end of Wom's Crafty Pay it Forward and I'm so excited to be spreading the love...It's quite simple really, I have agreed to make a gift for the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post. It definitley will not be tomorrow or next month but within the next 3 months (as I'm busy travelling) you will have your suprise gift, the only thing left for you to do is to make the same promise on your blog then follow through making 3 handmade gifts for ... [ Discover More ]

Moving House

It has both negative and positive sides. I had no idea how many glasses we owned until today.We packed up the linen room and its now filled with various small boxes of glasses, china, more glasses, vases, linen, books, magazines, scrapbooking stuff and all the ornaments from around the house. The only other large challenge is the Kitchen... we love accessorising our kitchen. Thanks to all our lovely wedding presents we have loads more stuff than normal. I can't wait for our big new kitchen... ... [ Discover More ]

7 portals into your imagination

That's how I consider Harry Potter... portkeys into other realms of fantasy with a mixture of fact, inspiration, hope, courage, friendship, family, love and packed full of morals that raise you up as high as "Wingardium Leviousa" can take you.I went back and read all the books from the beginning and finished the seventh book the other day. It was so perfect. I couldn't imagine it ending any other way. One thing I noticed was that a lot of scenes were rushed, not going into the usual great ... [ Discover More ]

Beautiful Princess

That's what Scott calls meas you can imagine, I don't mind at all :) This is the pretty card he gave me tonightto thank me for helping out at his Rocky Horror party last weekend.Anytime sweetheart, anytime :D ... [ Discover More ]

Completely Me

Me:hair dyed too darkI love it curlyI like itstraighteyebrows need plucking... badlysee Lucas,I do get pimplesI love myeyescheekbonesand lipsI like mynosemy teethare whiterand i like the little gapI'm beginning to realisei look betterwithout a tan. ... [ Discover More ]

Have lots of Sex

I realise, though I have made several large photo posts on my blog, I have yet summoned the energy to post my thoughts and other little tid-bits of information about my everyday life and dwellings that you all so eagerly crave.I am tired and I'm sick. My throat feels like a tennisball has been shoved down it and I fear that if it were ever removed it would resemble something similar to one of the balls Toby plays with ::shudder:: so now lets remove that image from our minds and continue on.As ... [ Discover More ]

"She’s in the money…"

Natalie Dahl called me excitedly yesterday afternoon to share her great news... she had won $5000.oo from a scratchie!!! I was in shock and so happy for her :D She then ran through a mental list of all the things she planned on doing with it, rego, creditcard payments, savings and of course... a big night out at the Townsville Races this weekend!!! Obviously Nat doesn't have a blog so I thought I'd spread her news on her behalf and hope that some of her luck in money rubs off. Congrats Nat, you ... [ Discover More ]

Meet my Gyno

We haven't met him yet but we're stepping forward at least, into the realm of parenthood... hopefully. I've made an appointment for Tuesday the 11th of September. $150 poorer but hopefully one step closer to our dream. ... [ Discover More ]

Rocky Horror Party Pics

Me Ryan & AnnaMarie Ryan & AnnaMarie Weird photo of Me & Steve Tony & Fiona Mitch AnnaMarie & Me Casey Mitch Scott wearing my corset AnnaMarie & Lucas Me & MitchLuke So much to tell you all, so little time and energy.Here is the party in a nutshell:200 Vodka Shots40 peopleMostly dressed in dragEveryone has bright red kiss marks all over themEverybody had funEverybody got drunkFog machineBathtub Esky filled with Ice and BoozeFreezing Cold Temperature Lots and Lots of Fun ... [ Discover More ]

Ciggerettes & Booze = Stinky Fun

Everyone at Lucas' Matty & Mitch Casey & Me Allen Me & Mitch Lucas & Allen Mitch & Allen Me Casey & Allen(Titty Grabber) Lucas & Me Mitch(What... no drink I swear) Me & Chris(CHEERS... Dani is a bad influence...) Amie & Allen(Shake it guys) Aleen & Lucas(So Proud) Matty & MeAmie & Chris(Doesn't she look impressed) Amie & Lucas Lucas(Doing the "Canoe" Dance)Ok, I've just had a shower to wash off all the stinky ciggerettes... eww yucky. other than that I was tapping the Killawarra Dusk bubblies ... [ Discover More ]

Chick Flick

Omg... my eyes are sore from crying...I borrowed this movie off Chantel tonight as I planned on staying in and doing nothing in particular. It almost broke my heart... great movie, old but great. lesbians, aids, drugs, domestic abuse, jail, murder, sex, friendship, love, mother-daughter relationships, sickness, betrayal, trust, honour, commitment... and much much more. I love Drew Barrymore, and I'm a fan of Mary-Louise Parker, I'm pretty sure the work she did on this movie got her the star role ... [ Discover More ]

Thanks Luke & Gerry

They got me "Two Little Ducks"... the bingo lingo for number 22.I loved the thought they put into it. These are also my FAVE rubber duckies. I already have 2. It's like my secret obsession... I love rubber ducks :)I even have Blown Glass Ducks in the Bathroom :P hahaha Thanks again guys... ... [ Discover More ]

Good Morning to Me

What a good way to start the morning... Yummy Heaven Melting Hot Chocolate......with Marshmallows of course!!! My Daddy sent me a lovely box of flowers :)They make my dining room look so bright and happy.Thanks Dad :DNow I'd better jump in the shower and get ready for lunch.It's great to be me. BTW Griss: You now have 12 hours to give birth :) ... [ Discover More ]

Going out Sober… my thoughts

Going out sober has never really been an issue as long as I have an excuse that benefits the greater good... like being "Sober Bob" for the night. Otherwise I'll be out drinking till the cows come home, so to speak.Don't go thinking I'm a nasty drunk... I'm more the giggly-happy-go-lucky-lets-talk-about-sex-baby-omg-are-you-serious-oh-I-love-this-song type of girl. I can maintain intelligent conversations, I never throw up and I can always walk myself home.But when I'm sober, out dancing and ... [ Discover More ]

Keep Moving Forward

If "Meet the Robinsons" taught me anything, it would have to be that damn mantra they said over and over and over again... "Keep Moving Forward". Yes, ok, I watched the damn kids movie... now back to the point... what was it again?... ahh right... So we've (as in Steve and I) come to the conclusion that the house we are in is too small. Granted we knew this information when we moved it, we chose it to save money and downsize all the unnessessary junk we've seemed to aquire in the 5 years we've ... [ Discover More ]

I love…

... the straps on my new bra.I love the little bow.I love the colour.I love the pretty fabric.It gave my boobs an uplift......pun intended. ... [ Discover More ]

SEXcapades… The Game

The box in which the cards, scarf and timer will be kept. The Cards..."SEXcapades" was developed by Chantel and I. I was tired of the same old 'drinking games' we seemed to play at the end of each party. We needed something new, a little fresher with a lot more opertunities for fun and titilation.I came up with a concept that embodied the fundamentals of each of the games we currently played, as well as a few none of them had seen before. Tweeking their faults and expoliting their strengths. ... [ Discover More ]

1 thing I hate about moving…

Cleaning the damn bathroom...Ok, granted that it wasn't sparkling when we arrived but I'd feel guilty as hell if I didn't at least try to leave it nice-looking. I've never seen this product before... should be good... hopefully. ... [ Discover More ]