For Emily

I am blissfully unemployed. I am the busiest unemployed person you've ever met though. I paint, draw, retouching on previous study in photography, hang out with friends, blog and cook. I've also started on a novel but it's still in early stages. I got out 1-3 times a week with friends and I love having dinner parties. I concider myself to be Donna Hay's protoege :) Steve works long hours and lots of scattered overtime, so when he's available I like to make myself available. If I work full time ... [ Discover More ]

Dinner with Friends

Luke, Danielle, Tennyson, Shaun, Wendy and I had planned a dinner out this week at the Magic Wok. We arrived on-time, dressed casually and starving... turns out the Magic Wok isn't open for business on Thursdays or Sundays. We figured as the Mindil Markets are on, they must have a stall.So we went to "Fannie Bay Super Pizza" for dinner instead. The service was TERRIBLE!!! Danielle's glass was laced with detergent, 3 out of 5 meals were different to what we ordered and they took our dinner orders ... [ Discover More ]

Just Bouncing Around

Today's colour is GREEN... can you tell???Danielle walked out of her room wearing a green top as well today and an unknowing Luke bought a new pair of joggers... also green. Bunch of weirdos!!! Tennyson couldn't have looked cuter if he tried.Such a Sweet Pea ... [ Discover More ]

Mellow Yellow

Awww... Sweet SleeperTOTALLY Cute Hat from Grandma Russell Asleep in his bright bouncerToday's theme has been SLEEP for Tennyson. He is very well rested and eating well. I have to agree that the "NO Caffine" diet is working to both Danielle and Tennyson's advantage. No real news to report, just wanted to share how sweet he was today :DOh and by the way I also go LOADS of smiles when he woke up this morning... even right through his bath... he's really starting to enjoy them :D ... [ Discover More ]


Wendy & Me Yummy Yummy Yummy, I got Thai Food in my Tummy Chicken Pad Thai Mmmmm.... Long Island Ice Tea(The BEST one I've had yet!!!)"Thailicious" - Thai Food Restaraunton Mitchel Street, DarwinWe got to sit at these cool floor tables :D Me & Wendy Shaun Yummy "Angel Prawns" Phew... full bellies all around"So thats why they sit on the floor... they can have a lie down afterwards"It was a great evening, lots of laughs and a good atmosphere. I was so glad I could share it with Gris, Wendy ... [ Discover More ]

Deck Bar

Wendy, Me, Gris & Clare Clare & Wendy Gris & Clare Me & Clare Me, Gris & Wendy Clare is Wom's older sister and we saw her on the town having a ball of course!!! Gris and I met Wendy downtown at the DeckBar, had a few after-work drinks. Afterwards we wandered down to Thalilicious... ... [ Discover More ]

Redskin Vodka

Late last week Wendy and I bought a bottle of Vodka and put in a whole packet of redskin lollies. We let it sit for about a week and watched it slowly go a dark rich pink. We filled a martini glass with crushed ice and mixd the vodka with lemonade and lightly sprinkled with WizzFizz Serbert. Yummmm ... [ Discover More ]

Wendy: Addicted

Wendy and I had a bit of a squiz around the mall yesterday afternoon after she'd finished work. Just so happens her favourite shoe shop just started its huge sale that day. Wendy left with 4 pairs of shoes for a bargain price of $200!!! WooHoo go Wendy!!! ... [ Discover More ]


I bought this scroll at the markets and I totally adore it. I think it will look great in our house and standsd for everything that inspires me daily. ... [ Discover More ]

To Market, To Market

Chunky Beaded Rings Red Seed CuffLong Strand of Red Seed Beads Turquoise Choker I bought these at the Mindil Beach Markets... sooo cool. I could have bought a lot more things thats for sure. I spent more than I planned... oops :) ... [ Discover More ]

Lets go walkies…

Danielle pushing Tennyson Yummy Pink Spider Yumm... Wedges, Sourcream & Sweet Chilli Sitting at the Park Park with Ocean ViewsWe decided to get out of the house the other day and went down to the "Cool Spot" for some yummy lunch. Danielle and Luke's brand new aircon was being installed so there was way too much noise to stay at home.Daniellee had Chip & Gravy and a Iced Chocolate. I had yummy Wedges and a pink spider. I haven't had a spider in ages. Felling very full and bloated, we waddled ... [ Discover More ]


Wendy, Luke, Danielle and I have been playing SingStar lately and I thought I'd share a few pics. Yes, they are atrocious photos but hilarious all the same :D ... [ Discover More ]

Bath Time

This is me giving Tennyson a bath... Babies are slippery little things!!! He was so well behaved and even smiled a few times :) Me soooooo proud :) Unfortunately I couldn't capture it on camera as my hands were full :DHis face has so much character, showing all emotions, no matter how raw. Sometimes it totally transfixes you... other times you wish he'd stop crying and smile some more :)I get completely covered in "Baby Smell", the scent of Johnson & Johnson lingering all day long. It's so ... [ Discover More ]

Berry Springs

We had so much fun on the weekend. We drove out to Berry Springs and had a lovely picnic lunch that Wendy made. It was exciting as it would be Tenn's first swim :) It was a lovely sunny day, the water was perfect and the company was great... gotta love days like these... ... [ Discover More ]


Sunday afternoon Wendy, Griss, Antonia and I went to Ducks Nuts for a few drinks. Antonia didn't know I was going to be there so I guess it was a nice surprise. It was good to catch up. Congrats on being selected for the stateside bowls team Antonia! (These photos were taken whilst waiting for Griss to arrive, thats why she isn't in any pics) ... [ Discover More ]

Hanging Out

Danielle, Tennyson & LukeDanielle & Tennyson Tennyson & Me Tennyson having a snoozeYou may have all been wondering what I have been up to in the last week. We've all really just been laying low, taking it easy, doing the odd bit of shopping and relaxing. Wendy and Shaun had to go to work this week, so I woke up pearly each morning and Wendy or Shaun would ship be over to Danielle's to spend the day with her and Tennsyon.Trying to get Tenn into a routine, feeds are getting better and he's ... [ Discover More ]


Danielle, Me, Tennyson & Luke Me, Danielle, Tennyson & Wendy It was a lovely service, not too over the top thankfully. Everyone looked really smart and said all their parts to perfection. Tennyson was so well behaved, you could see Danielle and Luke were proud.Danielle has done a huge post on Tennyson's Baptism so if you're interested in seeing more pics the following link will take you straight there... wrote a small peice for my new godson which I read ... [ Discover More ]

Engagement Dinner

The Happy FamilyLuke, Tennyson & Danielle Pretty Sunsetat the Darwin Trailer Boat Club Shaun & Wendy Thea & Peter Tenn & MeShaun & TennShaun loves BabiesMe & Wendy Karlee & RobbieSweetDanielle and Luke had the wonderful idea to hold a small intimate dinner at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club to properly celebrate their engagement. As a fair few people travelled up from Katherine for the Baptism, it seemed like perfect timing.The afternoon was perfect, the sun set beautifully. Luke's Dad, Greg gave ... [ Discover More ]

Fri-nite on the Town

All the Girls Yep... totally drunk Pawla & Wendy(don't know how to spell her name but thats how you say it) Me & Wendy Me & Wendy Discovery Niteclub Me and the stranger who bought us drinks Shaun... totally crazyMe & Wendy Shaun & Wendy Dude... Pawla and Sara Lazers are COOL Wendy and ShaunWe spontaneously had a night out on the town... turned out to be a great night. We were all totally blotto by 3am and carried on until we stumbled home at 5am. We went with Pawla and her Italian cousin Sara ... [ Discover More ]


Termite Mounds Wendy climbing a termite mound Wendy is airborne... WooHoo!!! Ryan in the shallows Aww waterfalls... Me at one of the many waterfallsRyan, Wendy and Shaun More waterfalls... Dragonfly :D Yummy... beam & coke on the run Wendy and her UDL Wendy & I in the backseatRyan leaves for Adelaide midnight tonight so everyone thought it would be a great idea to go out to Litchfield for the day. I thought that was excellent as I don't remember ever going. It was so beautiful and I had so much ... [ Discover More ]

Magic Wok

They served us our dinner in tiny little miniture Woks...oh so cute and adorable!!! I had Chicken and Prawns with lots of veges and Egg Noodles with lots of Satay sauce... oh so yummy. We went to Magic Wok so Shaun's Little Bro "Ryan" could try Crocodile. He's only a few days younger than me and Wendy so we all got along well. Same sick dirty sense of humor as us :) Poor Wendy... her new shoes broke whilst we were walking home. Her brand new shiny black patent peeptoe heels with a cute buckle ... [ Discover More ]

Hogs Breath

Me, Wendy & Gris Shaun chewing his steak Me & Crazy Girl Wendy Wendy Loooooves Corn Griss & Luke(cute)Little Tenn didn't wake up until we left...Aunty Lelle got no cuddles that day :(Wendy, Shaun, Ryan (Shaun's Brother), Griss, Luke, Tennyson and I went to Hogs Breath for dinner on Tuesday night. It was so yummy. Everyone had more than their fill and wendy was drinking Cosmopolitans like they were going out of fashion :) It was lovely to just have a chat. Gris handed out the Baptisim ... [ Discover More ]

Cuteness in Darwin

All wrapped up in the love at the moment. Not hard not to be. Look at his face, so precious.I arrived in Darwin around midnight. Luke was there to greet me at baggage claim and whisked me off to their home. At first I was loving the weather, the temperature and remembering everything. Sure it wasn't too long ago that I was here... but it feels like it.Luke and I sat up and chatted about Tennyson, Danielle and an assortment of other things. Danielle wandered out with Tennyson an hour or two later ... [ Discover More ]