Weekend Update

We had our BBQ housewarming last night which was very sucessfull and Steve is nursing a major hangover today. Everything went well and everyone seemed to have a really good time. Whoever is sending me picture messages... don't bother. My LG Chocolate Mobile Phone has been sent away as the screen is playing up. I have an ancient nokia "loaner-phone" till it gets back. Its even got a green and black screen... so I can't see pic messages. It's also very hard to hear, the speakers aren't that great. ... [ Discover More ]

Redken Rocks!!!

I finally had my hair appointment this afternoon... yayness. I have been waiting MONTHS. I had a very bad cut and had to wait ages for it to grow long enough to cut it correctly.I decided to try another salon, this time one that is recomended by Redken as I love thier products. "LM Sytles"... pretty boring name but oh so perfect. They were exactly who I was looking for. My stylist name is Lou and HE is great. Yep, I got me a man and I adore him. Funnily enough he's a middle aged italian man and ... [ Discover More ]

Games Games Games

Steve and I got our PlayStations off LayBy on Wednesday!!! Soooo much fun. We both lost our voices playing SingStar Rocks :P In the morning I put it on and have a little sing and boogie :D I also bought 2 different Spyro games for $19ea from BigW... loving it. Yes I know I need to dust. Steve got his PSP and I must say I was impressed with it. He bought 2 games, Over the Hedge and Family Guy... I like them both hehehe. It's been a long wait but we finally got our birthday presents :P ... [ Discover More ]

Busy Hands

This is our new Buffet!!! Steve and I went into GoLo to buy a small cheap TV Unit for the spare room and ended up finding this for $149.00, I was so surprised. They had a matching TV Unit but we couldn't justify that much $$ for something that will be stached away in a room thats hardly used. But I HAD to hve the buffet. It was the last one left. Its the same colour as the China Cabinet and the handles match exactly!!! This is its new home in the Dining Room... it looks so fabulous :D Mind you, ... [ Discover More ]

House Warming

On Saturday we will be having a small housewarming BBQ with Steve's workmates, all of whom you met at the wedding (except Gloria, cos she had to leave the country and leave me all alone :P). Anyway... :)Alice and I were shopping in Freedom at Penrith and I saw this beautiful blue jug. I fell in love and grabbed it up straight away. Then to my surprise Alice snatched it off me and said "I'll buy it for your housewarming gift". Awesome! Thanks Alice :D ... [ Discover More ]

Whats in the Box?

My Wedding Dress...I FINALLY went and picked it up from the DryCleaners yesterday. It's been in there since late April!!! Whoops... Oh well it's home safe now :D ... [ Discover More ]

Payless Shoes

I think I might have scored myself a job...Alice and I went shopping in Richmond on Wednesday and Alice wanted to try some shoes on at Payless Shoes. I think were were in there at least half an hour, prancing around in crazy coloured, ultra high heels. I didn't end up buying anything but Alice bout two very funky pair of heels.Anyway, the sales assistant was very nice and we were all chatting at the register. As we were leaving I noticed a POSITION VACANT sign and thought "what the hell". So I ... [ Discover More ]

Lazy Sunday

Hardly.As we're a bit straped for cash this weekend we decided to busy ourselves around the home. Saturday was easy enough, cleaning and then an afternoon watching the National Geographic DVDs Dad sent me.Today we had a sleep in, had breakfast and decided to weed the front garden. Yep, weed. We looked like a very happy little family to everyone who walked by.Imagine it. The blue picket fence, the young couple mending thier home with their two adorable labradors playing beside them in the sun and ... [ Discover More ]


What is that I see? By Gosh!!! I believe I'm the proud owner of a...MULLBERRY TREEWhoooooooopppeeeeeeee!!!!Grandma Henessey had a MASSIVE tree out the back of her place. When Stephanie and I were little we'd climb up and pick all the berries. I'm sure we had more in our tummies than in the bowl mum gave us :DI can't believe it, I had no idea. The tree is pretty huge and shelters the front of the house. It's only just starting to fruit. I hope the birds don't steal them all!!! **edited to add - I ... [ Discover More ]

Apple, looks tasty

So whilst I've been waiting in between burning CDs I've been browsing the Apple website. Just a little bit of investigating into Mac's, whats available and all that jazz. Right now the no virus thing is looking fabulous :D With the posibility of Uni I was looking to upgrade our software and maybe adding more space to our HD. While going over the Sydney College of Fine Arts website I noticed that they work with Macs and works need to be compatible. Bugger upgrading a PC. So I've been looking at ... [ Discover More ]

Husbands + Broadband + Unsupervised = BAD

Whilst I was away in Darwin we "somehow" managed to "catch" a couple of trojans and the odd virus... "somehow". So I've spent all of today scanning and deleting and re-filing and shredding things on my computer. Now I'm sloooooooooooooooooowly burning my entire harddrive ont CDs, yes, CDs. We don't have and DVD-Rs, they "somehow" disapeared. Now you might have realised by now, being viewers of my blog that i have an infinate number of photographs. It's taking FOR-EV-ER!!! THEN, once all thats ... [ Discover More ]

Ease your Ears >>>>>>>>

You will have noticed by now "1234" by Feist is bouncing out of your speakers. It's OK, thats meant to happen. On the right hand side blog there is a playlist with a few of my fave songs. Feel free to listen and flick through as many as you like. There are about 30 songs on the playlist, as you scroll or click down more listings will apear. But if you hate hearing music on websites just click the pause button. I hope you enjoy. ... [ Discover More ]

High School Dramas

I was innocently unpacking the odd box around the house and stumbled across my treasure chest of high school memories. A box of scrap note paper you could easily throw away at a glance... but if you look closer you realise it's the minds and personalites of several young teenage girls captured in time. Priceless. The note above is to me from Jenny about Marcus (my highschool love). It broke my heart that day when I read it in the schoolyard and even as I took it out of the box and unfolded it ... [ Discover More ]

My First Poppet

I got a photo of my head and then created the rest by using bits of paper and ribbon and glue... nothing else. I'm pretty proud of my effort. I just wish I was giving my cheesiest grin in the photo :P Inspiration from Claudine Hellmuth ... [ Discover More ]

Wouldn’t you cry too…

My lovely family sent me this care package today and I totally bawled my eyes out. It was just so sweet and touching. I don't know whether they remember or not but I always wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. They bought me the collectors tin 3 DVD pack "Adventures in Photography". Thank You OXOX ... [ Discover More ]

Deck of Me

Wk35 StrengthI love this self portrait. I took a series of photos wearing my fave blue top and my big fat chunky blue beads. I love the expression on my face... so different. ... [ Discover More ]

Deck of Me

Wk 36 Life is BeautifulGoing back to the Northern Territory was so awesome. I was totally taken in by it's natural beauty. The waterfalls at Litchfield National Park were so breathtaking. The contrast between living in Sydney and Back home in the NT is like black and white. ... [ Discover More ]


Fly on a MarbleFor all you people who had no idea what I was talking about when it came to this piece, I hope you now understand why I love it... it's just so odd. I love how you can see the scum on his back and all the dents in the marble. Unfortunatley I didn't find a digital copy, only an A4 size print out. Better than nothing. ... [ Discover More ]

Deck of Me.. catching up

Wk26 DaughtersMum loved to dress us up for photos for Grandma. She's the one that sent us these dresses. I loved mine, I begged to wear it all the time, even to school :P ANd yes, we have girl mullets :D Wk25 PhotoI wanted to capture my fun, party side.Wk34 FunnyI ADORE this photo of me and Steve. Wk31 No RegretsI think it's pretty self explanitory. Wk30 Count themBlessings that is. Wk28 GoalsTo Ovulate :P Wk27 Junk MailSteve and I love reading catalogues together. BigW and Target are our faves ... [ Discover More ]


We bought a balinese love seat on Saturday. It sits as the end of our bed and I love it. It'll make great extra seating at parties as well. I know the colour doesn't match the colour of the bed but I just HAD to have it :) In the room we have a closet thats the same colour as the LoveSeat so it's not all bad. Yay to new furniture :D ... [ Discover More ]

Uni Stuff

Thanks to peoples ongoing suggestions as to what I could use as apart of my 10 piece portfolio application, I have created a small list so far to dabble amoungst:Fly on a Marble (yet to find on disc)Deck of Me Art ProjectMidori StrawOne of the Slinky photosTouchabubble on GrassNat's Pregnancy PicsKrystals Nude PhotoshootThats about it so far... I'll probably ask Briony if she'll pose for me and I know Chantel has already offered so at least I'm not hard up for models. I'll also do a few scetches ... [ Discover More ]