Duck Egg Blue

This is what I want to achieve...I'll paint the insides duck egg blue (I'm getting colour swatch cards tomorrow... will share) and leave the rest white. I dont want them to just be plain boring white... I want to add a little funk. Make them look a little younger, a little fresher and a little more modern. Alice is also tempting me to add a little stencil detail but we shall see. Anyway, I'll do this to my buffet and also to the bookcase... and also to another piece I hope to win by Friday (I ... [ Discover More ]

My Handbag/Computer Companion

Believe it or not this was a freebie. The best damn freebie EVER. Notebook Magazine just gave me a teatowel... a teatowel. This little organiser is da bomb. I'm thinking about making my own version to sell on Etsy. I think they'd sell like hotcakes. This is what it looks like on the inside. A notebook on one side and different sized post-it notepads on the other... too cool. I love the words printed on the post-it's... "love it", "do it" & "buy it"... yep, I think I have to make some. The ... [ Discover More ]

Me in the Moment

Just cos its my blog and I can :) Hair is a bit screwy, aircon in car is busted. I had the windows open to breathe. if I didn't open them I'd be a very pretty dead woman :P ... [ Discover More ]

Real Living

Ok so I've been going on and on about collecting the Real living Magazines to anyone who's dumb enough to listen. So rather than busting thier ear drums I'm posting about it :P These are the four mags that arrived on my doorstep this morning. I was a very happy ebay girl. 1c each... yep, 4 mags for 4c... oh and $8 postage but still a bargain all the same. These are early 2006 issues, some arent available for backorder anymore so I was really happy. I managed to find and buy July 2006 and August ... [ Discover More ]

Job Stuff

Busy today... even straightened my hair and slapped some makeup on. Ok, maybe slapped is the wrong word but you get the drift. So off I go with resume and bottled water in hand... and drive 45 minutes to Parramatta. Hmm big downer having to travel this far... bit crazy actually but oh well its money.So I arrive 10 minutes early and go in anyway... I'm met by Paul. I'm applying to Parramatta Book Exchange (code for: Adult Shop). It's nice, clean, bright and well stocked. Paul is friendly and is ... [ Discover More ]

PASH Party

Saturday 10th November @ 1PM... My Place.Coffee & Cakes providedThis is an Adult Product PartyNO ... [ Discover More ]

I got the letter…

I got an interview. It makes me feel good I made it this far. I know I have something to offer with my creative abilities but its nice to recieve confirmation of the fact.I opened the letter, read it and put it back in the envelope and smiled. I'm glad I had the courage to be honest with my feelings before this letter arrived. This letter would have been the beginning of the rollercoaster ride, easy to get on... hard to get off.I'm still on the job hunting trail with a few hot prospects in view ... [ Discover More ]

White Wash

Below is the start of my current refinishing projects... don't worry there is much more to come and many more things to coat in white. With all my home decorating projects I'm pondering starting another blog to house all my how-to's... tell me what you think of this idea. Its pretty much taking over my normal posts and this seems to be a faze that doesnt appear to be disapearing anytime soon.This wasn't one of the original items I planned to transform but I'm so glad I convinced myself to. I ... [ Discover More ]

Loving this book…

Meditations For Women Who Do Too MuchBy Anne Wilson Schaef Everyone woman can benefit from this book. I think this is my new favourite gift. ... [ Discover More ]


I love my little tiny Olympus camera and its just so great for posting quick pics on the blog. I know how much everyone likes piccies :) I used to own a Fuji S7000 but unfortunately we were a little rough on the love and the screen and images alike are green and screwy. I mean, I took it EVERYWHERE. It just couldn't handle the pace I guess. So i cried a few tears and learnt my lesson... I need a camera with balls. While I was still on the "I wanna go to uni" rollercoaster, I was preparing my ... [ Discover More ]

Crazy Creative Corner

Welcome to my space... this is the transit zone for all my creative thoughts transfered through to varied mediums. As you can see, my new (old) $10 ebay desk is doing its job beautifully. As its so deep I can keep the little white shelves Gloria gave me on top of it and have everything I need on hand. This is a painting I've had on the backburner for a few months. I ran out of the colours I needed. I find when I stop halfway through the strong inspiration goes with it. It doesn't go with ... [ Discover More ]


I''ve moved the computer into the loungeroom. It's now where my magazine nook used to be. I love where it is now. It feels so much more social now and doesn't feel intrusive in the space. So this is my new perch... if I'm online, imagine me here.Gosh I love my desk... worth every penny :) ... [ Discover More ]

Deck of Me

Wk 42 - Grateful Week cont. Monday - My FriendsTuesday - MusicWednesday - Pay DayThursday - Sleep InFriday - My BlogSaturday - My HubbySunday - My Dogs Wk43 - ScaryRealising I don't need to be 'perfect' is scary. That 'perfect' is the way I am whether I suceed or fail and there will always be people who will love me... for me. I have always strived to please the people around me. I have a fear of disapointing people. Creating these hurdles myself, for myself, I realise I need the courage to Just ... [ Discover More ]


"I'm cancelling my application to University" I wish I'd wanted to study for the right reasons... but I didn't. I have a void. A big empty space. I know what can fill it but it's just out of reach and out of my hands. I thought studying something I enjoyed and loved would fill the void. It wont. I'm kidding myself. I'd be wasting my time and thiers. I don't want someone who really wants it, to miss out because I'm using Uni as a big bandaid. Those who understand my reasons know, and for those ... [ Discover More ]

Windsor Markets

The perfect sunday weather and the enthusiasm to wake up early = A trip to the 15th annual Windsor Markets. Of course there was face painting... ... and lots of homemade preserves(displayed on a very cool wagon)... ... and lots of yummy local honey (check out those bees!!!)... ... and lots of homemade breads (smelled AMAZING)...... and lots of yummy strawberries (look how red and juicy they are)...... and quirky little wooden outhouse models???I'm glad I remembered to take the camera along and ... [ Discover More ]

Cushions Updated

The finished product... Sitting pretty on my couch... I added blue sequins for a bit of pizazz...What do you think? I have another 4 to make. 2 more for the lounge and 2 for the guest room. Sorry it took so long posting pics, been busy today. I already love how the colour change is effecting my mood and the look of the room. Steve loves silk & satin and we had some hot pink boracade cushions before. I'm so glad to be saying goodbye to them.I think steve likes my cushion... This is my hubby ... [ Discover More ]


Just browsing ebay after going and picking up the white desk and look what I came across... HERE. Now if you don't remember the coffee table I just bought from the salvos... look HERE. My salvo bargain...$18Ebay... $185 starting bid Booyah!!! ... [ Discover More ]


Silver silk backing and blue patterned cotton for the front.The fabric over the width of my dining table. All set to rock and roll...My parents bought Steve & I (well, me) this Singer Sewing Machine for our engagement present. The only thing I've ever made with is were some really horrible navy coloured curtains. The curtains are now long gone but the sewing machine stayed and has been begging for a project. So cushions it is. I know my way around a sewing machine and I have excellent ... [ Discover More ]


I've had a wonderful morning on Blogger today and even had time to jot off a few emails... long ones too. Steve is coming to pick me up in a few minutes. He's going to get the car fixed and while he's off doing those manly things, I'm off to Spotlight... like a good lady should.I went to Bunnings last night and bought everything I needed for the Buffet and Side Table. I can't wait to get my hands dirty. I think I'll get into it on the weekend. A little project to keep me busy during an ... [ Discover More ]

OMG Real Living *edit*

Real Living's Editors BlogI got ANOTHER meantion today... how excited am I!!!Read this post too :D*Just wanted to add, I just recieved a really short & sweet email from Kal to say thanks for the meantion... yayness!!!* ... [ Discover More ]

Omg Martha

Martha's BlogI found Martha's blog last night and I couldn't resist adding i too the veeeeeeeery long list of other blogs in my daily browsing. This is a link to a post she made last night with my comment below... make sure you read all the comments below it :DIt just made me proud ... [ Discover More ]

Leave Britney Alone

No seriously... have you listened to her new album? Listen to full songs here... they change the songs each day. I really like them and I've been bopping to them over and over again all evening.She's obviously got some personal issues to deal with but her music is still pretty good concidering. Sure, I don't know anyone who would leave a child in her care or leave her in a room alone with apair of scissors but she can still pull together an album. She should probably also avoid the stage and the ... [ Discover More ]

Sunny Afternoons with Family

This is Me, Steve and the boys every afternoon, unless Steve finishes late, then its just me and the boys. I never think to take the camera outside as all I seem to do is play, run and become this ball throwing robot for Toby. Charlie is smart. He realises while Toby is off getting the ball, he can get lots of cuddles off mummy :P In the background you can see their little doggy club house. We have those bamboo screens laying on the grass as the boys like to lay on it in the sun in the morning. ... [ Discover More ]