Dani Bubble Bath

Dani Bubble Bath, originally uploaded by daniellemelnyczenko. Ok so Flickr rocks and I'm kicking myself for not creating an acount sooner. Em Falconbridge's prompt for this week was "rejuvenation" and I took it whole heartedly as I sunk deeper and deeper into the soapy hot bubbly water... dreamy. ... [ Discover More ]

Working 9 to 5

Well actually its more like 10 to 6... at ClubX!!!Yes you read it right, i'm working at ClubX. I've been waiting forever for Adairs to return my calls, send me my contract and tell me when I'd be starting. I was expecting to hear from them today but I got an even better phone call.Con from ClubX rang and asked if I had a job yet, I said no but I was planning to take one that afternoon. He said come work from me in the retail shop downstairs 10am-6pm. No peep shows, no video booths or icky ... [ Discover More ]

Open Wide

This morning we have an Open House for about an hour. Hopefully people will actually show up because if I had to get out of bed at 8am (I went to bed at 5am...) and clean my house and then have no one show up... I'll be pissed. Hubby has been a lovely busy bee, vaccuming and doing the dishes, just a gem. I guess even if no one shows up the house is clean... everything's a positive. Meaning for the rest of the day I can sit on my arse sewing the bed linen :D I didn't even get to watch my movies ... [ Discover More ]

Pimpin’ Camera Straps

I just placed an order today with Emily through her Etsy Store. She sells lovely camera straps decorated with batik ribbon from Thailand. They are very popular and sell out fast. I've been a avid reader of Emily's blog for quite some time now and a few of you will know she is also the instigator of the Deck of Me Challenge. This is my Christmas present to myself. Its my favourite colour blue and even though it looks white, it's actually shiny silver.I know working at Adairs wasn't what I ... [ Discover More ]

Little Blue Bookshelf

I've got two of these that I picked up in Townsville a couple of years ago. I always 'planned' on repainting them but never found the time or money to justify the project. You know, one of those things that just stays waaaaaaaaaay down the bottom of your To-Do-List. Well, after deciding I needed a break from Buffets and Hutches I attacked one of them last night. It just needs another coat of blue to finish it off. Once the rest of the painting is completed I'll start on the second one. Why do I ... [ Discover More ]

Big Blue Buffet

From this... ... to this!!! Fricken fabulous!!! It's so glossy and the blue totally transformed the look. Totally worth the 5 coats of paint and countless hours on my hands and knees painting akward corners and sometimes even upside down. The buffet cost $50, the paint cost $30, the hard work and end result is priceless. All in all a very good investment, especially since finding its sister in the form of a hutch :D This will look gorgeous in the guest room with one of our large mirrors ... [ Discover More ]


How could anyone be afraid of this little guy :)I drove past the wooden toys store, did a u-turn, parked and had a look inside. I love wooden toys. I love painted wooden building blocks, puzzels, dollhouses and puppets. I'm not really a fan of plastic toys, it's just not my thing. Oh and I also have a love for old wind-up tin toys... drool.Anyway I came across this little croc and and I just had to have him. You drag him backwards and let him go... he races forward and when he picks up momentum ... [ Discover More ]

Shiny Things

Ebay... I think I'm addicted. Ok so you all knew that already but I just have to share my newest purchase so far. No not the silver candlabra, that was a wedding present from Sheila & Terry. Oh and don't you think the baby blue taper candles look cute, Steve bought them for me, isn't he sweet! Anyway back on topic... I bought this cute little silver filagree folding server and I love it. I may need another as they aren't that big. I'll just keep an eye out. This is what it looks like all ... [ Discover More ]

Big Blue Bookcase

From this... ... to this!!! Yep, the finished product... the colour just makes me smile, so yummy. I decided it was too pretty for books so it now displays all our little figurines we're slowly collecting from our travels. They were displayed on the lamp table in the loungeroom but no one really noticed them and now they're proudly on display in the Craft Room.I've moved some of my blue glass pieces onto it as people tend to freak out when they see them resting on the ledge joining the sunroom ... [ Discover More ]

Home Comforts

This is what my friday night will look like. Curled up on the lounge watching videos and decorating pillowcases with crocheted lace and pearl beads. I'm making some matching throw cushions out of 2 of the pillowcases. I went back to the Op Shop and bought the matching sheet and I've decided to make a comforter for the end of the bed. The guest room will look so pretty. Only 2 more days till Stephanie (my lil sister) arrives. I'm really surprised I've gone the shabby chic look when decorating. ... [ Discover More ]

Steve’s 21st Birthday

No, not my Steve... he's waaaay older than that. Ryan's best mate Steve. We all had a party at his house last saturday, it was a lot of fun. Some crazy things we done with balloons and I may have even defiled some using a permenant marker :P Steve and I... we dont have that many photos of us together except for the wedding photos that is. BTW thats my natural hair, I treated it the day before and let it air dry. Wom said I look like a poodle... Steve looks so cute, drunk as a skunk but still ... [ Discover More ]

Grr Blogger

Ok, so why haven't I blogged in the last 2 days? Excellent question... its down to a technical fault. For some reason blogger has decided I need a break from uploading photos because it wont let me do it anymore!!! Yep, it just bailed out and quit on me. If I see "Done: with errors on the page" one more fricken time I think I'll explode. Sure I can still post and type away about my feelings and what-not, but come on be honest, you come here for the random photos. I'm hopeless at explaining and ... [ Discover More ]

God lives at Bunnings

Well I know I would too if I could. They have EVERYTHING and its cheaper than anywhere else. I went there yesterday arvo for some bits and pieces but mainly to stock up on primer and paint. I finally decided on a colour and had it mixed up. I wish I had my camera, watching him mix in all the colours was pretty cool.So thats where I will be for the rest of the afternoon... sitting on my floor painting furniture. I need to get it all done before I start work. I'm so lazy I know I'll just end up ... [ Discover More ]

Please Mummy Noooo….

Sorry Charlie, they have to go. It's in your best interest. You're starting to drive Toby crazy. Mummy hoped you could father some puppies but it's not meant to be. I held off as long as I could. I can't take you to the dog park while you have them, its socially unacceptable. You're such a dog boy and we love you a lot but its time for the vet... Sorry baby oxox I've booked him in for late next week... ... [ Discover More ]

WooWoo… Sexy

I walked past Millers (yes Millers, the old lady shop) and they had swimmers on sale... $13.95 each!!! What a bargain!!! They're really flattering, especially for my boobs. Even though I have a big butt I hate wearing board shorts and these bottoms are nice, fitted and cover everything. By the way I don't look like a granny wearing them either, I look like a Sexy Mamma :D Bring on summer!!! ... [ Discover More ]

Strangely Arousing

Auction Centers get me all excited. The thrill of the hunt and the skill used to get the best possible price, all the while you're hoping someone doesn't swipe the apple of your eye from under you... sometimes pockets just don't seem to be deep enough.When I went to my local auction center this afternoon to pick up my telephone table I thought "while I'm here I mas as well have a look around"... HUGE mistake!!! I fell in love with so many items and now my mind is racing with posibilities. Not ... [ Discover More ]

Broaden your Horizons

You should all know by now, how much I appreciate a good ebay bargain. This purchase is no different. A beautiful set of Periwinkle Blue Milk-Glass Mixing Bowls BRAND frickin NEW!!! What IS different however, is that this will be travelling all the way from the USA. It will have travelled overseas further than I have!!!Alice convinced me not to let a very large body of water restrict my ebay bargain hunting skills. Don't worry Alice, I wont from now on!!! Oh and by the way, is cost $12 and $10 ... [ Discover More ]

"Lady of the house speaking…"

I went and picked my little telephone table up this afternoon. It's much more sturdy than I thought it would be. I'm guessing it was made in the 60s-70s judging from the draws and cushion support. Varnish is also in pretty good condition. Thats the great thing about occasional furniture, as its only used "occasionally" they age really well and because most are of odd design or function, it makes them a great reselling piece as it's interesting. omg I just did a google search for "telephone ... [ Discover More ]

Hidden Treasures

This is a lovely old jar I picked up for $2.00 Its 20cm high and 14cm wide. It's so akward looking and cool. I'm going to store my sewing needles/pins/thread etc in it. Wom has inspired me with her pillowcase finds so I took a moment to pause in her favourite section and I was well rewarded. At 50c each, these 4 Shabby Chic "soft as butter" pillowcases will make a nice accent to a sheet set I already own. There was a double bed doona cover there as well. I might go back and buy it and make a ... [ Discover More ]


There is something wrong with a part of my brain called the pituitary gland. It's not producing enough Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), so that my ovaries can make oestrogen and progesterone. You know that blood test I had a few weeks ago... well my hormone level was 1 and it should have been around 30-40... So now I'm on a lovely hormone replacement drug named "Clomiphene" (Clomid) which will hopefully fix me up in no time. If not, next time I take a double dose and if that fails to give us ... [ Discover More ]

Full Time

Waking early, commuting to work with leagues of strangers doing the exact same thing all at the same time, each arriving at different destinations yet all for the same purpose... money. It's not what I wanted. It wasn't even my third choice but now it's my only choice. I am now a glorified towel folder. Stacking neat plastic covered sheet and quilt sets for you to browse for your boudoirs. Explaining the meaning of "thread count" over and over and over again until my ears start to bleed. I am ... [ Discover More ]

Highest Bidder

I'd like to introduce you to my newest ebay piece... my kitchen hutch. I'm going to put it in the kitchen and place all my everyday crockery on it and all my whiteware/baking dishes in the bottom. Steve and I went and picked it up this afternoon, not bad for $25. It had glass sliding doors at some point which have been removed. The back panel has also been removed which I will replace. I love the metal scroll detail. It needs a couple of coats of paint to spruce it up... but did you notice? Did ... [ Discover More ]

Kinky Afternoon Tea

My beautiful table, laden with scrumptous goodies Fine china for all to adoreYummy Chocolate Cases with Marscapone and Berries Strawberry Cupcakes, so girlySandwiches ... Ham & Tomato ~ Chicken, Lettuce & MayoYummy Sticky BunsBanana Cake Water with Lemon & Pink Apple Berry CiderThe Pash Party was lots of fun and even though lots of people RSVP'd only 5 showed up. Those who let me know that they were unable to come are off the hook... but everyone else is on VERY thin ice. Common ... [ Discover More ]

QVB #3

This is Alice standing at the foot of the HUGE Christmas Tree displayed in the center of the Queen Victoria Building. 3 floors up and this is the top of the tree. Alice siad it's the prettiest one she's ever seen. It's not real by the way, bu it totally effective. This is the tip of the tree reaching towards the stained glass roof. Soooo pretty. ... [ Discover More ]