Happy New Year

Well it wasn't off to such a great start but it was great to be with family this time of year. Great Grandma's funeral went as well as it could. Grandma gave a great eulogy and Uncle Andy read out a sweet poem he'd written. Everyone came back to Grandma and Pop's us to their wedding in March down in Young so we're looking forward to that. At the moment Steve and I are chilling out at Danielle & Ron's place while they've taken the kids to Knobby's Beach in Newcastle for fun and fireworks. We ... [ Discover More ]

Great Grandma

Nadine Neild1909-2007This is my Great Grandma (on my Dads side) who passed away just before midnight, this Christmas Eve. She would have been 99 years old in January. I'm so glad I was able to be with her a few days before her passing. She really was a spirited individual who had high morals and a cheeky sense of humour. Up until the last few weeks she was still doing her crossword puzzels, even if she was using an XXL magnifying glass to do so. She had the most beautiful hands and gorgeous long ... [ Discover More ]

Finishing Touches

MY KITCHEN It now stocks all my 'casual ware' It has now become a functional workspace where I can do all my baking without being spread right across the kitchen. I spent a good part of this morning rearraging my kitchen furniture and giving everything a good clean. Damn you mum for cursing me with the "Every 3 Months" spring cleaning bug. The room has much better Feng Shui and I can move about with much more ease. I''m very proud of my sparkling kitchen. ... [ Discover More ]

Thankyou Alice

Alice bought me Preparation Bowls/Measuring Cups for christmas. I really love them!!! She said I'll be the Aussie Martha Stewart one day. I was going to buy these next pay... you're such a jem. ... [ Discover More ]

The Gift of Giving

Oh the anticipation!!! WooHoo... and Ultrasonic cleaner for my Wedding Rings!!!Hmm... what could it be??? PSP accessories... BOOYARRR!!! Santa bought me a new apron with matching double oven glove and tea-towel. Such yummy colours, oh how did Santa KNOW??? Santa bought Steve a Barometer and I say THANK GOD because if I had to window shop for Baraometers one more time I would have pulled my hair out. As you can see Santa picked a good one :D Grandma & Poppy sent me a Blender and a beautiful ... [ Discover More ]

Steve’s Xmas Cooking Spot

Potatoes at the back on an al foil tray, pumpkin wedges and onions at the front. Leg of lamb with fresh rosemary and garlic stuffed in side Potatoes drizzled with melted butter and sprinkled with paprika Goes great with Cab Sav The finished product Preparation and cooking time 2.3 hours. Time to finish 2.3 minutes. YUM YUM ... [ Discover More ]

More Xmas Cooking

Jatz, Cherry Tomatoes & Roasted Capsicum DipFetta stuffed Baby Peppers & Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Cheddar, Cherries, Dark Chocolate, Kabanosi & Camebert... YUM... and surprisingly cheap. Mini Pavlovas with Cream, Blueberrys, Graps and Choc-Dipped Strawberries dusted with Shreaded Coconut... too easy and ready in minutes :) ... [ Discover More ]

Christmas Cooking

I decided to make some dessert for tonight's supper... you know, something to snack on while watching all those Christmas movies on TV. Xmas IceCream SupriseLet the icecream go soft (not melted) so it's easier to mould into the tea cups. I chopped up some banana, strawberries and added some blueberries to a teacup lined with gladwrap half filled with rich icecream. I then filled the remainder of the tea cup with iceream and put in the freezer. I then melted some chocolate and copha. I tipped the ... [ Discover More ]

It’s beginning to look a lot like xmas

Elegant Christmas Dining for 2. We're even using our silver wedding goblets.I made these napkin rings out of wire and buttons. I only have black onese which seemed a little depressive for this time of year. They only took a second to make and I think they're adorable.I'm loving my "chargers" that I picked up for $3 ea from the Reject Shop. A charger is a XL plate that acts as a placemat. Mine are lovely and silver. It compliments my diner setting completely. As some of you know I'm a huge fan of ... [ Discover More ]

World goes around and around and around….

For those who weren't aware, Mum lost her brother Brian and we drove to Newcastle early Friday morning to be there for the funeral. We stayed with the Schultz's Friday and Saturday night then drove back mid-morning on Sunday. Steve, Me, Peter, Kerrie, Sharon, Aileen, Narrelle (Mum) and Grandma Hennessy. A quick family portrait before Uncle Brian's Funeral. I thought it was quite inapropriate to be taking photos but I guess Mum's side of the family doesn't get together often. It was a nice ... [ Discover More ]

New Stuff

Check out my latest ebay purchase... a HOT PINK retro 4kg cooking scale for $10 it goes so well with the rest of my cooking gadets :D Also adding to my kitchen is the beginning of our herb garden. I got these funky pots from BigW for $5ea... really good indoor pots. I have chives and basil at the moment but I'll be adding more. ... [ Discover More ]

Alice’s House

Me & my girl Alice This is where I spend a lot of my time off, just chillin out at Alices House. Her christmas tree if FILLED with decorations her kids have made... it's so special. This is where you'll normally find Alice, ready to whip you up something yummy in a flash. This is normally where I am, chilling out at the table chatting away, flipping through american magazines and catalogues. I like days like these :) ... [ Discover More ]

Same day / Different time

This may seem like a tiny and insignificant little booklet... but don't be fooled!!! My ENTIRE LIFE right now revolves around it... but never take it as gospel cos were talking about CityRail and when has ANYTHING arrived on schedule??? "NO FEET ON SEAT"... they're not ON the seat, they're ON the newspaper thats ON the seat... ohhhhh I'm such a rule breaker!!! But seriously, I'd like to thank all those people who leave their newspapers on the train... I'd be so fricken bored otherwise!!! Miricle ... [ Discover More ]

I am not a morning person

7:30am-ish and I'm waiting for the train... ON A SATURDAY. It was really cold but it doesn't look like it, does it. Can you see the graveyard, its on the lawn in front of that little house. Confronted with cold, early mornings and death... gotta appreciate that!!! This is me, before the miricle of make up. I'm loving my hair getting longer... ok it's still pretty short but it's getting there. I used to love wearing black, my whole closet was filled with black clothes... now I find it a tad ... [ Discover More ]

Work Roster (includes travel time)

08:00 - 20:00 (8am-8pm) each shift Friday 14th DecSaturday 15th DecDAY OFF - Sunday 16th Dec Monday 17th DecTuesday 18th DecWednesday 19th DecThursday 20th DecFriday 21st DecSaturday 22nd DecCHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS (23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th)Thursday 27th DecFriday 28th DecSaturday 29th Dec So please excuse me if I find it difficult to return calls, blog or reply to emails... I will try my best. ... [ Discover More ]

Xmas Party

Sexy Steve in his new shirt :) Lots of kissy-kissies I loved my dress :) Everything's sexy... even spoon-feeding him pavlovaXmas PartyMy Pretty Dress and Heels Alice & Benny Ahhh... what a pretty view "The Det""la la la laaa looooooove boat" No time for the hairdressers... or product :P ahhhh... my dream boat "love is in the air"Lots of champagne, canapes, pavlova and berries. A perfect evening with friends and co-workers. It wasn't the Nepean Belle but exactly the same... going the ... [ Discover More ]

Egg Cups

I walked past these beauties and I couldn't stop thinking about them so on saturday I walked back in their direction and purchased all 8. The yellow of egg yolk, melting butter on toast and the morning sun spilling through the dining room window will completely compliment these baby blue egg cups... what a away to start the day :D ... [ Discover More ]

Secret Santa

My mystery postman (he just drops it at the door even when I'm home :S) delivered a lovely little surprise this morning. A gorgeous big Latte cup, a crystal candle garter, a GORGEOUS black and white deco apron, a VERY CUTE tin-man-jingle-bells tree ornament all in a big box that's my fave colour.THANK YOU SANTA :D ... [ Discover More ]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I love our tree. Thick, bushy (and plastic) and covered with wooden painted ornaments and garlands. Camera really doesn't do it justice. The dining room (the christmas room) looks lovely but I do want to add a few more trimmings. I love having a mantlepiece to hang our stockings from :D Thanks to the Reject Shop for supplying such great decorations at such a bargain price. For $2 you can get 12 little silver or gold pegs and silver or gold string to display your christmas cards. I added the red ... [ Discover More ]

Work Xmas Party

Steve's work christmas function is on tomorrow night and I'm 99% sure it's on the Nepean Belle (pictured above). Should be interesting... will post lots of pics on Sunday.Till then... ciao OXOX ... [ Discover More ]