Late Night Maddness

Would you believe me if I told you Steve and I were at Penrith Westfield for 5.5 HOURS!!! Nope I didn't think you'd believe me. Sure, maybe if it was just me... but STEVE, my steve, no way but he did it without complaining (too much). I took him to Dusk (his fave shop in the whole world) and bought him some lovely candles, candle plates and little frosted glass lantern covers. He was stoked and now our house smells gorgeous. Ok, you might not think much of this contraption but I've been ... [ Discover More ]

Tickle Me Happy

See I told you I loved this movie... "Anyone else but you" by The Mouldy Peachesis my new fave happy song. Perfect for Valentines Day :P It not a normal CD, it's VERY me, very alternative and folky-ish. Steve hated the soundtrack and I knew most of the songs before seeing the film... I was the freak singing along during the movie :P I've been looking forward to his album as Timberland has produced some very funky R&B beats that get me all riled up to party. Steve and bopped around the house ... [ Discover More ]

I Officially Resigned Today

I handed in my papers and ended the day early. Why not, I deserved it. I am a doormat. I know it, you know it... but what I have to know now it how to put my foot down and say how I really feel and do what I really want to do. Not what's in the best interest of the greater good to make me feel like I'm miss Universe or something when in the end I become resentful and angry at myself. My new mantra: "I cannot please everyone but I can please myself" (not in that way... well sometimes in that way ... [ Discover More ]

Go see it… now!!!

"Wizard" I laughed hard or cried hard right through this movie. Juno is strong and adorable. Vanessa is the wanting mother within me. Bleeker is sweet and I could just eat mouthfuls and mouthfuls of this movie. I love it so much I'm actually going to buy it... I don't buy many movies. "Here is the church and here is the steeple, we're pretty cute for two ugly people"I took Steve to the movies tonight (well dragged him) as I've wanted to see Juno and I knew it wouldn't be on rotation for much ... [ Discover More ]

Weekend Away

Steve and I met a couple online who share similar interests and who have the freedom to travel and explore NSW with us. Tiffany & Jean were kind enough to invite us to stay with them this weekend. It was only a few days before we actually found out where they lived in Sydney... Darling Harbour!!! When we arrived we were escorted to the top floor penthouse suite and as soon as we dumped our bags we climbed up onto the rooftop terrace and watched the Australia Day Fireworks whilst sipping some ... [ Discover More ]

Challenge #2

This is steve in primary school... cute little shit isn't he!!! Red hair, freckles, chubby cheeks and gorgeous grin. This photo always makes me smile :D This is a photo of me and my Poppy. I would have been about 2-3. I love my Poppy :DSteve has a handful of his childhood photos and one of him an his mum at the hospital after he was born. The rest are macho gun-posing pics from when he joined the RAAF and some moron gave them guns to play with :P I'm on a mission next time I'm at his Dad's house ... [ Discover More ]

Road Trip!!!

Kevin, Carmel, Major Mike and I drove to Canberra today to do some business with the USAF at the US Embassy. Only took about an hour but it was cool for me as a visitor to have a look around. A US Marine greeted us at the entrance and did the whole "salute" thing to the major... I had to hold back a giggle. They're so cute all dressed up and looking so serious :D Anyway the drive was slow, boring and uneventful... but our treat would be shopping afterwards. This is my lame-ass attempt to take a ... [ Discover More ]


Going to Canberra tomorrow with a few of Steve's work collegues. It's only a day trip (Sorry Emma, otherwise I'd love to see you) as the guys have some business to attend to at teh US Embassy. I'm going to check out Fyshwick and grab some yummy squashed-fruits of the gods. I tried a bottle of winea few months back from a Canberra winery and fell in lust. Hopefully I can pry myself away from porno warehouses to take a few pics of the trip.Be good :D I know I wont be :P ... [ Discover More ]

New Hours

I work Mon-Fri, 11am-7pm... normally getting home around 9pm.Starting February I should know more about my new work position.I'll keep you posted. ... [ Discover More ]

Thoughtful Surprise

Q: Who has the best friends in the world??? A: I do, I do!!! A parcel arrived at my doorstep and it was full of LOVE :DLendrum sent me a lovely parcel with baking goodies galore. A small metal palete knive (been meaning to buy one), a small plastic spatula and SPRINKLES, SPRINKLES and more SPRINKLES!!! Thank you so much for the completely-unnessessary-but-totally-lovely-heartfelt gift. My future cupcakes thank you. ... [ Discover More ]

Like sand through the hourglass…

2008 20072006 20052004 I think I have on of us in 2003 but it will be on a disc somewhere. No reason for this post. I just love my hubby to bits and want him to be surprised by it when he "secretly" looks at my blog at work. CHALLENGE: Everyone post at least one or two pics of you and you're special person... come on I know you have them... oh and no naked ones ok :P ... [ Discover More ]


I did it. I went to work happy reading my book, a little apprehensive of the day ahead, but happy. Con was off sick so I was stuck with Tonnie. About 2pm was when it started. He set my trigger off and I held back at first but when he walked away and came back for another go I gave him my all... politely of course. He walked back upstairs and I called Con. Con gave me Craig's number (FINALLY) and I continued to tell him EVERYTHING that's been going on these last few weeks and that I've had ... [ Discover More ]

Family Ties

Karen & HeatherSteve & MeWe took the girls out for dinner this evening to "Valentino's" in McGraths Hill. It was really yummy and looked really posh. I had veal, bacon, mushrooms in a creamy sauce... it was sooooo good. The veal was soft like butter... *drool*. The girls leave for home tomorrow morning so we thought it would be a nice idea to spend some time out together as we've been working so much. We then drove to "Embers" Restaurant for some premium gelato... fererro rochre style... ... [ Discover More ]

Off Day

So I had another day off today... I think if I didn't stay in bed I would have taken my bad mood back to work and after my first trigger I'm sure I would have snapped, walked out and quit. I'm not sure I want to quit yet. I'm a procrastinator when it comes to these things. I went to IKEA instead. I bought a lovely new quilt cover set and some odds and ends. I love IKEA... it's the bomb and just what I needed to forget about work... ahh thank goodness for retail therapy. On monday I left work ... [ Discover More ]

Sugar Crystals

Coloured Sugar Crystals are soooooo cool... they make cupcakes so sparkly. I made a batch of vanilla cupcakes as well as my very first batch of chocolate ganache. I had no idea how easy ganache is. If I'd known I would have made my own wedding cake!!! Dark Chocolate and condensed milk... YUM. Anyway, so I was playing with my stainless steel piper (Icing suringe) while talking to Griss late at night on the phone and I promised I post a pic for her. Drool worthy huh :D ... [ Discover More ]


Sometimes they have the coolest things... you know, the kinds of things you didn't realise you "needed" until you walk through their doors (similair to Alcatraz) and everything you ever "needed" is right in front of you. Like this book. It's so good I think I'll go back and buy the other 4 books in the series... or maybe even a few multiples to give as gifts. $14 and it has everything you could ever need to host a dinner party. Steve read it on the couch this afternoon and all I heard from him ... [ Discover More ]

Adorable Adjustable Aprons… for kids

The New The OriginalThese have been my project lately... kiddy aprons made out of tea towels :D Apparently they're the bomb and people adore them... I hope they do cos I'm putting them up for sale on ebay shortly.Connor, Mikayla, Zaylan & Jordan got Orange & White one's for Christmas. That's where the whole apron phase was meant to start and finish... make some for the kids who I know will love and use them and thats it. Now I find myself with 16 tea towels patiently waiting to be ... [ Discover More ]

Bloomin’ Brilliant

Steve bought me the yellow and red roses from Parklea Markets. I bought the other flowers from a guy standing on the corner of Pitt St. & Market St. in Town Hall, City. I love that guy... he helps keep my house beautiful. The bottom pic shows my new crotched table runner... LOVE IT!!! ... [ Discover More ]