Guest Room *edited*

I won the wardrobe I've been covetting for the last week. WAY under the price I thought it would go to. I got the wardrobe and the little bedside hutch for under $60 and the owner lives nearby!!! Steve and I are going to pick them up on Sunday. It's so clean and in such good condition inside, just perfect for the guest room. I'll just line the draws with scented paper. There's a place to hang thier clothes, hold away thier undies and keep all thier toiletries and shoes. The blanket draw at the ... [ Discover More ]

Pathetic Squirrel

I guess its nice to get a reminder I'm not great at everything :P I was making this as a gift for a baby boy I know and it totally went haywire. But hey, I tried and failed at my first attempt. i was going to write "Contains Nuts" underneath as a bit of a joke. Oh well, back to the drawing board. ... [ Discover More ]

I feel asleep in the bath

I wish my bathroom looked like thisI'm not kidding. I drew a nice steaming hot bath and slipped into the bubbles... and nodded off. My bath is moulded and even has a little pillow head rest at the end of it and arm rests. Very cool. I guess I was more exhausted from being on edge all day than I thought. I woke up when steve knocked on the door wanting to brush his teeth. I was only alseep for maybe 3-5 minutes. Thankfully I don't have too much water in my baths :) Steve said I have to bathe with ... [ Discover More ]

Op Shop Karma

I'm been out balancing my Op Shop Karma today. I've been lucky with my finds and grabbing a few great bargains but it's a give and take situation. If they don't have people donate, they'll have nothing to sell meaning no more great bargains (while donating to charity) for me. So I got a rather large and heavy box full of goods (toys, books, wedding magazines, decorations) and went on my merry way feeling very light at heart and a slight skip in my step. The lovely old ladies down the road (who ... [ Discover More ]

just one more post about linen… promise

Our bed all made up. Sheets and Q.Cover is washed but still stiff, bugger ironing them. I did iron the lace however. Overtime they'll feel like silk... dreamy. Looks a bit grandma-ish in the photos but in person it really isn't. Yay!!! ... [ Discover More ]

More cooking

I made these cupcakes last night. Butter choc chip with blue piped frosting and little star sprinkles. They look so cute and happy. This is my mid afternoon lunch. I tend to eat little but spread over the day with reductil. Lite Peppercorn Jatz curb that bread craving, wholemeal ones are great too. I've been experimenting with dips and now I'm making my own as it contains less fat when i make them. To make this beetroot dip I used one can of sliced beetroot, a cup of lite greek yogurt, cracked ... [ Discover More ]

All things soft and snuggly

Today I bought: 4 new super soft pillows2 quilted pillow protectorsa superlux squishy doona2 quilt coversa matching throw cushion 2 large guest hand towels... I love the annual Sheridan Sales :) ... [ Discover More ]

Oh So Chic

My new Pink Peony with Baby Blue pinstripe and lace detail. I even bought the throw cushion :) One of my fave books owned by Alice. I'm borrowing it again to flip through for inspiration. Such a lovely book. The second new quilt cover. So soft and TOTALLY me. Steve loves the colours so I got away with them both. Really nice. I love it so much. The cushions are so beautiful. I love seeing them stacked like this. Very Chic. ... [ Discover More ]


I've put my phone in for a service... again. I have my Sim Card but no phone so don't bother calling or SMSing because I wont recieve it. Thank you. ... [ Discover More ]

omg omg OMG!!!

I finally sold some of my aprons!!! Four of them to be exact. Angel Cakes, Jam Tartlet, White Choc Cake & Peppermint Slice. WooHoo!!! I sold them for $14.95 each and now I just want to frame the receipt I'm so proud :DOn a whim Steve and I took the aprons over to the Kitchen Shop in Richmond to see if they'd be interested in buying them from me. The "Lady in charge of purchasing" wasn't instore AGAIN even though I was told she was "always" there on Sundays... anyway, feeling a bit deflated ... [ Discover More ]

Christopher turned 15

When we rocked up to Alice and Benny's I don't think Chris realised the cake was for him. I'm forever taking cakes and other yummy things to thier house so I guess it didn't surprise him. Once he saw his name on it though, he got excited and said thank you a million times and gave me hugs. That was nice. Chris likes Jack Skelington from Nightmare before Christmas and the Corpse Bride. That was my inspiration I guess. I went to the local fancy dress party shop "Wattle-U-Bee" and seriously, I ... [ Discover More ]

Change of plans

Tonight Steve and I were meant to be dancing the night away at the Masquerade Ball. We cancelled on Thursday evening. A fact that I'd hidden from most was that it was a Swingers Ball and I'd lost my interest in going and planned to spend the weekend with friends instead. That was also cancelled. The outfit I planned to wear wont be left to waste because I'll be able to wear it to my Uncle's wedding on the 8th of March. Yay :)So expecting a nice weekend at home I called Alice & Benny to see ... [ Discover More ]

TA DA *insert jazz hands*

I made this. No sewing pattern or previous bag making experience. I ROCK. I was cleaning out the art room and stumbled across a bag stuffed with left over fabric from project I started 2 years ago! At least I've learnt to see things through now. Anyway, the fabric inspired me and I somehow ended up making a bag. Go figure. I love the pattern on the fabric, so tiny and sweet. Red but not too bold. This is a close up of the buttons detailing the pocket. Similar ones adorn where the strap attaches. ... [ Discover More ]

Squeaky Clean

I was just in the bath* washing off all the white paint and it just occurred to me that most of my toiletries are coloured green. Isn't that funny? I don't really like green.Pictured above are some of my fave products (left to right):Clinque Daily Foaming Facial Cleanser - This stuff is the best and lasts AGES.Clarins Heating Plant Aromatherapy Mask - I've had this for about 18mths now and I use it once a fortnight. It really draws impurities and excess oil out of the skin.Clinque Facial Scrub - ... [ Discover More ]


This cost me absolutley NOTHING, nadda, zip. The paint I had left over from other projects. The fabric was left over from the lounge room cushions and I'm smart enough to own a staple gun. It took 2 days to complete but you could do in one day... I'm lazy. They look so snazzy sitting pretty in the art room, becconing me to scrapbook. YAY :D ... [ Discover More ]

Pathetic Cookie

I made choc chip cookies... I think the recipe had too much butter in it cos they went all flat and strangely enough, hollow as well... more like Cookie Bubbles. Oh well... always next time. ... [ Discover More ]


My Gyno thinks I may have Endo. If I don't fall on steves penis and get pregnant this month I have to have Laparoscopic surgery to investigate in early March. I'm in a catch 22 situation. I'd be glad to know whats wrong but pissed I might have Endo. Are doctors EVER going to stop wanting to look at my vagina? I mean seriously, hasn't she been through enough? People get sqwirmy about having to have a pap test every two years. I have to have one every six months to monitor my CIN levels and hope ... [ Discover More ]


I was on the phone to Mum sorting out the Art Room and I got idle hands and attacked the chair I was sitting on. I recovered it... and you know what , it looked pretty good. It still surprises me that I own a hot glue gun, a staple gun, litres and litres of paint and glue and embellishments galore. I have a whole room dedicated to it!!! Anyway the the old chair was recovered in snazzy blue fabric that is an off-cut from the cushions I've made previously for the lounge room. I picked up two of ... [ Discover More ]


Steve and I went mattress shopping this afternoon and grabbed a bargain. We went window shopping last week and got a few quotes and decided on "Lotus Luxury" a Latex mattress by A.H. Beard at $2500 and it seemed quite a good deal. I rang up today to check the current price and as there is a promotion on at the moment we got it for $1500!!! WooHoo!!! We splashed out and bought new Latex Pillows as well as a new mattress protector all adding up to $1800.Then we headed over to the Sheridan Factory ... [ Discover More ]


LOST "Friends Comments" Missing since Thursday last week.Posted a lot about important things to me.Worried and Missing them LOTS. If you should come across one,please make sure to post it. Thanks ... [ Discover More ]

No Purchase

None of my aprons sold and I'm depressed. They were viewed approximately 30 times each so I know there is interest at least. I don't want to drop the price. I guess selling them in person will be more profitable. Hmm oh well. ... [ Discover More ]

Chinese New Year Party

Everyone came along and the night went really well. Everyone loved the cupcakes, had a few drinks and a bit of a dance. Afterwards we went to jupiters for even more dancing. Good night had by all... I made it home by 3am though :) Luke & ICasey & I ... [ Discover More ]