Cookin a Chook with DaniMezza

Donna Hay Easy Herb Stuffing3 Cups Bread Crumbs2 Teaspoons Dried Mixed Herbs30g Soft Butter1 Brown Onion Finely Chopped I like it chopped coarselyFry Onion with 2 Tblsp Oil for 5 minutes. In a large bowl mix together the herbs and breadcrumbs. Add the butter and the onions once softened.Mix together and shove it gently up the chooks butt. Steve and I cooked chooken tonight :)Pumpkin, Potatoes and Brussell Sprouts as a side. I forgot all about putting the beans in... oops. 2 dorks with a timed ... [ Discover More ]

It all adds up…

I bought the Sliming & Health magazine and it came with this bright sunny pedometer. I'm a numbers person... I love watching counters. Maybe my little infatuation will work in my favour. I'm excersing but I just need to push myself a little more. I've platoed... now its full steam ahead. ... [ Discover More ]


Ceramic Electric Hair CurlersMy Op Shop is Awesome :)Don't worry... will sterilise! ... [ Discover More ]

"…from little things, big things grow…"

I have a little wooden deck table I'm using as a potting table and it's just perfect. I have a pair of Apricot coloured gardening gloves and some gardening tools and lots of little pots to fill with some growing goodness. I plan to grow EVERYTHING but to start with I'm just growing some easy herbs and salad stuff. Alice & Ron have inspired me with thier gardening efforts. Alice has six or so terracotta pots over flowing with herbs on her back patio. How are Ron's herbs going Danielle? ... [ Discover More ]

It took all my might…

... but Steve and I managed to get the hutch inside. Lets just say I had a very long sit down and a few puffs of my inhaler afterwards. I've taken all my baking things out if it :( and it now sits proudly in my Art Room to be filled with stuff. I'm thankful for the storage and it JUST fits in the space. I love this piece too much to part with it. I found Bunnings has a huge range of short-width handles so I'll replace the old ones... soon. ... [ Discover More ]

Steve’s Domain

He has a bar fridge, TV, esky, old poker machine, barometer, fan, homer simpson clock, a comfy chair, table, a BBQ (not shown) and rainbow fairy lights... WooHoo. He loves his little space outside with the boys. Its the "Man's Area" hahaha... only fair as I have the Art Room :PThe owner was going to take it to the dump but Steve convinced him to let us keep it :S Its basically a HUGE money box and it runs off 10 cent pieces. Steve finds it amusing and with the fairylights it looks like ... [ Discover More ]

My Charlie Boy

He loves the camera, I think its the noise of the shutter :)Quite happy to sit and pose My Happy BoyToby (at the back) wanted no part of it :P ... [ Discover More ]


Come on in :D The Dogs Domain... they have the WHOLE garden shed to themselves. This is Steve's area. Once cleaned up, will be great for entertaining. The entertaining area. The little fence keeps the boys off our feet. The big windows of the dining room. Toby playing ball and our huge backyard with awesome grass. ... [ Discover More ]


I love my new mantle So cozy My new fave place to read all my magazines I love our lounge room We have polished floorboards and a skylight My kitchen... ahhh I love it. We just had dinner :)Stylish new oven matches our microwave and fridgeDining room... sweet & petite. I love the windows. Studio, very messy but lovely. Messy Laundry Our snug bedroom Guestroom... plus junk :P Yay I love it, Grandparents did too. Our shiny new bathroom... heaven I love my bath and the toilet is hidden around a ... [ Discover More ]


My minds been blank and quite possibly overrun with thoughts. I might have to reboot it like I had to do with my computer. I might use my $50 beauty gift voucher Alice & Benny gave us for our anniversary... one day.Our very first wedding anniversary was spent unpacking boxes. It sucked. We couldn't afford to do anything we planned to do with all the surgery and moving costs. We had a snuggly night exaughsted in front of the tv and that was about it. Oh well, we have the next half a century ... [ Discover More ]


I'm using Alice's computer to blog. I think I'm addicted. I also think I have to buy Vista because I can't download ANY software onto my computer and that includes the internet program... grr. My "service pack 2" is faulty or something. Totally driving me insane.Anyway I dont have a mobile, don't have a home phone and I dont have the internet... HOW DID I EVER SURVIVE WITHOUT THEM??? I feel totally disconnected from the world and in some ways its refreshing but mainly its totally frustrating. ... [ Discover More ]

Boxes Boxes Boxes

My house looks like a bomb exploded. It was clean on monday. Everything had and was in it's place. Now it looks like my idea of hell. Total and utter chaos. My stress level was a 9 and now its a 3... much better as far as my strained neck is concerned. Trust me I'm taking it easy, hardly lifting anything actually. Steve is a rather good nurse... and a hot one at that :P My tummy hurt a bit today so I've taken a lot of time to sit back and relax when I can. The re-enforcements arrive tomorrow. ... [ Discover More ]

Application Approved

Our application was approved and we could be moving in tomorrow afternoon should things go to plan. It's 500 meters from the house we're currently renting so moving will be a lot easier than right across town or to another suburb. The backyard is awesome. The grass is how you say, um, perfect! The little gate and fence is great because it means we can entertin outside without the boys constantly at our feet. The owners are leaving a swing set and a trampoline, they said if we don't want them to ... [ Discover More ]

The I can’t believe it list…

We got evicted on mondayWe could move into the new house tomorrowHow much weight steves lostI haven't had CocaCola in 6 monthsIt's Easter this weekendIm going to get rid of my home phoneI had surgery and got betterWe have the chance of falling pregnant naturallyWhat I'm capable of still surprises meThe intensity of my love for SteveIt's our 1st wedding anniversary on MondayWhats on your "I can't believe it" list? ... [ Discover More ]

Fair Trading

An Exert from Fair Trading NSWLandlords who default on their loansWhen a landlord is unable to pay back a loan taken out to purchase an investment property, the mortgagee (the lender – normally a bank or other financial institution) usually wants to take possession of the property in order to sell it and recover their money. The mortgagee can apply to the Supreme Court for an Order to do this. If the Order is granted, the residential tenancy agreement is terminated, and the mortgagee becomes ... [ Discover More ]


We've been given two weeks notice. The bank has claimed the house. This sucks. The stupid home owner couldn't pay her stupid morgage so the stupid bank has possessed the stupid house. Steve and I spent all afternoon at the real estate agents going over paperwork and looking at other properties. We put in an application for one of them so at least we wont be without a roof over our heads. Apparently we have to be out by the 26th of March or something. I don't know how steve and I are going to do ... [ Discover More ]

Doc Appointment

I have my doctors appointment this afternoon at 5 o'clock and I can't wait. I get to see all the photos from my operation. The doctor will sit down with me and go over everything that happened and answer any questions. YAY.I was a bit groggy when everyone tried to explain to me what was going on. Even when the doc came in the next day to try talking to me again I was still a bit out of it. Steve knows, thats the main thing and I do have a fair idea from what he's told me but it will be good to ... [ Discover More ]

The Library ROCKS

I bet you don't have the key.The key to what?The key to knowledge and empowerment.Where is this key?The key is a Library card! I got one last week. I can't stress enough how fricken cool the library is. I can't believe I forgot. All those books and resources. Adventures for the imagination. Plus, its FREE... Love it!!! I borrowed a lot of endometriosis books and resources on lap surgeries last week to prepare me for my own surgery. I'm really glad I did. I was a lot calmer because I knew what ... [ Discover More ]

Beaver Advert

9RAW: Beaver ad 'offensive'Has anyone else seen this ad? It's by the tampon company "U" and it's fricken hilarious. Steve and I pissed ourselves laughing when it came on tv (during dinner i might add) I can't believe it even made it onto the tv to be honest. IMPORTANT: Not for all tastes. ... [ Discover More ]