Purple Haze

This is the best example I can find to give you an idea of the fabrc I found at spotlight on the weekend. Imagine a similar print, duckegg blue in the background, orange leaves and branches and pastel pink flowers. Very nice. I'm going to grab it next pay with the foam cushions. DULUX Colour Wall"Jewel" is on the far righthand side. It was soooooo fiddly to paint. No wonder I've been putting it off so long and blaming the weather. Today I had no excuse. It is a lovely day and the chair just ... [ Discover More ]

Funky Love

This is what the cradle looked like before... I really didn't need to do anything to it. It wasn't white, but a milky colour. It only needed the lightest of sanding. I took this pic to show the intensity of the green... it really is light and feels really fresh. In a certain light it does look a little yellow but it's gorgeous. I'm really happy with the colour choice. Once "eventualy baby" has grown out of it, it will be a toy box of sorts :P The railings were a little fiddly to paint but ... [ Discover More ]

Bye-Bye Birdy

Steve's on a train to Sydney Domestic Airport right now :( I think I'm gunna miss him alot. He hasn't had to go away for over a year now... I'm used to him being around. Time to be a big girl I guess. He'll be up in Brisbane until friday night as he's up there for a course. I hope he does well.Today we have PERFECT painting weather and I'm just about to change out of my "see-i-can-be-sexy-at-7am" outfit and into my painting gear. I can't wait to get into it. it's going to be a full-on productive ... [ Discover More ]

Ebay Update

Steve and I went on our little ebay-item-pick-up-adventure today and it was lots of fun. I like buying other peoples junk and Steve likes driving to new places... it's a win-win situation.First we picked up the Cradle. The seller was a heavily pregnant asian lady named "Helen" who was really sweet. Her sister gave her the cradle in her first trimester... then her MIL bought her a flashy new bassinette for her baby shower last month. Lucky me!!! It's in SUCH good condition and wont need much work ... [ Discover More ]

About time…

I now have a lovely pile of cash sitting pretty on my desk :) I've never owned a pile of money before... hahahah :D A lovely guy named Darren bought it. He delivers pizzas and I think his missus was sick of her car smelling like old pizza :P He's picking her up tomorrow and paid us straight away :)I was very tempted to put a deposit on a camera... but I'll leave it as savings. Something is bound to pop up... I hate being responsible :( ... [ Discover More ]


"Fred" - the FernI addopted a plant today. We were in Bunnings and I was surrounded by lots of pretty flowers but this little guy stood out and I fell for him right away. Fred got a gorgeous teal glazed pot and matching dish with room to grow. He also got some fertilizer and yummy potting mix to munch on.He lives on my desk and he makes me very happy :) ... [ Discover More ]

I ventured outside today

Did you forget? I almost did. It's been so cold and rainy lately and I just couldn't brave the cold to sit and paint the fiddly thing. I haven't even finished the first coat yet! I'll get there... eventually :P I have to finish it before I start the cot & cradle. Garden is growing well. It hasn't gotten much sun lately. Hopefully that will improve over the next few days. I love that I nurtured them from seeds :) ... [ Discover More ]

Australia Remembers

My thoughtful neighbours tribute.Today is ANZAC day. We pause to remember the lives they gave, as well as the ones they took. We're thankful for the gift of freedom they sacrificed thier lives for. The way we live today, the culture of Australia. The fallen heros and the ones who made it home with heavy burdens to carry. Lest we Forget. ... [ Discover More ]


Cashmere Crochet Handwarmers by Adventures of Jr on Etsy Wrist Warmers by KitMit on EtsyI have a current fasination with wrist warmers. All different kinds, but they have to be fingerless. I don't know why. I just think they're so cool. ... [ Discover More ]

Surpassed by a Child

Ivy Knitting - by Emily FalconbridgeEmily's daughter Ivy is just learning to knit and is doing 200% better than me. I can crochet a little but its quite dodgy. Emily took some gorgeous pics of Ivy's complete concentration and I just adore them. Maybe it would help if I crossed my toes too :PIvy is now my role model. Tomorrow I'm off to Lindcraft to get me some chunky wool. You go Girl!!! ... [ Discover More ]

"carnations are making a comeback"

I LOVE my laundry bench. It's the cleverist space in the whole house :P Perfect for washing baskets, folding clothes and preparing cut flowers. I dropped into the local florist and said "Hi... I dont want a done up bouquet, I just want 10 stems of chrissies from your coolroom." She said "$15 please" and I said "No Problem". Why is it so hard for other florists to do the same? When they do sell flowers by the stem its OUTRAGEOUS. I would have prefered $1 per stem but I gave in. Simple & ... [ Discover More ]

When you actually believe…

... you can change the world through the lense of a camera.My Photograhy Exhibition - "Untamed Beauty"I should have called it - "Rust & Broken Glass" Me and my friend/waiter Matthew, waiting for people to arrive. My little sister took the pics and at the time I was flustered and annoyed but now these 3 pics are my fave treasures. I love that Dani is pregnant with Effie, the support she gave was priceless. I can see the hard work I put into organising the event. The room's decor, all the old ... [ Discover More ]

Strike a Pose

Totally diggin the new do... Straight Up :)Its a weird angle but shows the colour well. Finally my hair colour matches my eyebrows :)I love it so much I keep glancing in the mirror :P ... [ Discover More ]

I call him god, you can call him Steve

This beautiful man just saved my life... well my social life and reason for living. Early this morning my computer decided it didn't like me anymore and completely shutdown and refused to co-operate. After 2 hours of determination, struggle and finally surrender... I called god.D: "God I need your help. This fandangled machine wont do as I say and it just wont work. Please come and make it all better so my life will again be worth living."S: "Sure no problems. I knock off at 3 so I'll be there ... [ Discover More ]


"Sometimes we need to stop analysing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens"- Carrie Bradshaw ... [ Discover More ]

A Wet day in Windsor

Doesn't it just reek of poetry... ahh autumn :) It's nice for once, to live somewhere that you can see the seasons change.Watching the leaves turn gold and fall like confetti.Where "Lou" my Hairdresser lives... I mean works :P Oh-Faux-Real is right next store and FULL of goodies(No the aprons haven't sold :( ) ... [ Discover More ]


When Wendy called me earlier this evening, not only was it to celebrate her entry into the property market but also as an intervention... apparently I'm scaring my closest friends and family. I took on her words of concern and added them to the slowly growing pile that I've been pusing to the back of my mind. I guess there wasn't any room left back there and it finally snapped.I looked over my blog and I must appologise to you, my readers, for bombarding you with baby posts for god knows how ... [ Discover More ]

Little Miss Property Owner

I got an awesome phone call from my friend Wendy tonight, informing me that she and her partner Shaun had bought an apartment in Darwin CBD!!! Of course there is still the settlement to get through but so far they've accepted thier offer and now comes the paperwork. Wendy doesn't have a blog so I'm posting this on her behalf.It's a beautiful BRAND NEW 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment right in the CBD, walking distance to work... and the pub of course :P I've found the closest link possible on ... [ Discover More ]

Cot Colours

I went to Bunnings today and grabbed some colour swatches to repaint the cot and cradle I bought off ebay. I'm thinking of painting the cot Dark Violet or Lite Tangerine and I'm thinking Lite Lime or Aqua for the Cradle. I'm looking forward to a fun project :) ... [ Discover More ]


I did it. I signed up. I can't believe it.It will end up being like my MySpace account... forgotten and unused. Of course, right now I'm adding a million friends to it and loving finding old school friends and the like.Its all HER fault... :P ... [ Discover More ]

Steve owes me…

When Steve came home he was actually a little worried. I don't remember much of our phone call when I informed him of the blood test results, I was just so elated. Apparently Steve answered the phone and I said "It's 48, the test" and burst out crying :P After that it was quite difficult to understand me and what the result actually meant.So I went over it again once he was settled and the grin on his face totally made my evening. He now owes me 48 kisses... so far he's down to 39 and counting ... [ Discover More ]

Lucky Star

I did it again, after a nervous bidding war I finally won a cradle and for only $36.00. That in itself is an achievement. I was bidding on one prior to this and in the last 3 minutes went from $25 to $80... which of course is just crazy for a second hand cradle!!!We'll be picking it up on Saturday, the same day we'll be picking up the cot. Thankfully they're in the same area so it's not too much driving around. I can't wait to pick them up. I have so much work to do, especially if I decide upon ... [ Discover More ]

Amy Sol

Amy SolAren't her pieces just beautiful... it's so dreamlike. I stumbled across her work and im totally in love. All her prints are sold out and I'm so disapointed. Her online gallery is totally devine... check her out. ... [ Discover More ]

48 WooHoo

On saturday, not only did I win the most beautiful cot in the world, but I also had a progesterone level blood test. It was very nerve wracking and stressful. This would be the first blood test after the surgery and a lot was riding on it. Thankfully the process wasn't as bad as before, no premanent scaring this time :P First go it was a success and I was only in there for 5 minutes... that was a first. So Steve and I were a bundle of nerves... waiting and waiting for monday when we'd finally ... [ Discover More ]