Oh Happy Day

Little Tyron Harold Schultz was Baptised this morning at 10am and unfortunately Steve and I weren't able to be there. It breaks my heart in two. We're thinking of you little man and we'll see you soon. OXOX ... [ Discover More ]

New Addiction

Hommus & Warmed Lebanese Bread I never used to like Hommus but I was inspired by Emily to try it again. I mean, if her kids are happy to munch on it, it can't be that bad and you know what, it wasn't. It was quite yummy actualy. I like it with carrots and green beans too. I'm not even trying to diet, I'm just really starting to enjoy healthier food choices. Funnily enough our food bill has halved since Steve and I took on this new way of thinking. I rarely get a cold now and our clothes ... [ Discover More ]

Office Chairs

I've been on the lookout for awhile now. Mines looking a little sad. The gas-lift doesn't work anymore, the back-adjust doesn't work either and the cushioning is completely and utterly gone. It's on its last legs. Quite pathetic really that we haven't replaced it yet but in all seriousness, do you have any idea how much they cost. I do and it's scary. Take the above chair for example. $239 from IKEA. The base minimum I've seen for the most basic of basic chairs is $50. This does not please me. ... [ Discover More ]

Blogging Heaven

You can imagine it can't you. Comfy trackies and uggboots on with your unbrushed hair shoved into a ponytail. You'd never have to leave your seat... well not for long anyway. Totally comfortable in your little blogging-bubble, your little internet cucoon. sigh. Ebay has some cool and weird stuff. But you want it don't you, just imagine what your blogging life would be like... ... [ Discover More ]


I got the job I wanted at Crossroads, a fashion retail shop 5 min from home. It's just a casual position, which is what I was after. Thursday nights, every second Saturday and the odd Sunday. Something to keep me busy and help me socialise... you know, offline. YAY!!! I'm so proud of myself. I did it. I got the job... and the discounted clothes :) ... [ Discover More ]

"Ding Dong" *editted*

"Education Calling" It FINALLY arrived. I'm so excited. I haven't even opened it up yet or dug into all the papers... I still have to read the cover letter! I am just so excited I wan't to capture the moment and the "newness" of it all. OK. Done. Now I can dive into it all.*Ok so I broke into all the loveliness and had to share. Please don't mind the shitty carpet or hold it agaisnt me... we rent. Anyway, I got a funky (kinda corny) environmental bag with "Achieve your dreams" printed on the ... [ Discover More ]

La La Lovely

La La Lovely's BlogTrina McNeily is the writer of a rather new blog named "La La Lovely" and like most blogs, it's filled to the brim with pretty pictures and beautiful writing. I love her sense of interior style and that she takes random photos of fabulous things as she comes across them. Check her out. ... [ Discover More ]


"I'm afraid I don't know any good magic tricks"I got a little letter from Caitlin Shearer today, thanking me for the promotion of her artwork on my blog. My pleasure I say. I love having pretty things on my blog. She sent me 3 prints 6x4 size and they are wonderful. Here is my favourite in one of the IKEA frames I was talking about in an earlier post. It's by my bedside. You can buy it here. Buy Handmade. ... [ Discover More ]


Bloggers, I'd like you to meet Augusta. She is the newest member of my shoe family and we're going to be the best of friends so play nice. How we met was a story of the planets colliding, it was fate. I was walking past my favourite shoe store "NOVO" and there was a pretty little table. On it was a striking purple court shoe that took my breath away. I had to have her. It was lust at first sight. My friend Wendy has an enormous shoe collection for a 22 year old and everytime she buys a new pair ... [ Discover More ]

Sometimes shit happens…

"Mushies" - By Danimezza... and if you're lucky you get mushrooms.My trip to Brisbane has been postponed. I'm quite bummed but I'm understanding of the circumstances. Sometimes things just suck but you have to keep on "keeping-on". This unfortunate occurance has opened up many new doors. I'll be able to attend Tyron's Baptism and help my Mum celebrate her 50th birthday. Horay for mushrooms! ... [ Discover More ]

New Love

My lovely new short-wasited trench.The weather here at the moment is so weird. It can be blazing hot in the sun or walking around, yet the brease is freezing. I hated carrying around my big heavy trench when I got too hot. Plus its super cute and just the right cut for me. It looks fabulous on and it's super cute. ... [ Discover More ]

Vintage Postcards

Soooo pretty. It's on the fridge in a nice little frame. I love this card... so serene. I especially love whats written on the bottom... sweetness. I bought this little treasure for the bathroom.I bought some artist postcards on ebay awhile back and I completely adore them. I put them in little white IKEA postcard frames and hung them near my computer. Since then I dig for them in antique shops and 2nd hand stores. They normally cost a maximum of $2 each. Very affordable art as far as I'm ... [ Discover More ]

Wardrobe 911

Wardrobe 911 Fashion BlogFor all you fashionistas or fashion novices out there, this site is definately for you. Teresa writes in an easy to understand way and makes up the cutest little outfits with titles such as "What to wear: to go to the Dentist... to go to the Airport... to play Tennis". Her blog is a lot of fun. Check it out and add her to your favourites. ... [ Discover More ]


I painted my nails [Rebel RED]I made Lebanese Bread Pizzas... Crispy Goodness. Me in the new purple "titty" top. Vicious & Karma Ruthless Rough GutsI had drinks at Lucas' then at Scott's last night. ... [ Discover More ]


PepperminteI was browsing Etsy for local stores based in Sydney and stumbled across "Pepperminte" an Etsy Store owned by Caitlin Shearer. I'm totally drawn to these girls faces and I love the little hearts on thier elbows. I imagine 2 or 3 prints in black frames and hung near my wardrobe and dressing table. Subtly erotic, feminine and dark yet childlike with scraped knees and cute socks. I love that she's an aussie and she's only 18! She is showing her work at the Newcastle Regional Gallery ... [ Discover More ]

For the love of it…

My first camera was a basic instimatic, a gift from my parents for my 12th birthday. Looking back, every gift my sister and I received was educational or inspiring. Out of all the gifts, the camera was the one I used the most of course, costing them a small fortune in developing prints. Obscure photos of my hands, flowers, the odd tree, self portraits... Once my parents realised it was a hobby that wasn't going to go away they encouraged me to study it in my senior years of high school, hoping ... [ Discover More ]

Don’t buy this product…

Glam'eyes by Rimmel LondonI usually buy Benefit or Clinique but I was short on pennies and thought I'd give Rimmel a go. Don't. It was horrible. It has a bendy rubber brush thats really messy. The packaging and promises look good but don't deliver. Its got more clumps than I thought possible and the coverage isn't that great. Maybe I'm just fussy but... Do. Not. Buy. This. Mascara. ... [ Discover More ]

Lipgloss increases risk of cancer? WTF

Lip Gloss by The Body ShopExtert from NineMSN: "Some dermatologists say that slathering on shiny lip gloss may increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Of course, any lip product that does not contain an SPF doesn't do anything to shield the thin skin on the lips from the damaging effects of the sun. However, it's the shininess of lip gloss that has experts suggesting it may be even more inviting to powerful UV rays."Is there anything we can't get cancer from these days? Forget about poor ... [ Discover More ]

I’m so happy

I'M A STUDENT[I finally made a decision][my highschool art/photography room]Freelance PhotographyI signed up. It's done. I'm so happy. ... [ Discover More ]

Dressing me Lovely

I fell in love with this bag... maybe I felt like Malteasers?I didn't buy it but it was so nice I had to take a photo. I did however , buy an awesome pair of boots. Unless my calves become slender I'll have to stick to mid-calf boots. The little heel is so perfect. They'd look great with tights and a dress, with jeans or with black pants. I've VERY happy. I asked Steve how much he thought they cost. He said $100? I said nope... $79.00. Lets just say we're both happy :) I went into Diva, and as ... [ Discover More ]

"Honey, let’s go for a walk"

Our little township Fuzzy Wuzzy Catapiller I really need bootsThe old historic houses are so beautiful Snuggling in the Sun Past the train tracks Ohhh... how cute, gumnut twins! Another big old beautiful house"Thanks for the walk honey" ... [ Discover More ]

We & The Tree

I was totally captivated by this tree. "Honey lets sit on the bench and take a photo" "Only if I get to kiss you". Leaves fall like golden rain when the gusty wind blows. Piggy Back? No I'm too heavy... put me DOWN!!!Our Little Love Bench ... [ Discover More ]