Hanging About

I went to Bunnings the other day and bought some more 3M removable hooks. I had so many postcard frames that needed to be hung. I added 3 of my favourite postcards to my bedside, along with two b&w sexy photos, one on my side and one on his. It's not perfect but it's a start.My hallway is lovely with downlights and a sunlight during the day. I have 2 concert posters in perspex frames. One is from a Lily Allen concert that I went to in 2007 and my signed Thirsty Merc poster I got in 2006. The ... [ Discover More ]

Moodi Blue

I went to the Op Shop yesterday and I found a horrid looking blue velvet top and I had an idea straight away to cut it to pieces and create something really weird and cool. I didn't plan it. He just happened. The blue velvet is so soft and lovely to touch. I'd like you to meet Moodi...I like that he doesn't have a mouth. It leaves his expression up to your imagination. I think he looks very thoughtful. Moodi is a great listener.I don't know why I gave him 3 legs or bendy knees but It works. I ... [ Discover More ]

Pretty Things

While I was waiting for my prescription from the pharmacy I had a look around the shopping center and there was a little stall selling jewelery and my breath was taken when I found this little beauty. It sits so perfectly on my neck. I totally adore it :)After I bought the necklace I wandered into Strandbags. I was pawing through the wallet bin for a new "going-out" purse. My other one died. I love purses with clasps and this one is tiny, flat and even has a space for my ID. Aweome-ness. It had ... [ Discover More ]

Not my usual self

I have this week off work. Thank. Goodness.I have a doctors appointment in half an hour and hopefully he/she can fix me up. I've been in bed or on the couch with a hot water bottle on my chest and the humidifier going full steam. I've managed to watch a few videos and I'm currently on the second season of Weeds... awesome show. I promise I'll be back to normal soon. ... [ Discover More ]

Coming up Roses

I went to the Op Shop earlier this week and stumbled across this little cutie. It's a gold child's necklace with a porcelain miniature painting of a yellow rose. It reminded me of the plate mum loves that she won at school so I thought I'd buy it for her, thinking she could put the charm on something else. It was too beautiful to pass up. So I left it at the register and continued to look around for more possible bargains. I got lucky.$4 for the set of 6. 2 Soup/Pasta bowls, 2 entree plates and ... [ Discover More ]

Guest Room

Heavenly HavenIt has everything a guest would need.Everything in this room is 2nd hand (besides linen).The cot is under the bed and the cradle is on the wardrobe.Wanna come visit? ... [ Discover More ]

Jungle Party

As some of you may have noticed, I have a Jungle Costume Party to attend on the 7th of July. It's going to be awesome. I've been put in charge of making 300 Vodka Jelly Shots. I think it's going to take me all afternoon but it will be worth it. My order of 3 Litres of Vodka arrived earlier this week and I'm stock piling jelly crystals in preparation for the big day.This is what I'm thinking of wearing, My zebra print dress. It looks so much better on me than it did then. I never wear it but I ... [ Discover More ]

Think Pink

I really liked the pink blog layout I designed a few weeks ago and I don't know why I changed it. I keep getting drawn back to it. The banner I'm not so sure about, but I'm happy with the rest of it. I think. So... we'll see how this goes. Apparently people found the pink theme "happier" and I liked the sound of that. ... [ Discover More ]

49 Odd Things

1. Do you like blue cheese? no2. Have you ever smoked heroin? no3. Do you own a gun? no4. Wax or Shave your body parts? shave and wax5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? depends on what I'm going in for.6. Real or fake nails? real7. Favourite Christmas song? silent night8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? water or orange juice9. Can you do push ups? yes10.What's your favourite piece of jewellery? my wedding rings and my crystal & jade fob watch necklace.11. Favourite ... [ Discover More ]


Crossroads... my workplaceI just thought I'd post a sneaky pic I took this morning to give you all an idea where I work now. Fashion Outlet Hell. Only hell during a sale and as you can see from the "75% OFF" sign, we've been pretty busy. I was pretty bummed that we weren't allowed to wear jeans to work but as always I found a loophole. I'm allowed to wear BLACK jeans... hehehe. I bought a pair this afternoon and they only cost me $24 down from $40 because of my staff discount. How happy am I!I ... [ Discover More ]

Sweet Days

As a little treat, I bought myself a little cupcake afterwork. He was too cute to pass up and he was extra yummy too. Below is just a random pic. I needed to update my facebook profile picture and I thought it was pretty good so I'll post it on my blog too. ... [ Discover More ]

For the love of Steve

Can you find Steve? Psst, He's next to the goalie.Steve was googling himself over the weekend and found his old Moe Soccer Club photos posted on the team's website. He was proud as punch as he was in most of them. Fiery little redhead, darting around the soccer field. He's more of an indoor soccer man now. I think he misses being part of a team, wearing the uniform and going to training. There were no spots open for him to play this year, maybe next season. ... [ Discover More ]

Tequila… da na da na na na da naaaaaa

Ryan, Me & CaseyLast night I went to Scott's house with a mission... get happy. Sure, I was slightly intoxicated and it's not the straightest path to enlightenment but it worked for a good few hours. I had some buddies by my side, a drink in my hand, good conversation and I looked good. It's nice to see me smile for a change.I got a phone call this afternoon from work. I'm working Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. So much for once or twice a week. The money will be good though. I need to ... [ Discover More ]

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go…

I have my very first day at Crossroads this afternoon from 3-7 and I'm excited yet a little nervous. I despise judgement and I know I will be judged every second I'm in there. I don't deal with external pressure too well, I put enough pressure on myself. Just call me a stress pot. I've been in retail almost half my life, so I know it will all just come back to me. I know what I'm doing, it isn't rocket science, but it's just learning to do it their way. I signed the contract on Tuesday and it ... [ Discover More ]

Why didn’t I think of that?

You might remember the old wardrobe I picked up cheap off ebay a few months ago. Well it's in the guest room now storing all our warm jackets, coats and trenches that I've pulled out for winter. It looks very posh. I was cleaning out the built in wardrobes in our bedroom and I realised my shoes were everywhere. Sure they were neat in baskets and boxes but they were spread out everywhere. Then all of a sudden I remembered the shallow draws in the wardrobe and had a brainwave. It is a gentleman's ... [ Discover More ]

Catalogue Junkie

www.lasoo.com.auI'm a self confessed junkie and I always have been. I'm a material girl, what can I say. You could say it's a love hate relationship. I love receiving little glossy papers covered in lots of lovely things to want and pine for but I hate their effect on the environment.Returning from my daily mailbox pilgrimage I found a flyer advertising the above website. It is seriously cool. Basically it compiles all the current sales catalouges, lists extra product information and links you ... [ Discover More ]

Family Ties

Steve, Zaylan & Jordan-LeeAren't they sweet, all tucked up on the couch together. As usual I brought the kids a few new books each. Disney of course. The kids loved them and Steve loved reading to them.I was in the book shop and I came across 3 multi-story, shiny, hardcover books. One green with animal theme stories like Jungle Book for Tyron, one pink with stories of Princesses for Jordan and one blue with stories like Toy Story and Cars for Zaylan. Perfect.Ron had picked the kids up from ... [ Discover More ]

New Addition

I'd like you all to meet "Frank" he's a friend for Fred. I bought him at Aldi of all places. He lives in the Lounge Room. Fred has moved from my office to the dining table. I'm loving bringing the outside in. You should know, I find if I give them pet names they live longer. I'm not an excellent gardener but I'm learning. ... [ Discover More ]

You’re crazy if you don’t…

... love Sex and the City.I do. I'm a HUGE fan. I was never allowed to watch it as a teenager. I don't see why, it's more than just sex. It's friendship, relationships, self worth and empowerment, fashion, culture, men, kids, infertility, work, family and fun. It makes me bawl my eyes out and then a minute later it will make me laugh so hard it gives me a stitch.Even Steve's gotten in on the action. I think he's hanging out for it to come out on DVD so he can watch it, privately, in his own ... [ Discover More ]

Celebrate good times, come on!

Dad, Mum, Stephanie, Grandma, Steve, Me & PoppyThis is a sweet pic of the family before going out to lunch to celebrate Mum's 50th Birthday. She got LOTS of lovely flowers and us girls went to see SATC which was awesome. Mum was just glowing when we were in the cinema. I'm glad Stephanie and I being there made her so happy. We had a lovely lunch at the Bowls Club and the dessert was to die for... yummy yummy yummy... almost as good as Ron's. ... [ Discover More ]

Gotta Love Me

This pic was taken at the latest "Gay Night" at Jupiter's. I took Stephanie to see the drag queens and have a bit of a dance. My friend Steve was nice enough to take a lovely pic of us together at the end of the night. Isn't Stephanie glamourous. I love her so much. ... [ Discover More ]