I was REALLY bored… honest!

I was so bored I did a mock set up for the dinner party. Sure it's 2 weeks away but who cares, it was fun! It was also informative as I had to reassess some of my initial plans and had time to think up some alternative ideas. For instance there really isn't much room for an abundance of flowers as I originally planned. There is hardly any room for the gravy boat! I might remove the silver charges that lay underneath the main dinner plate, that should spare up some room.Another problem I sighted ... [ Discover More ]

Boxed Goodness

I bought the little black boxes and ribbon from Spotlight. I already had the black and white paper and I think it makes it pop even more. While watching TV tonight I made these little beauties and I'm quite proud of how they turned out. I have a few ideas of what to put in them, mints, chocolate, etc but we'll see closer to the date.Jazzed up a TreatThis is my basic table setting layout for entertaining. I plan on folding the napkin in a flat 3 fold and putting it between the soup bowl and the ... [ Discover More ]

Dinner Plans

Gorgeous... totally and utterly gorgeousSteve and I are hosting a dinner party for four friends of ours on the 16th of August. A very fancy affair. Breaking out the china, silverware and good linens. I'm so excited. I've already planned the menu and over the last couple of days I've been searching for decoration inspirations on the internet. Some of the pictures are so beautiful. I love this picture. The candelabra with tapers, the soft colours and low-set flowers. Gorgeous.The votive candles in ... [ Discover More ]

More Framing

The new sign on our bedroom door.The Ulysses Butterfly we got in Bali. I painted the frame to match.Art on one wall of the guest room.Simple and Perfect... "Dream"My charms that were on my wedding bouquet.Me on my wedding day :)The art on the opposite wall in the guest room.Birds seem to be a reoccurring theme.Love this, pink buttons in the shape of a heart.Again, simple wording with a simple message. ... [ Discover More ]

Silver Service

I had to buy milk, it was the only reason I left the house... promise. Fortunately I somehow stumbled into the Op Shop and found these little beauties. I've seen a lot of these trays, mainly oval ones though. I finally found a circle serving tray and for only $3. It really is divine.The frame was $2 and I love the detail. I'm not sure what I'm going to put in it yet, but I know it's going next to my computer so I can look at it everyday. Sweet. ... [ Discover More ]

Bored Husbands

Our lovely big "square playschool" windowI thought Steve was playing with his PSP in the lounge room. I thought I could post a quick photo of "paulie" for you all without too much drama... how wrong I would be. After finishing my post I came to find my lounge room in complete dissarray. I was not impressed.As our living area is limited for space, there are not many ways which the furniture can be reshuffled and have the room still "flow". We have rather large furniture pieces and arranging them ... [ Discover More ]

BIRD… Part Two

My little bird all sanded and painted. I still have to spray paint a clear gloss on it to make it look glazed. This is what it looks like hanging on my wall. He's so sweet. I'm not sure where in the house I'll put him. Oh I named him "Paulie" by the way. The plan was he was to live in the guest room, but I love him so much and if he's in there I'll never see him. So what do you think? ... [ Discover More ]


Me, stuck in traffic on the M2.I went to IKEA today in hopes of buying a lovely office chair. Unfortunately it didn't pan out that way. Nothing suited me. Sure they were fashionable but a tad uncomfortable for me. The ones that were comfortable were $600... of course.I had fun wandering around, looking at curtains, dinnerware, bedding, lighting, and everything else you could ever hope to purchase for your home. I stuck to my budget though and I'm quite proud of myself. I bought a lampshade, a ... [ Discover More ]

Beautify with Vinyl Decals

$25 from IKEA... awesome huh!It's nice, it's different, it's unusual... I'm getting used to it.I bought some lovely soft white sheer cotton curtains.I'm going to rehang them a little higher tomorrow.The room is slowly developing... ... [ Discover More ]

Obsessed with Walls

Totally loving my new book "At Home with Pictures" by Paige Gilchrist. I want to lend it to everyone as it inspires me so much... but I'm afraid I'll never get it back!I saw the above photo posted on the net ages ago and it's still one of my favourites. The His & Hers blue chairs, timber floors and perfectly mismatched framed artworks. sigh. I also love how Emily arranges her pieces. Her house is devine! The link takes you directly to her house and domestically related posts.There is a wall. ... [ Discover More ]

BIRD… Part One

I went to one of my favourite stores in the mall and saw a really beautiful pastel blue glazed ceramic bird, you know, the kind that hang on the walls. I didn't have the need for it, even though I wanted it, so I walked away thinking that if I was still obsessing over it by the next paycheck, I'd buy it.OK I wanted it so much it bugged me to no end so when the next paycheck arrived I marched into the store with a mission... to buy the bird. The sold out one. The one they could no longer get. ... [ Discover More ]

Happy Birthday

TENNYSONMy little godson turned 1 today and I just wanted to share my joy and love for him. Such a sweetie pie. Miss you terribly little man . I hope you like your present oxox ... [ Discover More ]

$2 Art Attack *editted*

I went to my favourite Op Shop today and bought another cut crystal bowl (for dried rose petals) to put in the guest room, a small jar for the odd button that comes with new clothes and this ornate metal frame. All up I spent $5 and the frame was only $2. The image is printed onto fabric and has foam backing. I'm not really into metallic frames so I knew something would have to change. When I got home inspiration struck...I ripped out the picture, cleaned the frame then set about painting it ... [ Discover More ]


A birthday gift from my parents, Le Poidevin Wine... no shit! If you read the information on the "History" page, you'll see his family emigrated to Australia from Guernsey, where my Dad's father originated. Half of Guernsey's population are Le Poidevin's. They all had large familys and mostly boys so the name is very widespread... not so much over here though.For those that somehow don't know, "Le Poidevin" is my maiden name. The name I cherished for 21 years. It's even spelt the same way. Very ... [ Discover More ]

More Presents

Jenny sent me this pretty little memento of my past. It's a photo of me when I was in year 12 and taking photos for our (Me, Dani & Ant) school based business "Walkabout Photography". It's a nice reminder of days when all I did was take photos and hang out with friends."pop it like it's hooooot"You're sweet to think of me Jenny. ... [ Discover More ]

Just Jo

That's the name of Dad's yacht. You wouldn't believe how much it costs to change a yachts name! It's previous owner picked it. I think it was his daughters name. I hope Dad takes inspiration from that :P I just wanted to share a very pretty picture that Mum took of Dad as he was sailing out of the bay.He's always so happy on his yacht although it's a rare sight to see him on it. Work has him chained to his desk 24/7 it seems. I feel really lucky that he was able to spend the weekend with us. Dad ... [ Discover More ]

Birthday Weekend

My parents arrived on Friday night and while I went to SingStar drinks at Scott's, they stayed home and watched movies with Steve. Everyone had a lot of fun and I had a lot to drink. It worked out well. My mate Steve brought me a Birthday Cupcake which was really sweet as I didn't have a birthday cake again this year. Apparently cakes don't magically appear, I have to make them. Even my own :PWe had a very casual Saturday, had a wonderful brunch at home and mucked around with the dogs. Then in ... [ Discover More ]

Sweet Surroundings

I just love cheapo asian shops. Not for everything mind you, but for frames and the odd nick-nack they are perfect. I bought two 8x10 and two 5x7 black frames for $15. I had some prints and drawings I wanted to frame for awhile now. We have a huge blank wall in our bedroom, opposite our bed and it was driving me nuts. No longer. Our bedroom isn't such a blank canvas anymore. The frames match the others on the opposite wall. It's starting to look very grown up. ... [ Discover More ]

Studio Refreshed

It's like a new haircut, a new tube of mascara, a new dress. I feel refreshed and love how clean the room is. Less clutter, better furniture layout and storage access. I'm a very happy girl at the moment. This job has been on my to-do list for weeks. I love the natural light I get in this room.You can see how it used to look HERE.All my magazines are on display and the white and blue furniture really brightens up the room. I have a tiny scrapbooking nook in the corner and extra space for my ... [ Discover More ]

Bring your ear plugs…

I got PS2 and SingStar games for my birthday last year and I use it more than I thought I would. While people are out there exercising on their wii fit, I'm exercising my lungs. It's so much fun. Tonight a group of friends and I are going to Scott's house, as we do every friday, except this time I'm bringing SingStar along. It should make for a very interesting night. I have 4 SingStar games which should keep us entertained for hours. I've packed the Vodka, Tequilla and mixers now I'm all set to ... [ Discover More ]

Mum & Dad

Oh how true this statement is. So very, very true. Mum & Dad may arrive tonight or tomorrow. It all depends on Dad's work and what time he finishes. Which means I have to prepare the guest room, abolish dust, wash the floors and make the bathroom sparkle. Go me.Thankfully the house isn't too bad as we've had Natalie & Ryan stay over the last 2 weekends. We got through the majority of the laundry yesterday thankfully, only the odd load left to do. Since I started working I wear 3 times as ... [ Discover More ]

Pretty Nightie

$69.90 - SOLD OUT TIL AUGUSTI'm in desperate need of a new nightie and this one is perfect! I made the mistake of checking out Peter Alexander's website. I also need a new pair of his Home Boots. Mine have died. They just rolled over and said "baaaaaa". 4 years is quite a long lifespan for sheepskin boots worn practically everyday. So I've fallen in love with this nightie and I might just have to spoil myself... ... [ Discover More ]

Lucky Me

I'm happy to say the day did get better. No sooner had I arrived at work, flowers arrived for me from my lovely hubby Steve. Aww isn't he special. He sent 23 red roses and they are beautiful. I had them sitting on the counter at work and they were ohhed & ahhed over all day by customers. It was a total surprise. I'm very lucky.The luck continued. Steve gave me seasons 1 & 2 of The L Word when I got home. We're taking it easy tonight, getting a few loads of laundry done, rearranging my ... [ Discover More ]

I’m the Birthday Girl

I'm 23 today!!!Not a big milestone but worth celebrating all the same. I was woken up at 7am. Steve decided it was the best time to sing me Happy Birthday. I kept my eyes shut and just smiled, then drifted back to sleep. Then at 8am I got up, put on the warmest clothes I could find and took Toby to the Vet. Vaccination time. It was freezing outside.Then I came home smelling like dog, had a shower and sat my arse in front of the computer. Not a very glamorous start to the day. I got some really ... [ Discover More ]

Lucky Girl

The ladies at work bought me a present today. I wasn't expecting anything more than a cupcake or donut but when Deb handed me a beautifully wrapped present and my jaw just dropped. She said she was planning on giving it to me tomorrow but I looked like I needed some cheering up. I got 100ml bottle of Red Door. I haven't worn it since I worked at Katherine Pharmacy and the smell brings back some old memories. I'm a bit of a perfume freak, one day I'll post about all my pretty perfumes but for now ... [ Discover More ]

Lift them spirits high

Shopping normally works and where better than to shop than at IKEA? No where. So I'm emptying the boot of my car, filling my wallet with cash and heading to IKEA on Friday. Mum & Dad are giving me $200 to put towards my camera but it can go towards a new computer chair instead. I'm getting desperate and it's camera related in the end. This is the chair I have in mind. Hopefully my bum will love to call it home, if not... the search continues. Can't hurt to try. I also need a few candles, ... [ Discover More ]