"I’m so pretty, oh so pretty…"

I was at work and a lady came in bragging about some Estee Lauder products she picked up at the Chemist for $5 a piece, normally $45 each. So I raced over as I was in desperate need of some more lip gloss and eyeshadow. I asked the girl at the counter why they were so heavily discounted and it was all due to the fact Estee Lauder had changed it's packaging. Yay for me.Estee Lauder Pure Pops Lip Gloss in Watermelon.Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow in Granite. ... [ Discover More ]

*phew* and the weekend isn’t even over…

This is the "before" picture. Thank goodness there wasn't an "after". I think I'd have to go into hiding. I went out to Scott's last night as I do every Friday, got dolled up to make myself feel good and was in full party mode. I wore my gorgeous new black glass earrings and my new black merino cardigan. I was looking hot!The first 2 Caronna's went down a treat. The rest of my tequila bottle... not so much. Once I was out of alcohol I managed to find more. It just so happened to be Smirnoff ... [ Discover More ]

Wii finally got our free Wii

An unexpected perk we were informed of when we bought the i Mac. We got a free Wii. We were told however, it would take up to 12 weeks to arrive. I wanted the computer not the Wii so it didn't bother me. Although after having used Wii fit a few times I was quite impatient for the Wii to arrive so I could have my own animated work out session. While I was at Domayne printing our wedding photos, I inquired into our belated Wii and by-golly-by-gosh it was in store the next day ready for pick up. ... [ Discover More ]

I have some beautiful friends…

Danielle is a registered nurse living in Darwin in the Northern Territory who I've known for the last 13 years of my life. She's so strong, has a brilliant mind and a caring heart. She is capable of achieving anything she sets her mind to. Danielle is one of my truest friends and I feel so a part of her little family she's creating for herself way up north. This time last year I was blessed by becoming her only son's godmother, along with my friend Wendy. I just hate they're so far away. ... [ Discover More ]

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

My Pop and my Dad used to sing this to me when I was little, especially if I was upset and feeling low. I also found it quite embarrassing when my dad used to belted it out when I was a teenager. Now I find it delightful. So much so I hunted down the movie it was from and was quite prepared to dislike it apart from "my" song. As it turns out I LOVE this classic and beautiful movie... "Gigi". ... [ Discover More ]

Sickly Steve

This is where you'll find Steve when he's home. Asleep. On my favourite couch. Making himself comfortable in my dent. Lucky I love him. He's got what I had a few weeks ago. Thought he was invincible. He thought wrong and now he's paying for it. I've been an awesome nurse, but I don't know how nurses do it. My patience was gone on day 3... it's day 7 now. I am trying though so that's what matters.Tonight was meant to be our date night. A romantic night for two, Thai food, window shopping, a big ... [ Discover More ]


Ok, so I was so busy shopping and lugging around a sick little stubborn husband to take any photos. I promise I will next time. Promise. I did however manage to buy all the new work clothes Steve needed and the 2nd book of the Twilight Series, New Moon. Also, just as a little splurge for myself I bought these luxurious earrings and sweet little "Love" necklace. I love it when Diva has sales. Now I'm off to sink my teeth into my new book *insert evil laugh*... Bahahahaaaaaaa.... ... [ Discover More ]

Rouse Hill Shopping Center

4th Saturday of every MonthThe Hawkesbury Harvest trail is a very popular attraction in Western Sydney. We have an abundance of fresh, organic produce grown by locals and very awesome prices. I've lived here 2-3 years now and I still haven't done the trail. It's a lot of driving. Problem solved. Rouse Hill Shopping Center, 15 minutes from my house is holding Harvest days once a month. I can indulge in sweet berries, rich cheeses and other deli goodness all in one area. 3 hour free parking and ... [ Discover More ]

Got it Covered

I'm not a messy person. A little cluttered, yes. Not messy. Steve on the other hand is a dirty dirty boy. Greasy hands seem to find their way to my white arm rests and they pull out the chair by the headrest. So in order to protect my new precious I made her some covers.I have a quilt set I bought from IKEA and it came with 4 matching pillow cases. The quilt covers my chaise sofa bed (also in the study) and I made the chair covers out of one of the pillowcases so it's matchy-matchy. They simply ... [ Discover More ]

Wind beneath my wings…

I'm getting out of this crazy town and heading to Brisbane. YAY :D. I really need a change of scenery and to visit a friend. Funnily enough the trip is costing less than a full tank of gas so I'm pretty happy about that. It's only for the a weekend, 4 crazy lazy days with one of my best buds on the planet. Totally spontaneous. Completely awesome.I leave on the 4th and I'll be back on the 8th of September. It works out well as Steve will be leaving the same day for Moe, his hometown in Victoria. ... [ Discover More ]

Spring into feminine action…

I've been in need a of a project lately. A bit of a creative pick me up. Something to keep my hands and mind busy from thought. I didn't feel like scrapbooking, painting or decorating. I feel uninspired without a good camera and even been feeling a bit blah when it came to blogging. I have felt like sewing, however I was at a loss as what to sew.So I decided to check out Simplicity & Butterick to see if anything popped out at me. Then I found this pattern. A pattern I was searching for back ... [ Discover More ]

Lust is a Red Dress

Spring is in the air and dresses haunt my mind. I miss wearing them. I'm drawn to more classic styles. Emily's dress sense makes me melt. I like simple lines that cinch in my waist, make the more of my hips and have a v-neckline to accentuate my bust. Wrap dresses are by far my favourite style. I can just throw one of and feel glamorous. This little beauty is on ebay for $40 and I might just have to give in to it.This sassy little number is also on ebay and I'm quite taken by this one too. Right ... [ Discover More ]

Busy Sundays

I was a very productive little woman yesterday. I weeded the front lawn and garden, the beginning of my preparations to restore the lawn during spring. Freezing winters are bad for lawn in case you're wondering. I cleaned the boys room and scooped enough poop to make a pyramid. Did several loads of washing and amongst all that I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes. I was feeling mighty productive. All the while Steve is in bed suffering the sickness I had 2 weeks ago. Poor baby.After being alone ... [ Discover More ]

Dream Cycle

Huffy CruiserI need this. Seriously. Can I get away with saying the Dr recommended it. It's so perfect beyond belief. No fussy gears and wires. Just a simple one speed cruiser perfect for going to the library, shops and the post office,oh and I guess the gym too. The best part is its got a great comfy looking seat and you back peddle to break... just like when I was a kid. I've been meaning to buy a bike forever but I never found one I liked or felt comfortable riding. This looks like a pleasure ... [ Discover More ]

Bottle O Fun

Charlie has been driving us nuts. Whenever the weather is really cold (tonight it's -1) he likes to stay up and run around like a crazy boy with Toby. Toby on the other hand would much rather curl up under the blankets like a smart puppy. So Charlie barks at him, continually. Toby is stubborn and doesn't move a muscle. So we get pissed off hearing him bark, not so much for us but for the neighbours. Charlie doesn't really bark, only at Toby. Anyway I'd had enough of it tonight and made Charlie a ... [ Discover More ]


Chissie from the Divinyls... my possible persona for the Rock Star Party. I just love this song :P ... [ Discover More ]

Rock Star Party

My friend Steve is hosting a Rock Star party at his place in October and I'm so excited about it. I've been contemplating what to wear for awhile now and I think I've finally decided. That said I still have plenty of time to change my mind. If anyone has any suggestions of who I could go as, please leave a comment.Amy Winehouse... just for the beehive!Chrissie from the DivinylsAny more ideas? ... [ Discover More ]

Scarf Love

I bought 2 gorgeous silk-knit scarves for $15 (one is a gift) from a little Asian stall at the supermarket. It's a beautiful teal colour and I can't wait to wear it out tonight. I'm wearing black jeans, Grey long sleeve top and my black denim vest with silver buttons. Totally loving how it feels and looks. Now I'm off to Scott's for drinks... have a good weekend everyone. ... [ Discover More ]

… and personal

Things have been a little shit lately. Don't get me wrong, I have a good life, a man that loves and supports me, friends of all kinds and I laugh everyday. I can't ask for much more but that doesn't mean I don't try.I wish my health was better. The doctor thinks I'm borderline diabetic and has ordered some more blood tests for me to endure. My mothers side had a history of Diabeties and weight gain so that doesn't help. He said the changes I'd made to my lifestyle were excellent but that didn't ... [ Discover More ]

Clip-on Earrings Anyone?

$1 was all these sweet little things cost. I love the detail, so different. One of the lady's looks left, the other looks right. I love my little cameos. I think I'll add them to a top, a cushion or something else... I'll find a use for them one day. I don't like to wear clip-ons. ... [ Discover More ]

Cute as a Button Tack

I'm loving this crafty idea by All things Lovely blogger Kylie. Basically you cover buttons with gorgeous fabric and using hot glue, attach a thumbtack to the back of the button. So sweet and easy. Perfect for anyone stuck in a cubicle at work or even just to jazz up your cork board at home. ... [ Discover More ]

Pretty New Things

I finally bought the first of the Twilight Series and I was so enthralled I literally didn't put it down and finished it within hours. Vampires are so cool. I'm off to try and find the other 3 books.I'm so hooked...Also I managed to snap up a super cheap copy of Katy Perry's CD. I haven't bought a CD in awhile. The next one I plan to get is the Whitlams Greatest. sigh. I *heart* Whitlams. ... [ Discover More ]

Dinner Party

The lanterns hung, the little crystals dangled gracefully, the candles glowed and the crystal shined. Everyone was so amazed at how perfect everything looked. They were greeted with a roaring fireplace, hibiscus champagne and nibbles. Everyone dressed so smart, it was like a night at the Ritz.Natalie took all the photos as I was a little busy. Every course tasted fantastic. A rib eye roast is $40 for 1.5kg as it's the best cut you can get. It was sooo good, if you haven't tried it you should. ... [ Discover More ]

Ice Skating

Steve & I Ice Skating at Penrith Ice PalaceLuke, Scotty, Briony, SteveMe, Steve, Ryan, NatalieHusband & WifeAww LovebirdsBriony & I haven't seen each other in a long time.Luke, Steve & ScottyIce Skating was a lot of fun. There were some big stacks, sore knees and backs but everyone said it was worth it. Scotty's quote "I'm Flying!" made us all smile. We were all a little shaky at first but after awhile we all seemed to get the hang of it and let go of the side rail. Hubby picked ... [ Discover More ]

Ode to the Dress

  I still get the odd email inquiring about my wedding dress. and now I even have a comment on my blog about it. So you asked for it... It's funny as I only bought it 2 months before the wedding. I was originally planning on wearing a long formal Mr K bridesmaid dress. I didn't want to waste so much money on a dress I'd wear once but I'm so glad I did in the end.As you all know I'm relentless with my research. Nothing was different in my chase for the dream dress. Jean Fox Bridal in ... [ Discover More ]