Pain & Pampering

I needed a pedicure. I keep my toenails in good nick but my feet were a little worse for wear. The little lady scrubbing my feet, man I felt sorry for her. Even more so when I got into a fit of giggles when she got my ticklish part... and I couldn't stop. I think I was very entertaining, all the ladies were laughing through their little face masks and undoubtedly paying me out in another language. She had to scrub my feet, she can laugh at me for all I care.After all the ticklish nonsense was ... [ Discover More ]

The Lady Loves Soul

I'm a huge fan of good compilation CDs. There are some really bad ones out there but every now and then a good one comes out. "The Lady Loves Soul" is my remedy to a long wait. $20, 2 CDs and 40 songs. All of them my style. Ever. Single. One. BOOYAH!***** Rating ... [ Discover More ]

Rock the Retro

There is something wrong with my hair straightener. It's a very good digital one but it keeps saying ERROR. It's 3 years old after all. I think I might be on the hunt for a new one. It is a need after all. Of course it died halfway through doing my hair. So I came up with this...I'd been meaning to try something like this for awhile. Very rockabilly don't you think? Don't ask me why I keep pulling these funny pout lipped faces. I kinda look like I just sucked on a sour warhead. But the hair is ... [ Discover More ]

Grand Day Out

Well that was the plan. The advertisements for this exhibition have been on the tv for ages. I wake up, decide today is the day, jump online to check admission costs ($18) and I realise it doesn't start until next week. Bummer. Maybe I'll go around the 20th October. Anyone want to join me? ... [ Discover More ]

Bedroom Angst

From humble beginnings. Sorry it's a photo of a photo. Don't you just love the soccer shirts hanging up instead of curtains. The bear hanging light bulb, stupid u shaped pillows and an unmade bed. This was our first bedroom. He bought that second hand dresser for me as a moving in present. Sweet huh.I tired to find a picture of our gorgeous bedroom from Townsville but alas it was pre-blog and I have no photos. We bought our bed suite when Steve got back from the middle east. It's so beautiful. ... [ Discover More ]

Weekend Dusted

So it's Monday and the vicious cycle starts all over again. Our weekend was busy and lazy all at the same time. I worked on Saturday and had a ball merchandising. I think the boss let me have full reign as the Area Manager is visiting on Wednesday. She wont be at fault if the AM doesn't like it. If the AM does like it I wont be there so she can take credit. Oh well some bosses are like that I guess.Steve was a trooper around the house and garden. Our lawns look fantastic. My hard work weeding ... [ Discover More ]

My Little Sister Blogs

Stephanie is breaking out into the big world of blogging (again) and now has her very own blog. Check it out HERE. She's just turned 20 and lives in Townsville QLD. She works in an Ice Cream shop and makes wonderful cakes. She goes out a lot and is as much fun as her big sister. Enjoy. ... [ Discover More ]

Happy Birthday Baby Sister

I can't believe Stephanie is 20 today. I haven't called her yet, I'm letting her sleep in. She's had quite a busy weekend with friends. She made this cake at work (of course) for her party on Friday. They all dressed in neon coloured clothing with glow sticks and went bowling. What a cool idea. I may need to take inspiration from that one day soon.This is the present I sent Stephanie. It should arrive on Monday. ... [ Discover More ]

Pretty Paisley

My sales, despite how little I work, are still the highest totals out of all the staff members. Makes me feel proud as punch. To celebrate I bought this gorgeous little paisley print dress. I got 60% off, so a steal at $16. It looks great with my silver sandals or purple strappy courts and my vintage white clutch.ohh I love it!Normally I don't like the back view of my outfits but this dress sits so nicely.I love it. Steve loves it. I need to tan my lily white legs though. ... [ Discover More ]


Before...... During ...... After!Oh La La!!! I look and feel sooooo glam. Just by going one shade darker all over I feel like I've reinvented myself. I also got a treatment and stocked up on Shampoo & Conditioner. My hair is very happy. I know I'm not smiling in the after photo but I wanted to post this one because of what my sister said in a previous comment. I do draw the girls to look like me. Quite funny really. I am very very VERY happy and I can't wait to show it off tonight. I wonder ... [ Discover More ]

Status Report

The other day, after buying all my lovely things at the market, I felt sad that shopping for things made me happier. So I wrote it in my facebook status. A friend from a long time ago, but a friend non the less, happened to notice and I'm so glad he did. Over the next couple of hours I told him everything. Even the stuff he didn't need to know. He took it all in and listened, conversed, made me laugh. It was just what I needed. I'm holding back the urge to send him flowers.After such a great ... [ Discover More ]

Sandwich Love

I love the first few days after grocery shopping. All the fresh produce and bread. Last night we had crumbed lamb cutlets with mash and green beans. Today I felt like a sandwich for lunch and I made this. I ate half and was so consumed with the awesomeness of it I decided to post a pic. Tomato with cracked black pepper, shaved cheese, pastrami and hydro lettuce on round white bread. Yummo. ... [ Discover More ]

Yellow Daisies Surround Me

I decided to get myself some sunshine today. I packed my little grandma trolley, slapped on some sunscreen and headed outside. On the way I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a perfect circle of daisies. Like the weirdo I am, I stopped in my tracks and frantically grabbed my camera from the front pocket. As I bent down to snap the pretty formed flowers the owner of the house I was bending down in front of came out of her house and pretended to go to the mailbox. I was on the curbside, not her ... [ Discover More ]

Just in case you were wondering…

I'm smiling today. Mexico is over.See my hair isn't as dark as it looks in all the photos.All ready to go shopping, feeling good in my fave black top & jeans.Having a skinny day ;)Now I'm home and I wanted to show off the new top I got from City Chic. I feel so glam in it. It's my new "going-out" top. I'd wear it with Black Pants at night and my Denim Mini during the day.AND I got if for 40% off with my staff discount. WooHoo. ... [ Discover More ]

Wednesday Markets

The weekly Penrith markets. Full of all the crap you don't need. Thankfully the weather was perfect, unfortunately the company wasn't. It seemed every bogan imaginable had stumbled out of bed to buy $5 knock-off t'shirts and $1 toothbrushes. There was heaps of Asian adult and kids clothes stalls. By the time I made it to the end (where all the good stuff appeared to be) everyone was starting to close up. The vintage goods lady Alice recommended had half the stuff back in her car by the time I ... [ Discover More ]


What's in the blog box?SHOES! "Blog" is an actual shoe brand name!Two very happy footsies :)My new $23 silver sandals from the markets.$5 bright blue with satin trim peeptoe lovelies. ... [ Discover More ]

Stephanie’s Christmas

I just found out my only sister Stephanie (who turns 20 this Sunday) and her boyfriend Josh is coming to spend Christmas with us. Mum & Dad too. What an awesome Christmas it's going to be this year. I'm so happy she's coming. Now I'm even more motivated to make it a special day. We'll decorate the tree, wrap presents, drink, eat and enjoy each others company. I'll be on the look out for decorations and recipes over the up coming weeks. Seriously, only 7 more paydays to go! I have my family ... [ Discover More ]

2nd VIP Dinner

It's fast approaching. Next weekend in fact. I'm kinda stuck as to what I want to cook. At first I was thinking seafood as a new seafood shop opened nearby and I bought a new cookbook on the subject. But not many people are partial to seafood and if they do eat it there is always somethings they don't eat. Best to steer clear if I don't know their appetites well.Then I thought maybe I should just cook the wonderful dinner I made last time. Everyone's plates were licked clean and the whole menu ... [ Discover More ]

Buried at the back of my mind…

You might have noticed the complete lack of baby related posts over the last couple of weeks. I thought if I could keep it out of sight and out of mind I'd be happier. I was, but it was short lived. I liked how easy it was jumping back into my partying and hanging out with friends that didn't ask too many questions. They don't want your life story, just someone to party with. That's what I needed. I felt so stupid.I realised what I did. I got too hopeful. Raised the bar too high so to speak. I ... [ Discover More ]

Pancakes with Jam, Oh My!

I made the most glorious Garlic Pork Steak with Creamy Mash and Gravy for dinner. For supper I made tiny pancakes with Powdered Sugar and Jam. Yum. I couldn't help but take a picture and just had to share. ... [ Discover More ]

Juicy Tunes

The time has come, Santa said, to think of many things. Of trees shone bright and twinkly lights, oh the joy that Christmas brings.I've been planning for Christmas. We're having it at home again and it's going to be fabulous. I keep looking at my Christmas Box filled with holiday cards, decorations and tree trimmings. I know Christmas is still a long way off but financially it's not. Only 7 more paydays to go. Scary huh. So I've started putting a little extra money away for the festivities, food ... [ Discover More ]

Haircut anyone?

Our hairdresser "Lou" had gone to Italy for a month with his wife for a much needed holiday. Lucky Boy. He'll be back tomorrow and hopefully I'll get my hair done sometime this week. Steve unfortunately couldn't wait that long and was in desperate need of a trim. He looked a little like Shaggy from ScoobyDoo. This afternoon he bit his bottom lip, his voice shaky, and asked me to cut his hair.I've cut his hair before, but it was more of a "clean up the edges" cut, not a full blown hair cut. I ... [ Discover More ]

Free Handbags Rule

My friend Casey is a big girl like me and she has a few friends who are also plus size. We clawed through our closets and cupboards to see what unwanted items we could find. We shoved it all in boxes and bags and rocked up to Casey's house. Everything was then sorted into Shoes, Accessories, Lingerie and Clothing. Then we shopped for free. Old turned into new again. Only a third of all the items was left. Some of it will go to Charity and the rest will be sold at the markets for $1 a piece. Good ... [ Discover More ]