Vintage Pretty

Isn’t she gorgeous! I found her at the Op Shop today.
Oh so girlie and special, I love the little hand painted roses.
Ohh but there’s a surprise in store… what could it be?
Yep, you could quite possibly win this little baby.

As with most things, there is a catch. You must leave a comment. I know, hard huh! The comment should cover:
  1. How did you find my blog “Danimezza”?
  2. Why do you love reading Danimezza?
  3. How long you’ve been reading Danimezza?
  4. What keeps you coming back?

The most creative and honest answer will win. Oh I’m so excited. If there is enough interest with this competition I might start making this a more regular segment. It will help the Op Shop, it will make me feel good to give things away and you’ll feel special for getting something for nothing. Win-Win all around. GOOD LUCK!


  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    1. You gave me the address
    2. Because it tells me what your up to.
    3. Since you made it
    4. You make me read it.

    Not very creative but i win the honesty vote :P

    Love your sister :P

  2. 2

    alicia says

    1. through Mel’s list I think! I was looking for new blogs to add to my blog roll.
    2. I loved your creative blog layout, I got sick of looking at the same layouts for so many blogs and I lvoed all your photos!
    3. hmmm since Marchish?? I don’t know?
    4. The photos, color, deisgn, creativity of YOU!!

    • 3


      I’ve seen that show a few times. Its just crazy to me how much they spend on a dress.I went dress shopping with my mom, Shad & I wneert even engaged so she was a little hesitant. Once I found my dress I was done looking.My parents paid for our wedding & shads parents paid for our wedding dinner & reception in Idaho. They offered on a few other things I guess supposedly they are certain things the grooms parents pay for??? Which I didnt know they tried to pay for my bouquet but we had a package where it was included.My dress made me feel special & it was even better that I got to wear it four times so I feel like I got good use out of it (bridals, wedding day, two receptions) then because school is so much I had to sell it for books or something, it was kinda sad & I never thought I’d sell my dress but it was so fun to see the girl who bought it light up with excitement.

    • 4


      We pretty much dediced to get married when I went with him to meet his family in Nebraska, but I didn’t get my ring for about a month. We had gone looking at rings and I showed him what I like, and then left it up to him to pick out what he wanted. Then on the night he gave me the ring, he got down on his knee. I already had found my dress by then, and we already had set up the sealing at the temple, but it was still awesome to have him get down on his knee and do it all official like. He gave me a rose and everything. It was super awesome. Then we went to Rodizios, where we went on our first date. I kind of suspected that he was going to give me the ring that night, since we rarely went on dates as it was. But what is wrong with that? I was able to make sure I looked extra awesome.

  3. 5

    Dani, Luke and Ten says

    1. U emailed me the address. (Is that a creative and honest response???)
    2. Because you post lots of stuff that I wanna see…like clothes and shoes and jewels and your awesome photography and your honest blogs bout stuff.
    3. Since day 1 of Danimezza.
    4. Otherwise you might strangle me or something.

    Luv luv.


  4. 6

    Relle & Kev says

    #rd try lucky11




  5. 7

    Relle & Kev says

    #rd try lucky11




    • 10


      I try to call my leads back as soon as possible and i can tell you first hand that it is the most prdocutive thing you can do to increase your conversion rate. Please don’t write any more articles giving away all my secrets. i would hate for my competition to find out this information!!!! jk

    • 11


      that I knew he was going to propose that night. Matt is an avid htenur and Beus Pond is one of his favorite places to go so I honestly have to say I didn’t love how he did it but it was him and I love him so it was good enough for me!

  6. 15

    Danielle Melnyczenko says

    lol Mum you are crazy! It would have been so much easier to just type it. When I said creative I meant a play on words, not numbers :) lol

  7. 16

    jacq says

    I am trying to remember the questions so here is my best shot…

    I found your blog from Dani A’s link list

    I like the pictures and what you have been up to…your life is quite exciting with your little trips and fashion buys

    I have been reading it for a few months, not sure when but a while ago.

    And thats all I can remember!!!

    • 18


      I have noticed that the best time for me to call my leads has been when they are on my site. They are in the mood to talk about homes, and they are usllauy more friendly to talk with. Not to mention they convert higher! Excellent information you have here!

  8. 20

    Relle & Kev says

    I clicked favourites
    I love to see your creative side
    Since you began sharing
    I love you and Steve

    I love being creative too

  9. 21

    Relle & Kev says

    I clicked favourites
    I love to see your creative side
    Since you began sharing
    I love you and Steve

    I love being creative too

  10. 22

    Anna says

    1. I found a link on the Renovate & Decorate blog

    2. Love the everyday creativity. I'm not that creative so need all the help I can get to make my new house welcoming!

    3. A couple of months. It's become a daily fix now.

    4. To see what topic you'll cover next…dinner parties, op shops, red lipstick…well you get the idea; all girly things I love.

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