Other People’s Undies

It’s great having Steve home. Unfortunately my new monthly cycle started yesterday. Always at the worst possible timing. Oh well, we’re married forever right, no rush. So this morning after a long time hugging and canoodling in bed we decided to get a good start on the day. We both did our Wii Workouts. My Wii Fit age is 21… GO ME!!! After a nice salad roll for lunch we went to his work to get things ready for Monday (workaholic) and stopped by the Op Shops in Richmond for a little look-see. Man we got lucky. First I found this very pretty vintage white slip which will be just perfect for my summer dresses I’m making at the moment. It’s in such good condition, you’d never suspect it was second hand and only $3. Besides only Steve will see it :P
Whilst I was pawing my way through other unmentionables, Steve found black leather-backed silver coasters. I’d been looking for them for ever. I loved the set that Danielle & Luke got as a present when I was visiting their place last year. We got these little babies for $6. So happy. Obviously a little tarnished but that’s nothing a polishing cloth and a little elbow grease can’t get rid of.
Plus I’d like to introduce you to my newest party dress…
My first piece of plus size clothing that I’ve managed to find at an Op Shop, you know, that’s half decent. I don’t normally shop for clothes, mainly for the fabric and I was drawn to the sparkly purple. Then I looked at the tag… brand new, never been worn, size 22 (a little bit too big, easy to fix) and Torrid. Yep, Torrid. I couldn’t believe it. The original price was $68 US and I got it for $10 AU. I think I’m going to buy some cool wings a go to the up-coming Halloween Party as a Fairy.
As usual I got a little snap-happy!!!


  1. 8

    Antonia says

    That dress is so cute I can’t believe you found it in an op shop. Very noice! The fairy wings will be the icing on the cake :)

  2. 9

    Anonymous says

    I love love love that dress….please remove immediately and send to me….

    Thanks, I knew you would understand.


  3. 11

    Danielle Melnyczenko says

    Wendy you would have to bring it in A LOT. Thanks for commenting, I like that you read my blog. You sooo need one so I can spy on you ;) miss ya.

    Yeah I love the thai ribbon detail. Totally makes the dress. I can’t wait to wear it out.

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