Pain & Pampering

I needed a pedicure. I keep my toenails in good nick but my feet were a little worse for wear. The little lady scrubbing my feet, man I felt sorry for her. Even more so when I got into a fit of giggles when she got my ticklish part… and I couldn’t stop. I think I was very entertaining, all the ladies were laughing through their little face masks and undoubtedly paying me out in another language. She had to scrub my feet, she can laugh at me for all I care.
After all the ticklish nonsense was over I enjoyed my vibrating massage chair and a good old leg rub. Was really quite good. This is a pic of my toes under the ultraviolet light (helps quicken drying process) and I thought it was quite funny as they glowed. I’m sure they laughed at me taking a photo of my toes…
Then they all had another giggle as the nail polish colour I chose matched my handbag. “Hanbug n toes… same same” I didn’t mean for it too. I just really like the colour. At least I left smiling.

Afterward I dropped into Payless Shoes. They have a sale on at the moment but I still didn’t find anything I liked. There was a cute pair of brown sandals but I need a second opinion.
Just as I was about to turn the car towards home I stumbled into the Op Shop and bought 3 more gorgeous vintage slips. I love wearing them now, the one I bought a few weeks back has gotten a serious work out. Dresses fit so much more comfortably.

I got a little stuck talking to the little nanna that worked behind the counter. She looked a little lonely and I soon found myself in a half hour conversation about sewing machines and how young kids just don’t get it. Don’t ask me what “it” is but she was quite adamant that they didn’t no matter what “it” was. Watch out for nanna’s holding a grudge. I sent my grandma a pretty card on the way home.

I’m almost home and yet again I pull over and step into another shop. A beauty supplies store. Always been meaning to go in there. They had a half leg wax advertised for $11. I’ve never had anything other than my eyebrows waxed before. I thought I may as well give it ago. I was so nervous my hands got all sweaty. It was like being sandpapered for a few seconds. Not pleasant but short lived. I should have gotten Jacq to do it when I was in QLD but I was too scared.

Steve’s not going to be home until 10pm so I’m going to go soak in a nice hot bath, re-read a real living magazine and chillax to my new CD. While I’m off indulging myself enjoy one of my favourite nail salon inspired comedy video above.


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    Dani, Luke and Ten says

    OOh, pretty toes.
    I hate waxing…it hurts and it makes me sick. Hehe. Perfect excuse not to subject myself to torture. haha.
    Your op shops are awesome – i only find trash in ours….you’re very lucky!

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