Get on with it already!!!

That's how I've been feeling lately regarding my assignments. I'm still not feeling very challenged and in turn I'm feeling less and less enthused by each menial task. I'm working on all three assignments at the same time. I work better that way.Today I made a conscious effort to turn the internet off (after a blogged my bollywood outfit of course) with the target of finishing one assignment and making more headway with the others. I did just that and it was nice to feel focused and all of a ... [ Discover More ]

Halloween Costume

Yes, I am indeed a dork...... who has crazy eyes...... the grace of an elephant...... and weird bendy-backwards hands.It's not quite completed yet. I made the wrist cuffs out of xmas ribbon and sewed tiny little bells on them. I then attached one end of the pink shawl to one cuff, then I just flick the rest over my shoulder. I also made some bell garlands to wrap around my ankles lol they sound so cool.My hair is crazy wavy in this pic so don't pay attention to it. I'm going to get Lou to ... [ Discover More ]

I think I need to go to Op Shop rehab

So I'll start with something I received as a gift. I got this lovely perfumed shimmer powder and puff from Paula. It smells so sweet and makes my skin so wonderfully soft. Perfect for all the humid weather that will be upon us soon. Thanks Paula.Now onto the Op Shop bargains. I have been looking for one of these bath rests forever but they always seemed out of my price range but not this one. It set me back $5 and it still had the $49.95 original price tag on it. I was in bath heaven last night. ... [ Discover More ]

Fancy Free and Gorgeous

Yesterday was a busy day yet I felt like I achieved nothing in the grand scheme of things. Ticking boxes. Crossing off lists. Phew. I had so many plans for the day, just not enough time.Dress FabricFirst I needed to go to Spotlight and buy fabric. I'd been meaning to do that for ages. I needed some dress fabric as well as some bits and pieces for our Halloween costumes.Costume FabricThen I needed new bras. That's almost a full day of searching in itself. Worst chore ever but it needed to be ... [ Discover More ]

Post Secret

I often wonder the same thing... I love Post Secret.New Secrets are uploaded every Monday.I'm completely addicted and the books are wonderfully real.I really want one for xmas please... ... [ Discover More ]

PhotoBooth Mania

I was emptying some folders on my computer and I found these gorgeous pics in my trash can. I just couldn't delete them and had to share. It was very cool to see they love Photobooth as much as me. It's a program on iMac that is self timed with the inbuilt camera. It's how I take most of my blog self portraits. Effie seemed to have and ball... and I loved that Dani joined in on the fun. ... [ Discover More ]

Nutrimetics Party

Sunday was a big day. Playing with the girls, going to the markets, driving them to the airport, picking up stuff from the BBQ, dropping more stuff off to friends and a Nutrimetics party to boot. A 6 o'clock I was ready for bed... but more about the party.Charlotte (formally known as Charlie) invited me to an indulgent spa party hosted by our friend Susan from Nutrimetics. I was very tired but I'd promised to attend and I had a great time. I had my feet treated, got a quick facial and was ... [ Discover More ]

Lea-ving on a REX plane…

On Sunday afternoon the girls flew out of Sydney to visit family further down south. Before that Dani and I took the girls to the Windsor Sunday Markets for a bit of food and face painting. I took the opportunity to get Dani to snap a quick picture of me and Effie (Jos was a little cranky by this stage) and Ef took these 2 great photos of Dani and me. Sure they're a little blurry and my heads half cut off but that's part of the charm. I'm so glad they spent the weekend with us and I can't wait ... [ Discover More ]

Bruce’s BBQ Mixer

On Saturday evening we dressed up and went along to Bruce's BBQ Mixer I helped organise. It was really good fun. Bruce was a great host and the food was fantastic. Alice made her rocking potato salad and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine.Jos was loving all the food, music and new people. I gave Danielle my new $2 bag. I saw a lady come into work with the same bag on Friday... except she was using it as a nappy bag. Every time I looked at it, that's how I saw it. Not a beach bag, not a airport ... [ Discover More ]

Saturdays at the Park

The little lady bug found me at the park. No kidding. Such a camera whore this one.We all munched out on chips and gravy......and lazed about in the sun.Good times! ... [ Discover More ]

Ducks go "Quack Quack"

We have some very special visitors staying with us at the moment. Danielle, Effie and Josceline. All very sudden and all very awesome. I love impromptu visits. We spend a lazy Saturday at the duck park and it was wonderful.How many Black Swans are there Effie?... "TWO"... well done Effie.Me and Ef throwing bread to the duckies.Jos gazing at all the duckies and watching them swim.It was a great way to spend the morning... with friends. ... [ Discover More ]

Op Shoppin’ Along

This is Me. Not Dee. As it says on my name badge.This is my new $2 bag, Love it.The little old ladies made a whole heap of hair gems for the up coming Melbourne Cup. I picked this pretty comb up for $2.I love it I think it looks fabulous.I also scored this rockin' heavy black beaded necklace for $3.And of course, another silk scarf. Funnily enough its the same colours as my new hair comb. ... [ Discover More ]

Wedding Albums

It's only been 19 months since we got married and I've finally completed our wedding albums. Originally I planned on making one of those photobooks that you can create online and have printed and I did so but with each computer crash I lost all my work.In the end I decided to put them into nice drymount albums myself when digital printing prices were cheap. I printed 80% of my photos at 11c a print which is pretty darn good. I picked the albums up at BigW but you'd never guess it looking at ... [ Discover More ]

Far away places…

Soldiers Point NSW, this is where my parents live, right alongside their Yacht and we're lucky enough to visit in November. Mum said the water is warming up and I can't wait to go to the beach and dig my toes into the sand.Steve and I will be walking hand in hand along this beach very soon.We'll more than likely stop in and visit Grandma & Pop at Bullahdela, an hour north from Mum and Dads.I miss Brisbane. A weekend definitely wasn't enough time to absorb my friend, her daughters or the ... [ Discover More ]

Status Update: Danielle is…

... feeling cranky and uninspired.She doesn't even know what she can blog about. Nothing interesting has been happening to her so far this week. There are more roses blooming in her front yard, but she's already blogged about that. There was a small hail storm last night but she forgot to take photos and seriously, what's the point in a blog about hail if you don't have photos. She's working on an assignment today and she's hoping she can send it away on Friday. She's also got a bit of a chest ... [ Discover More ]


Bowling turned into a double date, Me & Hubby, Steve & Kristi. It was a fun night out.Here's Steve going for a strike.My hubby thrashed us all and won both games.Steve going for a Spare, or as the little girls playing beside us called it a "Square"... too cute.I think this photo is too cute, this is Kristi hoping she's knocked at least one pin down. She and the guys kicked my butt. I was the loser.Afterward Steve and I got the best hamburgers I've had in along time at the bowling alley ... [ Discover More ]

Eye Exam

I went and had my eyes examined this afternoon. Perfect 20/20, despite staring at my Mac most of the day, everyday. Steve made me book the appointment as I haven't been tested since high school... so about 6 years.Once that was ticked off my list of things to do, Steve and I did a bit of shopping at Rouse Hill. It was nice to go for a drive, look at all the lovely shops and watch all the crazy people without a license to use a stroller run into each other.I looked at a few different hair ... [ Discover More ]

Friday’s, Accountants and Peaches

Phew... today isn't even over yet, just a brief pause before even more mayhem commences. I worked last night and again today. I'm glad I don't have to work this weekend. It's a nice feeling to know I can drink as much as I like without worrying about suffering a hangover at work. I've worked the last few Fridays and it's really sucked as it's my one night a week I get to chill out with friends. This is what I wore to work today. My necklace has a black rose pendant, so pretty.After work Steve ... [ Discover More ]

Lamp Revamp Idea

This is my lamp. The lamp that doesn't go with anything else we own.I was looking at Notebook Magazine (Real Living Magazine is #1) and found this revamp idea online. I didn't want to just spray paint it and slap a new shade on. The gilding idea seems a bit more "me". I still think the lamp is too small but maybe if I team it with a larger cylindrical shade it will look more balanced. Hmm... maybe a project for this weekend. ... [ Discover More ]

I got the PT Position!

PERMANENT TEAM MEMBER ROSTERWeek 1Thursday: 12-3Friday: 12-3Week 2Monday: 12-3Thursday: 5:15-9:15... and then what ever else they give me on top but these set hours just rotate each fortnight. I think this will work out better for everyone. Only time will tell... ... [ Discover More ]

Enjoy the Sunshine

It's this pic dreamy. My neighbours must think I'm nuts. This is my new dress from work and it's called "Watercolour Orchids" and isn't it divine. It's strapless with a neck tie and it's oh-so feminine. I feel like a spring time goddess in it. I also bought a very sweet red and white polka dot top that's so comfortable. I just felt like taking some pictures outside and wanted to show off my new wardrobe installments. Enjoy. ... [ Discover More ]

I can’t think of a blog title for once…

These are my new work shoes. I needed a pair of flats that I could wear without socks so I could wear all the pretty dresses and skirts that are coming in at the moment. These canvas ones from Payless were the best ones I could find. I worked 6 hours today, didn't have a single break and never got a blister. I think they passed the test. They're also available in white so I might get them too. Not bad for $20. It's all in the details... little buttons and polka dots.On other big work news, I got ... [ Discover More ]


I know I originally planned on making the Bjork Swan Dress, but shit happens and I never got around to it. My heart obviously wasn't in it. Then, whilst fabric painting "SECURITY" onto Steve's black T'shirt I was suddenly overcome by my own brilliance. At every social gathering I always end up taking photos. Why not go as paparazzi? Not just modern day polo shirts , cargo pants and a canvas vest covered in a million pockets... oh no... 1940's inspired... of course!This is the ONLY photo I ... [ Discover More ]


Today was a very busy/lovely/hectic day. I helped sort out some minor mishaps with the rosters at work. I helped Luke move some of his stuff to his and Gerard's new house in Richmond (I'm soooo excited for them) then I went to the Op Shop to grab a bowl I saw last week (but it was gone) and visited Alice. I got the Boys some goodies at the pet shop, washed the car, did the groceries and filled the gas bottle. Phew. Here's some of my Op Shop goodies...I bought this dress from the Op Shop for $8. ... [ Discover More ]

Thank You

Just had to take a pic of me, my smile and my flowers. They came at just the right time, celebrated something that made me proud and reminded me how much I'm loved. ... [ Discover More ]