I think I need to go to Op Shop rehab

So I’ll start with something I received as a gift. I got this lovely perfumed shimmer powder and puff from Paula. It smells so sweet and makes my skin so wonderfully soft. Perfect for all the humid weather that will be upon us soon. Thanks Paula.
Now onto the Op Shop bargains. I have been looking for one of these bath rests forever but they always seemed out of my price range but not this one. It set me back $5 and it still had the $49.95 original price tag on it. I was in bath heaven last night. It was brilliant. I relaxed, gave myself a facial and had something to rest my camera magazine on. It even held my drink.
For $7 I got a brand new unopened box of 30 vintage cocktail glasses. The large round ones at the front are shrimp or dessert bowls. There are also shot glasses, glasses for port or sherry, whiskey glasses and water glasses. Just perfect and they didn’t cost the world. They were quite dusty and Steve had his doubts but one rinse through the dishwasher and they cleaned up like gems. I love how they gleam in my cabinet.
Last but not least I came across this pastel print of a Dogwood tree by artist Caesar Monturano for $2. I love the tree. It’s like the front yard I’ve always dreamed of. It makes me happy. Now I just need to find the right frame for it…


  1. 2

    glo.riah says

    why oh why
    did we never go
    to the op shop together?
    love the bath rest.
    i’m not much of a bath
    kinda gal.
    i prefer showers.
    but that is a cool bargain!!

  2. 5

    alicia says

    ohhhh neat stuff!! Do you think the op shop would allow you to take pictures of their shop, I would really like to see this gem! I have a picture of it in my mind and I jsut see you wandering down all theses aisles of treasures!

  3. 6

    Danielle Melnyczenko says

    To be perfectly honest its tiny, imagine the size of your living room, if not smaller. Thank gives me an idea, maybe I’ll do a post on all my Op Shops lol.

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