Peter Peacock

I’d like to introduce you to my little friend… Peter Peacock.
I picked him up for $3 at the Richmond Op Shop
I think my mate Steve thought I was a bit daft but thats ok, I’m weird when it comes to Op Shops. He’s an Op Shop Virgin so I didn’t expect him to “get” it. Me in all my weirdness. Love it.


  1. 1

    jacq says

    omg I have to have it!! It looks the same as the bird carrie from SATC wears in her hair when she gets married. Do you know what I mean?! Lucky you

  2. 3

    Danielle Melnyczenko says

    LOL Thats the very thing i thought of when i saw it. It’s a bit big for my head, i did try though lol.

  3. 6

    Anonymous says

    He is absolutely gorgeous, how can you not look at his beautiful colours and smile!

    xx Kelly

    PS look I can comment!

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