xmas is coming

Sorry guys, just one picture. I'm very impatient. I hate uploading. Just took the time to share our living room. Steve rearranged it yesterday. We did a lot of cleaning actually. I guess he's more excited than I thought about his friend arriving tomorrow.The one main difference is that we've covered the fireplace with the 2 seater. Totally opens up the room. Damn those enormous (comfortable) couches. We also decided to remove the rug from under the dining table and just have the bare boards. ... [ Discover More ]


What I got:Nikon D80 (a.k.a. Niki) with strap, battery + charger, lens hood2x 2GB SD Card (approx 500 photos on each, highest quality setting)18-135mm Nikkor Lens (everyday)50mm 1.8 Nikkor Lens (portraiture)UV Filters (for both lenses)Lowepro Bag (Nova 160 All Weather)Lots of manuals...What I plan on getting:Nikon Speedlight SB600/SB800 Flash ($400-$600)Reflectors ($75)Macro Lens, not sure which one yet ($600+)Remote ($40)It's been fun getting to know Niki, I have a long way to go before I can ... [ Discover More ]

Casey’s Dad

Steve and I are going to a wake this evening as we can't make it to the service. My dear fried Casey lost her father late last week to heart attack. Obviously very sudden and unexpected. Yesterday she came over and picked out an outfit for the service, which I will miss as Steve and I will both be at work.I didn't really feel like blogging after that. So I drew a picture of her Dad, Ian, as a small gift. I had a spare frame so I popped it in and I hope she likes it. My thoughts are will Casey ... [ Discover More ]

Longest Day EVER

Luckily I had my spunky new top to cheer me up. I got so many compliments at work today. Both the black and the tangerine are my new favourites. Work was a long one today. I worked open til close without supervision. No biggy in that regard as my last jobs always required that I work solo. It was the hours. Normally after 4 hours my knees are begging me to go home and after 5 hours my feet threaten to quit but I had 8 hours. Of course it wouldn't be so bad if I weighed under 100kg but I don't ... [ Discover More ]

Picnic @ Wisemans Ferry

Steve and I decided to go on a picnic on Saturday. I have a full week of work coming up, as does Steve so we thought we'd make the most of our time together and drove to Wiseman's ferry for a picnic.It was a wonderfully sunny day but we didn't anticipate a high wind warning. Tree's snapped, branches fell and leaves were everywhere. This is a picture of us at the lookout just before the winds rolled in the dark clouds and mayhem. We've both got weird smiles on our face because this it was quite ... [ Discover More ]

Paula’s Birthday Party

This looks like something a preschooler made. Not my best work. Made with love so that counts for something at least. I asked Paula what kind of cake she wanted and she said "CASTLE CAKE"... so castle cake it was. It was silvery grey all over, purple sprinkles on the turrets (mini ice cream cones covered in icing), licorice straps and silver balls. It also had glow in the dark candles and a "P" candle which was obviously for Paula but also kinda looked like a flag. So the decorating isn't one of ... [ Discover More ]

I think I’m going to cry… I’m so happy!!!

My lavender shrubs have really started to explode and this morning I took the perfect opportunity to step outside into the sunlight and take a few pictures. I never imagined I'd capture something like this. The purple blooms, the grey/blue stalks and the heavenly bee. Perfect. I'm. So. Happy. ... [ Discover More ]

A Forever Kind of Love

If you thought I looked super happy in the last photo you should have seen my face after I took my very first photo... that said it took awhile to get there, I'll explain.Yesterday was a huge day. I woke early for a start. The plan was to meet Wom at the airport whilst she was in transit between Sydney and Brisbane. Unfortunately due to delayed planes we never got to catch up but hey, the thought counts right? So I'm in the city, it's rainy, overcast and humid. Really gross weather for a day ... [ Discover More ]

Happy Birthday Paula

Today is Paula's birthday and even though she's having a party on Friday night (I'm baking the cake) she called us last minute and invited us out to dinner. The lovely ladies at the Richmond RSL Club even stuck a candle in Paula's steak. How festive! It was nice to sit down, drink cheap beer and enjoy a good meal. Happy Birthday Paula oxox ... [ Discover More ]

One Word

Thanks Lendrum & Wom...Where is your mobile phone? ChargingWhere is your significant other? PharmacyYour hair colour? BrunetteYour mother? FunYour father? SeriousYour favourite thing? SexYour dream last night? SexYour dream goal? AcknowledgmentThe room you're in? BrightYour hobby? PhotographyYour fear? LossWhere do you want to be in 6 years? PregnantWhere were you last night? CouchWhat you're not? SkinnyOne of your wish-list items? CameraWhere you grew up? KatherineThe last thing you did? ... [ Discover More ]

Nutrimetics Arrived

Susan came around this arvo and dropped off my goodies. They smells so nice. I'm very excited about my make up remover. I can finally wear mascara again! I also got my body scrub, self tanner and body buffing cloth. Here's to a golden glowing summer and the end of lily white legs. ... [ Discover More ]

Decisions… decisions…

Canon 40DI can't make up my mind. It's a beautiful camera to hold, the view finder is something else and the quality... ahh the quality. I wish DSLR's weren't so expensive. I'm going into the shop (linked) on Wednesday. I'm so nervous. It's just so much money.I've read more about lenses, sensors, flashes and camera models than I ever planned on. I think I now know too much... well not quite, but enough to leave me feeling bamboozeled.So far I've fallen in love with Nikon D200, Nikon D80, Canon ... [ Discover More ]


This is my new shiny printer/scanner/copier... I didn't feel the need for a fax. My old HP printer was oh so old and the printed photos looked horrible and grainy. Sure it was good for documents, just not up to par for photos. I'm useless at getting my assignment photos printed and this will make my life so much easier. The print quality and speed is amazing. I'm a very happy customer. Steve and I picked it up in Nelsons Bay and hubby got the guy to cut the price back to hardly nothing. Go Team! ... [ Discover More ]

Birdy Love

Imagine a kooky lady stalking out gift shops for white ceramic birds. That's me. I never seem to be able to find them. So much so I was even reduced to making my own out of clay to hang on my wall. Well, my luck changed today. I found this little beauty for just over $5. Below is a photo of my bird and his new nest, my mantle. He sits next to the beautiful vase I got from my late aunt Sylvia and a wooden sculpture of a man and a woman... kissing lol. He's a dirty bird. ... [ Discover More ]

Holiday Post #9… The long way home

We took a leisurely drive home through Wiseman's Ferry. Gorgeous country.Steve loves surprising me at truck stops...... and he always picks a winner!It's good to be home but this trip will remain special fora long time to come. ... [ Discover More ]

Holiday Post #8… The Deck

We went out to dinner with my parents and my grandparents at a lovely restaurant at the Soldiers Point Marina. Very good calamari. Very nice views. Lovely people.Mum & IGorgeous coloursSteve and I"gizus a kiss"Grandma & PoppyDad & MumYummo Seafood!!!For dessert we went home, had a glass of champange and munched out on filo pastry, home grown strawberries, kiwi fruit and ice cream. Better than any restaurant. Thanks Grandma and Pop it was great to see you oxox ... [ Discover More ]

Holiday Post #7… Wine, Food & Yachts

Completely by accident our trip coincided with the Tastes at the Bay festival in Nelsons Bay. It held a collection of Hunter Valley wineries (saved us the trip out there) and lots of gourmet food from awesome restaurants from the area. There was a live Jazz band that all the kids seemed to love dancing too. We got 2 engraved wine tasting glasses with sexy necklace holders and a bunch of tasting tickets. I was drunk within the hour. Very entertaining since it was midday.Here's a ... [ Discover More ]

Holiday Post #6… Para sailing

Steve was reading about some of the local attractions in the paper and came across 10% off voucher for para sailing, quickly followed by "Why not" and "We'll be there in half an hour". No forward planning. Totally spur of the moment. Steve is definitely the Ying to my Yang. It was brilliant.We jumped on the boat, sped off out into the harbour, the wind on my hair (cos Steve doesn't have much) and enjoyed the sunshine. Then they released the parachute and put our harness' on. I sat behind Steve ... [ Discover More ]

Take a little time… get the balance right

I wore my hair a little crazy today. I needed it. Nothing holding back my "wild woman" hair (as Steve calls it) but a single bobby pin. I wore my hair down and flung a dress on. I didn't wear make up... OK so maybe just a little clear gloss but that's it I swear. Honest, my skin needed the break. The worst part is I don't think my boss even noticed, all those mornings stuck in front of the mirror for nothing. Definitely less is more from now on.Steve worked late tonight, so I was all alone ... [ Discover More ]

Holiday Post #5… Shell Museum

Steve was reading about local attractions and came across the Shell Museum and thought I'd get a kick out of it... also because admission was only 50 cents each, We're talking lifetime membership here people. It was so quirky, situated at the front end of someone's house with a dilapidated sign out the front. I just had to take a photo of us both in front of it. Very seventies, the paisley dress, weird glasses, red brick house and a giant cactus by the sea. Love it."I can hear the ocean... for ... [ Discover More ]

Holiday Post #4… Steve’s Bushwalk

Even though we were on holiday's Steve insisted on going on a bush walk and he did... whilst I slept. Such a good husband. We have an understanding lol. I thought I'd share a few of the brilliant photos he took. I quite like this first one... I must be rubbing off on him lol.The pregnant Goanna he kept raving about. When he returned home he told me how hard it was to capture the image he wanted with the "shitbox" and that we needed a better one... well no sh*t shirlock. At least he understands ... [ Discover More ]

Holiday Post #3 Mum & Dads

Dad, Me and Steve chilling out and watching a movie and yes, I have no neck.Steve's favourite seat, a cold beer (or two) and a pile of catalogues."Tindal" Mum and Dad's 'adopted' magpie.Besides sitting around the house and shopping Mum and I ventured to the local boutique cinema to watch The Women. Not the best movie but it had good intentions and a great cast, but seriously what is up with Meg Ryan's lips?! It was nice to just chill with family and eat Malteasers. ... [ Discover More ]

Holiday Post #2… The Troops

Steve and his best mate Tyron.Kye and Jordan-LeeThe troopsDanielle, Zac and TyronJordan, Tyron and Steve Playdoh-ing.We had a great visit with Danielle and the kids the first few days of our holiday. We hung out read books, got loads of cuddles and caught up on all the gossip. We had a flutter on Melbourne Cup races and won $13.50... don't expect a loan anytime soon lol. It was cool to be apart of their daily life. Thanks again girl. Keep the Riccadonna on ice ok. ... [ Discover More ]