Almost Revamped

I wish I took a "before" photo but I didn't, silly me. I couldn't rearrange the furniture. It was an impossible puzzle. It can only fit the way it is now. I used a tape measure and everything. So I was a bit bummed but I knew something still had to be done with the space. So I cleaned it. No, actually I pulled everything out of the room and put it in the kitchen and lounge room. Then I cleaned everything. Then very slowly I sorted through my stuff and put some order back into the room. I felt ... [ Discover More ]

Studio needs a lift…

decor8My hours at Crossroads have been nipped back (as of 16th Feb) and I'll have more time at home to look forward too. I mentioned before the studio felt a little stagnant in it's style and I wanted a revamp. Move some furniture around, throw some things out or relocate them and just a general pretty-up. So I searched Flickr for some inspiration and I thought I'd share. I like the simplicity of the one from decor8, very kitch.decorologyThis seems a little more like me. Lots of lamps, white ... [ Discover More ]

All work and no play makes me a dull girl

I passed my probation. Who knew. Go me. I should mention there was no cake or celebratory slap on the back. Just paperwork. sigh. Something good happened. My base roster changed.Week 1: Tues: 12-3 Sat: 12-3Week 2: Mon: 12-3 Tues: 12-3... and that's it. Awesome. I'm very happy. Sure, the whole 'working on the weekend' thing kinda sucks but it's all about compromise. My roster works on a two week rotation so I work every Tuesday and every second Monday and Saturday. I think it's a nice ... [ Discover More ]

Website News

www.danimezza.comI know, you're probably thinking "when the hell is that website going to be up and running" well the answer is when I know, you'll know. I think I've completed the layout and look at least. When I finish work this arvo I'll put the finishing touches on the rest of the pages. Then, maybe, I might just be part way to getting my website done.The reason I'm even posting about this is I want your feedback before I finalise the design. This of course is the home page, with the links ... [ Discover More ]

Feeling Blah

My hair needed a colour. I had it cut new years eve but it wasn't short enough at the back. My hair looks black in the photos but it's not, it's just a really dark brown with a few titanium foils thrown in for a bit of fun. I was questioning whether or not it was too dark, hence the weird face photos, but I think it's ok. I'll have to make an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted, not to mention getting my eyelashes tinted too. In these photos I've gone hardcore with the eyebrow pencil ... [ Discover More ]

Dresses are my favourite addiction…

Work today was quite fun. Afterward Steve and I drove out to Rouse Hill. I hadn't been in ages and was looking forward to it. We had a look at Target and Steve picked out a lovely white crushed linen skirt for me for $20. As soon as I got home I tried it as a dress (belted at the waist of course) and it looked even better. Sweet. Then we stopped off at City Chic to check out any bargains. I found this GORGEOUS black slinky dress for $40. Jealous? I was so happy. It fits so well and is my new ... [ Discover More ]

It’s Late…

... I should be sleeping. I only finished work an hour ago and I need to unwind. I thought I'd take the opportunity to blurt out some more "real life" stuff for you to mull over whilst I'm slogging away at work tomorrow. You'll notice on my roster I'm working 9-6pm. 8 hours of customers wanting my time, my advice, my service, my smile. Clothes that need me to hang them, sort them, arrange them, fold them. Staff that need me to do things, talk to them, listen to them, do as they say. sigh. I'm ... [ Discover More ]

Drug Habbit

Photo By Gin Girl JenHi, my name is Danielle and it's been 18 months since I had a coke.Coca Cola is a drug. It sucks you in with its sweet nectar and keeps you hooked with a nice dose of caffeine. It's the coffee of the soft drink world. Thankfully I kicked my habit.I'm really proud of myself. Sure, it's not a big sacrifice and many people carry out very normal lives without it, but for me it was huge. Curbing cravings, surviving sugar pains, asking for water, OJ or Lemonade, no longer enjoying ... [ Discover More ]

Laura Photo Shoot

Laura's Flickr SetIt was over 40 degrees today. The heat was insane. Lucky me had to leave my air-conditioned palace and venture outdoors for a photo shoot with the lovely Laura. It was worth it. She was at my disposal from 3:30-6:30 and I lapped it all up. We drove around town, gave Luke a spontaneous lift home and sussed out locations with the air-con blasting so it looked like our hair was growing at a 90 degree angle.So not only were we hot, but so were the pictures. We eventually found ... [ Discover More ]

I didn’t sink the Canoe

That was my biggest concern. Would my big heavy ass sink the canoe? It didn't and I was soooo relieved. I kept poor Steve cooped up in the house all afternoon while I put the finishing touches on another assignment. I'm on a roll at the moment and I'm trying to ride the wave of enthusiasm while it lasts. So, I promised him once I was done we would take his work canoe down to the river (5 min from the house) and go for a paddle. Assignment done and we were off.Look at my HeMan go. He had so much ... [ Discover More ]

Luke Photo Shoot

I got busy the other day and edited some more photos from Luke's photo shoot. I like the idea of publishing 12 from each shoot I do. Something to strive for, something to make me critic harder.Luke's Photo ShootI'd love to hear some feedback on the photos. Suggestions for next time, lighting, angles , props etc... I'll definitely be using Luke again as a model. He's just so darn spunky.I had a photo shoot booked for tomorrow arvo with Laura but unfortunately we both got rostered on to work. ... [ Discover More ]

HD… music to my eyes

I had an average day at work. Got a new dress that's similar to my old dress. I wear the old dress so often it was suffering from over-use. Last thing I want is a frayed favourite that I can't wear. As the saying goes "if it works, buy it in every colour". It's the kind of dress you throw on over 3/4 tights when you're in a hurry but still want to look a little girlie. I love the raspberry, teal, gold and black colours... yummy.It's also great for this stinking hot weather we've been having ... [ Discover More ]

Adult Capital Territory (ACT)

I went on a mini adventure yesterday. Spur of the moment I decided to tag along with Steve's bosses to Canberra for the day. I've been once before, you see Steve is employed by the USA, so sometimes we have to go there to fill out paperwork... and buy porn lol. I was going for the latter. I have a Hen's party to shop for :)So the 3 of us jumped in the van and slowly made our way to Canberra. I took my notebook, a pillow, a blankie, bottled water and a Freddo Frog and I was set. I even had a ... [ Discover More ]

Luke Photo Shoot

Foreword: After writing an re-reading that long post previous to this one, I thought I'd better jazz up the feel of the blog for all those who don't care or are just too freaked out to comment. Here, have a happy post and enjoy your day...Luke was my super stunning model this evening. The shoot wasn't planned. We got in the car and drove around neighboring suburbs till something caught our eye. This process might not work for everyone but I guess it does for me. The photos were brilliant. Luke ... [ Discover More ]

Secret Women’s Business

That's what my Dad calls it. Anything female related or "down-there" came under that classification. He's a bloke, I didn't expect him to know or understand. My husband on the other hand is an expert in Secret Women's Business. He has to be to some degree. Mainly to have a small understanding of what happens to my body. Just in case you're wondering, Alicia's post inspired this one.I too check my panties, or knickers as they're called here. Constantly. I know it's a peculiar act to admit to, but ... [ Discover More ]

Fluff Piece…

... I got nothing. Everything seems heavy at the moment. Work is crazy. I haven't picked up my camera since Sunday. Toby & Charlie have forgotten who I am. Steve? Who's that? I haven't even read my RL Mag that I bought on Monday. I've got a million business ideas swilling around in my head. Things to think about. Emails to write. Decisions to be made... all a bit much for me to breathe through.Thankfully I have today and the weekend off to remember how to breathe again. I'm going to make an ... [ Discover More ]

My Website… ALL MINE

After years of deliberation, procrastination, hundreds of umm's & ahh's I did it. I fricken did it. Me. I have a website. I can't stop talking about it. I can't stop thinking about it. I carry a notebook everywhere with me, always drawing designs or scribbling notes. My market research is piled up on the desk and my business text books are by my bed.I'm not stressed or as anxious as I thought I would be at this stage. I passed the biggest hurdle I put in front of myself... me. My lack of ... [ Discover More ]

Coming Soon in 2009

Last night I became the official owner of a .com and I am so very proud of myself, and of course very thankful that I have friends who know what they are talking about. More on this as things progress... WooHoo!!! ... [ Discover More ]

A day at the Beach

Steve and I have lived here for 3 years now and not once have we gone to the beach. Not once. The thought of parking (finding, then paying) made us ill and then the thought of crowds... it was all just too much. Yesterday things changed. Steve woke me, excited. We were going to the south beaches, only an hour from home. I quickly did a google search and checked which ones were patrolled (Steve's not a good swimmer), we packed the picnic basket , Boogie Board and the camera and we were off.To say ... [ Discover More ]

Bali Garden

I blame the heat. It's making me daydream, of beautiful pools, swaying palms and long island iced teas. It's made me miss our honeymoon. I stumbled across these photos of our resort last night and just had to post them. Can't you feel the sun, the humidity, the sea breeze...We stayed at the Samsara Resort & Spa and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. A lot of the hotels in Bali are party zones, something we didn't want. Samsara was quiet, somehow isolated yet in the middle of the Kuta. I ... [ Discover More ]

Strawberries… yum

Our little strawberries are growing full strength.So cute and yummy. I can't bear to pick them.This is Steve's bargain. We got this $100 pot for $35 and it's HUGE. The plant is much happier now it has a large home but Steve got a little carried away with the water saving crystals lol. He was only meant to use a tablespoon full, instead he used half a bag. ... [ Discover More ]


Steve and I spent NYE at Luke & Gerard's home surrounded by friends, good conversation and a few bottles of champagne. I wore my pretty new dress that I bought for Christmas (which I unfortunately didn't get ANY pictures of on the day) so I was determined to get a few nice ones.Sometimes photobooth is a little addictive.Happy New Year Kisses Everyone ... [ Discover More ]