Time to Organise

Buffet $50 SOLDSteve and I have started culling with the help of Mum this week. Our little house is prefect for 2 but not for 3, it's just a little too crowded. To be honest the house is over flowing with my stuff. All arranged perfectly with everything in it's place of course but none the less a change has occurred and we're doing what we know we do well. Reorganising.Hutch $30 EBAY (here)We cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, donated some things to charity, kept some for friends. We decided on ... [ Discover More ]

You’ll think I’m a crazy lady…

Me and Little Mez and I'm not even sticking my bump out!!!... to have not noticed THIS! I mean come on people how the hell did I think this was just a mixture of too many Smiths chips and way too much Solo!!! I was feeling pretty good this afternoon so I thought I'd do a little bump photo shoot as I know you're all dying to see.Steve couldn't be more lovesick with Little MezI feel like an idiot. I'm soooo over the moon, don't get me wrong but I feel so embarrassed that I HAD NO IDEA. Steve ... [ Discover More ]

The week that changed my life…

Yes, I'm pregnant and Steve is over the moon. There are a lot of details that I feel need to be shared so I'll give you some time to get over the shock of it all before I get into it... there, is that enough time? That's how I feel, I'm in complete shock. COMPLETE. SHOCK. That is our baby... I'm still getting my head around the concept let alone the idea that this tiny little being is inside me. ME. So many details, where to start... ok, I'll start from where I found out... last Thursday. Yep, I ... [ Discover More ]

Oh wall how I miss thee

This photo captures just how I feel.My beautifully tagged wall is gone.Vanished.Poof.::Sob::Council has done it's job keeping the town beautiful. They painted over my lovely wall. Yep, I claimed it. I'd grown attached. I even had more plans for the brilliance that it was. Those plans are gone now. I'm off to find another muse to lead me astray and keep me focused at the same time. That is a hard find my friends, hard. ... [ Discover More ]

Call me, Call me NOW

Yep. I got the home phone connected. No excuses that it's too expensive to call my mobile because now you don't have to. Problem solved. I expect an influx of calls people... no pressure. To the special people: I'll msg you my new number.Other than that work was ok. Oh and I'm starting Aqua Aerobics next week. Every Wednesday and Friday at 12:30. Costs $6 per session. I'm really looking forward to it. Other than that I'm enjoying chilling out with my Mum and reading my newest Real Living ... [ Discover More ]

Scrabble Sunday

So my Mum and Dad arrived Friday evening. We enjoyed a lovely pub dinner and went home to watch a movie. Dad left Saturday morning and Mum and I settled in reading magazines and curling up on the couch. Steve was gorgeous and ran around doing all the groceries on his own and bought home subway for lunch. A great Saturday all round.Today isn't much different. The couches are getting a workout. Right now Mum and Steve are playing Scrabble and I'm afraid this is how the rest of the week is going to ... [ Discover More ]


I got a call on Wednesday night from my parents. Dad wanted to know if they could visit this weekend. I said no of course. Kidding, I couldn't be more thrilled. I've been trying to get up to see them for weeks. Mum and Dad arrive this evening then Dad is driving back to newy alone and leaving Mum with me ALL WEEK! I couldn't have been happier. Just the pick me up Mum & I needed. I can't wait for them to arrive. I've got their room ready, I just have to go buy some more food. I'm only working ... [ Discover More ]

An afternoon in the sun… with my bike.

Isn't she lover-ly. She's the same colour of the sky, she shines like the sun and makes my neighbours as green as the grass because they don't have a machine as lovely as mine. sigh. I haven't got tired of riding around the street. I doubt I ever will.The sun finally started shining today and I thought I'd spend some time with my newest love and introduce her to my first love. My camera. I think they get along really well. I can't wait to buy a basket for the front. Steve thinks I should get a ... [ Discover More ]

Eyes On Fire- Blue Foundation

Casey lent me the Twilight soundtrack and I have been playing it over and over again. I'm in love with this song, the book and the movie. I might even go see it again this afternoon. Just because. ... [ Discover More ]

Blogging Junkie

Twitter isn't anything new. Most people use similar applications (facebook status updates) every day. I love status updates. I like seeing what people are up to. It's brief, to the point and reflects parts of their lives that we might otherwise miss out on completely. I'm all for sharing the unnecessary, as you well know by now.Twitter is perfect for me. Some days I have nothing to blog. Sometimes I do but it doesn't warrant a big post with pictures and lots of witty text. Sometimes less is ... [ Discover More ]

Happy Valentines Day

Guess what I got!!! My husband is BY FAR the most awesome person in the world. I got my Cruiser!!! It's the same colour blue as the furniture I painted and he said I could buy new handle grips and a seat cover if I didn't like the brown. It's actually more of a tan and it doesn't bother me that much. I HAVE A BIKE. It's been raining all day (not bike weather) so the flash has kind of distorted the colours.We didn't get it from the US. It was too difficult for the guys to find. I'd given up on ... [ Discover More ]

Love in Progress

My infertility journey has had a lot of highs and lows and Steve has had his own. I find it difficult to post about as the topic is very depressing and I don't want to bring down the mood of my blog. Sometimes it's necessary. Sometimes I'm inspired by others. I know a lot of readers don't understand or they don't really know our journey's history, so I thought I too would make a TTC Timeline like a lot of TTC Bloggers, so you know what I'm taking about. It's located in my sidebar. ... [ Discover More ]

Shake your Groove Thang

Well tonight was my very first belly dancing lesson and it was FANTASTIC. Just the right amount of cardio, some co-ordination, "pop-it-like-it's-hot" hip movements, angular arms and bopping bollywood tunes. I signed up for the 9 lessons and got my scarf. It's black with silver coins. The only other colours they had left was neon orange and pale pink. I love the sound it makes.Me wearing my coin scarf...woohoo sexy! When I got home I did a little dance for Steve and he couldn't stop laughing at ... [ Discover More ]

Things to catch up on…

Hiya, sorry I was missing in action the last couple of days. Illness has come around again for a second blow. I've managed to suck it up and work the last two days at least. I haven't been on the net much at all this week besides the odd skype call to mum.Missing the parentals a bit too much of late. I've been trying to organise a trip up to newy but with me being sick, my new roster and other staff issues it seems impossible. It's also little miss Jordan's birthday this Saturday and we were ... [ Discover More ]

Pay it Forward

Thanks Alica for letting me be involved. I've done some thing similar to this already but I can't help myself and I'm jumping back on the bandwagon and you can too. All you have to do is share the love. Mention "Pay it Forward" on your blog and have something to offer others.I will make something fabulous for 3 lucky people and I'm giving myself until the end of February to make them. It could be you, all you have to do is leave a comment and say you're up for the challenge. Brighten someone's ... [ Discover More ]

13 Random Food Quirks

As inspired by Rhi's blog:I was addicted to Coca Cola and I couldn't go a day without a glass, or a bottle, or just a few liters... but it's been 18 months since I quit and I'm not looking back. Sure it's not my only weighty issue but it's a start.I love BBQs, the smell drives me crazy. Buttered bread and a sausage with tomato sauce is considered dinner as far as I'm concerned.I'm partial to Ritz crackers, doesn't matter what's on them.I love stir-fries and Thai food but Steve can't make it to ... [ Discover More ]

Memory Lane

Me 2001 taken by DaniI've been a bit distracted, sickness and all. It's also been a blessing. I've had time. Time to sit still and just breathe. I've written letters, some cards have been sent and I've skipped down memory lane... all from the safety of my couch.Me & Jen 2009 TindalOver the last day or so I began scanning photos and uploading them to facebook for everyone to enjoy. So far the response has been amazing, everyone's commenting and having a chuckle about the old days. The ... [ Discover More ]

What’s your style?

Thanks to How about Orange I found this style tool that was fun. I think my result is pretty spot on: "Urban Country", 20% Modern, 20% Scandinavian, 60% Country. Your turn... ... [ Discover More ]

Feel like taking a class…

Me in my 2008 Halloween CostumeWez' mother and I got to talking (drunkenly) last Friday night and she told me about her Belly Dancing class that's just started up again for the year. It's only in Richmond, Thursday nights 7-8pm and everyone who knows me, knows that my stomach is quite possibly one of my worst physical features (or just the one I'm most paranoid about) lol. So toning and burning calories sounds pretty good.Mrs Wez (for privacy) was so sweet to invite me, she even called yesterday ... [ Discover More ]

4th Pic from 4th Folder

I thought this might be a little interesting. Thanks for letting me play along Alicia. People's computers are so personal these days. So come on, share your treasures. Here's mine...It's from my Flickr folder. I usually grab gorgeous images and use them as wall papers. I've had this one for over a year and I can't seem to delete it. It's from My Polaroid Blog, have a look, the images are truly enchanting. Now... your turn! ... [ Discover More ]

Sucker for Punishment

I'm meant to be avoiding the computer, resting my rather large congested head on a pillow somewhere comfortable... but instead I'm working on the computer. sigh. When will I learn? Never is my guess. I was meant to work all week but alas I look (and feel) too horrible to serve customers.So I sit in my lonely computer chair and click click away at my website. It's been a long slog but I'm getting there. A few last minute design changes still have to be made but overall I'm happy. I'd hoped it ... [ Discover More ]

Message to Readers

I regret to inform you that Mrs Dani M is currently unavailable for comment as she is tackling some minor heath issues that require her utmost attention. She has been ill for several days and hopes the worst of it has passed. Yes, she has consulted a physician and been granted a few days leave, not only from work but also from normal duties.Her darling husband is attentive and nurturing and is doing his best to help the healing process, enabling a speedy recovery and to bring her back to you ... [ Discover More ]