My Cervix…

... is "fine".My placenta is in a good position, my cervix is fine but I just have to continue taking it easy so I don't have another bleed. No sutures, nothing but rest. I can do that.It was lovely to share the ultrasound with Steve. I think he got a kick out of seeing Little Mez on the big screen. He was concentrating really hard, trying to figure out which part was which but I think he got it in the end. It was lovely to watch his expressions.Halfway through my sciatica played up, the biggest ... [ Discover More ]

It’s started…

You know how I went to dinner with the Crossroads girls last Wednesday and that I had a lovely time... well it's been ruined. I checked my account as I do every Monday to make sure the debits all come out on time over the weekend and to double check the amount of cash available. Well I got a lovely shock. My $40 dinner cost me $206.20... I'll explain.When it came time to split the bill at the end of the night I paid for my steak, one pink lemonade and one shared dessert as the rest of the girls ... [ Discover More ]

We couldn’t help ourselves…

I'm starting to feel less and less like a zombie these days. Steve took me to Rouse Hill for a bit of look around. A nice way to kill an afternoon. Babies were everywhere... bless their tiny cotton socks. I introduced Steve to Cotton On Kids...As soon as I saw this I laughed out loud and remembered Danielle and our antics as children dreaming of our little families of the future. I know if she found this she'd buy it for me so I bought it without hesitation. Also you can't go wrong with the ... [ Discover More ]


I have no where to go today but I dressed up just for this post. Do you feel special? I do. Steve will feel special because I'm not in my PJ's in the afternoon... even though they're ever so comfy. So... 17wks today! Every Friday I think "Wow, I have so long to go til I get to hold our little baby" and then Thursday rolls around again and I think "Wow, that week went fast". No matter how impatient we are, we know the time will eventually arrive and we will still be utterly unprepared... in a ... [ Discover More ]

Dani’s Big Day Out

Today was a huge day. I slept in til 10am, surfed the net for awhile, had a nice cool shower and got ready for my hair appointment. It was a really hot day today. Stinking actually. I left the car at the shopping center to get detailed and walked up the mall.Lou was wonderful and full of questions about me and Little Mez. I'm going to have to get a photo of us together one day. He was a doll and turned the air-con on for me and my water glass was never empty. Lovely bloke. I got my usual bob ... [ Discover More ]

Love Fest

Today is a very special day. 2 years ago today Steve and I were married and the memory still fills me with bliss. We've been together for 6 years and the wedding truly was a celebration of "our true love", as Steve said during his speech. I couldn't be any luckier. We have a happy marriage that's not without it's high's and low's but we seem to be able to weather any storm and continue to laugh, kiss, cuddle and smile.We had grand plans to have a weekend away but with all the excitement of the ... [ Discover More ]

All by myself… don’t wanna be…

So Mum has gone and the days are quieter. I wasn't well yesterday so I laid low and pottered about the house. Steve had his first official soccer game yesterday. They lost. 1-3. He came home ranting about there being no official referee, what do I pay all this money for, blokes just bagging each other out instead of concentrating on the game... soccer sounds like fun. At least I know he has somewhere to go and vent when I get too much to handle. He can take it out on the field instead.I woke up ... [ Discover More ]

Bedding & Storage

Babies are expensive. Ok, so they really don't have to be but when we keep saying things like "investment/quality of product/quality of life/why not?/miracle..." we're left with a bill that we don't seem to mind paying at all. Even Steve. The man that is opposite to lavish, would nod in sincere agreement and say yes, hand over his card without a second thought and be proud he was providing the best for his Little Mez. I was the one having to hold him back and think of cheaper options. Me!We put ... [ Discover More ]


This is my GORGEOUS plum dress that I got from Kmart yesterday. I'm so in love. It fits like a glove, has plenty of 'give' and to my biggest surprise... even has breastfeeding holes lol. I'm sure they'll come in handy later. If you're interested it also came in Teal and was only $29.95. I might even go back and get the other colour! I'm totally loving me in dresses and tights. I tried to buy jeans and they just didn't look or feel right.Today Little Mez is 16wks (4 months) and I couldn't be ... [ Discover More ]

Checking things off the list…

This afternoon Steve, Mum and I went shopping. Man, it was tough but I think we did a really good job. Babies Galore came up trumps, we were really pleased. Steve was just glad it was over for the day. We managed to get:StrollerCar SeatCradle Mattress & LinenBody Pillow (Kmart)Plum Dress (Kmart)The Stroller:Maclaren VogueI love this stroller and thankfully Steve does too. Simple, lightweight, one handed open and close, use from birth to 18kg and isn't bulky at all. We loved the way it ... [ Discover More ]

Purging, friends and other tid-bits…

I know some of you understand the severity of Mum and I's purging capabilities, but the rest of you seriously have no idea. We're not just donating the odd book or vase, this clean out is colossal. We've been to the Op Shop twice now, given things to away, put them on the curb and filled both our bins past thier limit. I don't think I've ever been involved in a epic purge like this before and I must say I'm loving it.Our house is lovely and there are many lovely things in it, but do I love it ... [ Discover More ]

See… I’m smiling!

Today I slept in till midday and decided I would attempt to leave the house and make some effort to straighten my unruly hair. I did just that with Mum in tow. We donated a big box of stuff to my Op Shop (trinkets, glassware, paintings, picture frames, blow up guitar) and then made our way to Richmond. I got my eyebrows waxed/tinted and splurged and tinted my lashes as well. I feel almost human.We got chips & gravy for lunch and Medicare gave me some money back. I bought a Crunchie Bunny (or ... [ Discover More ]

Blame it on the hormones…

I know I should be on top of the world and I am when I remember I'm pregnant but to be honest, most of the time I forget and just think "Man I'm lazy/fat/cranky/pimply/gassy". I know I'm pregnant, I've seen Little Mez, I've got the swollen boobs, the crazy skin, dry hair and anyone would think I've opened my own methane processing plant!I snap at Mum and Steve all the time. Straight after which I appologise profusely. My eyes seem to be half shut all day. Before I was pregnant I'd never once had ... [ Discover More ]

Arting Up the Joint

I finally got some art up in the studio. Sure, I wish the frames were a little larger but I'm working with what I've got and I think it looks fine. Google image search and beautiful greeting cards really can make beautiful works of art for free. The great thing is I can continue to change the art whenever I'm inspired by something else.I've still got the wall near the wardrobe and above the guest bed to "art up" but I want to buy some more frames before I start. I'm getting there slowly. Oh, I ... [ Discover More ]


Thank goodness for a wardrobe filled with dresses. Jeans are almost a no-go item. I'll invest in some soon for winter though. I'd be crazy not to. I've been comparing my bump to others online and I think I'm showing so much already as I already had a bit of a tummy in the past so baby doesn't have to try and stretch me too much to make itself comfy. Thankfully I've seen a few girls who've shown more than me at the same stage so I feel a bit better.Sleep is a bit better now I've gotten used to ... [ Discover More ]

It’s a process…

This is where Steve will find me most days, sitting in my comfy chair grinning a big hello. I can't believe it used to look like THIS. There is a lot less clutter but the character of the room seems to be lacking. Something I'm trying to rectify. Slowly.The room has always needed curtains. I just hadn't been back to IKEA since I bought THESE which are perfect. I plan to buy more on my next trip. I've always loved the light in this room though and yes that is a paper lantern hanging from a bear ... [ Discover More ]

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

Well since I'll have so much free time I thought I might jump on the bandwagon and join in on all the fun. I'm inspired by her. It'll be fun to see how I dress up my growing bump too. Today I decided my PJs needed a break and I cracked out the 'real' clothes. The jeans I'm wearing... well just so you know, I only did the button up for the photo. I'm sporting a cute simple sea-green T from Crossroads and my white cardigan I've had for years that's actually managed to stay white. My hair isn't ... [ Discover More ]

Is it too early to nest?

That's what this feels like. Things are being organised, purged and cleaned. Room by room. Maybe we're just excited about turning our adult house into a family home. The clutter is almost gone. I'm serious about the whole purging thing. Almost ready to take some photos but we've decided to also move the lounge and dining around so I'll post all the pictures then. I'm also rearranging some art and frames but I'm in need of more 3M hooks.I've been sleeping a lot. The nausea is manageable and ... [ Discover More ]


So my house arrest is going well. All I seem to do is nap and lay about. If bub is happy, I'm happy. Steve is being super dad and Mum is keeping me entertained. It's really nice having her here. i know I've been a bit naughty not blogging but I thought I'd post a quick update of the goings-on at the Mez house...On Saturday I sold the Hutch & Dresser for $110 and I sold the wardrobe for $71 so I'm pretty happy with the result and I'm so glad I was convinced to list them on ebay. It's enough ... [ Discover More ]


Mama Mez at 14wksThis is a request from my sister Stephanie, a week by week catch up of what's going on inside the ol' bump-a-roo. I know a lot of my readers already have children but for a few it's a totally new journey... and one I'm quite happy to talk all day about. Every Friday I get a week further and further into my pregnancy so I'll blog about it then. Never forgetting to post a belly pic of course!This week's big developments: Your baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly ... [ Discover More ]


I guess babies are programmed from the get-go to cause trouble.Yesterday at 5pm I had a bleed.I went to emergency.I called Steve but he was at the airport.Picking up big bosses and there was nothing he could do.I called my lovely Ob and got some reassurance and 8am appointment.I called my Wom and got some "calm".I was admitted at 5:30pm and didn't see a doctor until 10:50pm.No one even checked my bleed.I called Ob and he told me to go home.Nurses wouldn't let me leave.I was left in a bed bawling ... [ Discover More ]

More needles & wee…

The ultrasound was excellent today. I really wish Steve hadn't missed out. I got my bloods done first and thankfully the lady got it all on the second go. I was a bit dizzy and had Subway for lunch and watched all the pregnant ladies parading their bumps about. It's like I'm on constant "bump watch". The place I was referred to was soooo nice and the people were even more so. The equipment was out of this world. I felt like a queen and the things I saw on the huge plasma was A-MAZ-ING. So much ... [ Discover More ]

Hello Mum & Dad!

Here's Little Mez, such a busy active baby. Did you know you can take a USB drive and they record the ultrasounds onto it for you?!?! We didn't but we wont forget for next time. You might be able to see in the bottom left corner that Little Mez is 13 weeks and 5 days. 14 weeks on Friday. Our Ob is really nice and I'm glad my Gyno referred us to him.This afternoon felt like information overload. So much paperwork, so much money. We talked about my overall health, previous surgeries, CIN3 and ... [ Discover More ]

The "Bones"

How I plan to combine two usually separate spaces into one. Above is my studio now AKA: Office/Guestroom. Lucky I have a big desk that's all I can say! I think it will work well for everyone involved. You see now why I have to get rid of all that bulky furniture, we seriously have tiny rooms. When we don't have visitors it will act as glorified daybed, place to dump laundry or even a baby's nap area - minus the laundry in that case. Does anyone have any better ideas?The nursery. I've always had ... [ Discover More ]

I’ve turned into one of those people…

... who only talks about all things "baby". All the time. Any topic. As long as it's "baby". I'm starting to annoy myself. Thankfully Steve is a willing participant and even gives more things to think about. We're a team like that.So last Friday we had the ultrasound appointment and got the wonderful crazy news of our Little Mez being almost ready to make our little family whole. Craziness. I also had my bloods done and spent a lot of time rubbing my belly and laying on the couch with my feet up ... [ Discover More ]