Things that make me happy…

A clean fridge. It's all shiny and looks brand new again. Ok, so it wasn't that bad before to be honest but it's been on my To-Do list for awhile. It all started thanks to Mum as she did a clean before she left this morning. Vacuumed, dusted, washed sheets and made beds. She knew the in-laws were arriving tomorrow and wanted to give me a hand. I couldn't be more grateful. Any kind of bending is becoming a bit of a strain. He's a heavy boy my LM.Every month when it arrives it feels like I've won ... [ Discover More ]


Ok so I missed the exact day I've done the rest of the Bump Pix but we'll live. A few days off won't matter too much. I don't think doing it on Saturday works, I seem to forget. I'm going to go back to doing them every Friday, a day early but who cares. At least I'll remember. Maybe. My brain's been a little screwy lately. Like brushing my hair. I always forget to do that.LM has moved. I swear. He seems to be a little higher, up off my bladder. I can sleep through the night and my belly button ... [ Discover More ]

My Little Sweat Shop

This is my Mum hard at work, sewing curtains for LM's room. They're so perfect and I know they'd be quite pathetic if I was doing it myself. When it comes to sewing I'm all about the shortcuts but Mum is a perfectionist and the results prove it.We've had quite a nice weekend. Lots of Scrabble, shopping and chilling out discussing LM's room. It's coming together quite nicely. Not quite time for a reveal yet though, still a lot of sewing for us (Mum) to do. I really love the colours, textures and ... [ Discover More ]

Putting the plan on paper…

It's not to scale. The furniture only resembles what I have. It is a sketch after all. I needed to get my ideas out of my head and onto paper so I could share them with Mum and Steve. I drew this on Wednesday night before our big shopping trip at Spotlight on Thursday. I'm glad I did, along with getting the measurements for everything so we knew how much fabric was necessary and what colours would come into play where. A valuable tool, especially when explaining our task to a confused sales lady ... [ Discover More ]

Nursery Inspiration

Steve and I have had discussions about the nursery and how we want it to look and operate. It took awhile to get it out of him but I did and we have agreed to some things and tossed others out the window. It was really nice to talk about it together and share ideas. Here's what we came up with:Blues, Limes and White as the main colour theme with punches of Orange. Steve also wants me to try and work in some chocolate brown to match the rest of the house.No "Winnie the Pooh". Pooh is banned :)We ... [ Discover More ]

Nursery Art Swap

My lovely friend, teacher and artist Rhi is making me some beautiful blocks similar to the one's pictured above. She made these for a friends new baby and has since been asked to make several more for up coming baby showers and personalised gifts. I thought they were so sweet I just had to have a set for LM. You pick the word or name and colours and Rhi does the rest. You can also order your own by request. Just leave a comment with blog link or email me ( and I ... [ Discover More ]


Today is my blogs 3rd birthday and I celebrated by having cake for breakfast, LM convinced me it was OK. Since the 20th of April 2006 I have been blogging my little heart out. 1417 posts to date. I can't believe I'm about to start my 4th year and there are no signs of me stopping anytime soon. It's my daily diary, an online vault of all things "me" and what's been going on in my life, be it important or considered trivial or mundane, it's there in all it's glory.I love going back to old posts, ... [ Discover More ]

Charlie’s Girlfriend

Tipsy, Charlie & TobyI was quietly tapping away at my computer, LM and I chilling out to some rainforrest tunes when I heard barking. I knew it was Tipsy, the girl on the other side of the back fence. I thought nothing of it until I heard Toby do his dominant bark. It was too early in the day for Toby & Charlie's normal rough and tumble. I go to the back door and this is what I see. Seriously, for about 3 seconds I thought "Do I have 3 dogs?".Tipsy is a gorgeous Labrador X Mastiff. She ... [ Discover More ]

Steve’s Big Day

Wow. I can't believe we're already at this stage. The room has been ready, bare and waiting to be filled with baby goodness and thankfully it's started. We were both prepped and ready to construct this important piece of furniture (I was the foreman) and I'm glad I was there as there was no way in the world it could be done alone, not this type anyway. We opened the boxes and to our complete disbelief there was no screws, no bolts, no Allen Key. Steve had to drive all the way back to Penrith to ... [ Discover More ]


This is me, just before jumping in the car and driving over to Coogee to see David, Susie & Chloe. It was a long drive but worth it. It's a pity we didn't have more notice that they were coming otherwise we would have booked a hotel room and made a weekend of it. Oh well, we'll know for next time. It was great to catch up and it was like no time had gone by... but there was proof it had, little baby Chloe. Too cute for words, happy and bouncing to the music. Lots of smiles for me and plenty ... [ Discover More ]

Sick Daddies and Happy Babies

Steve's sick. The house smells like Eucalyptus Oil and scented tissues. Poor bugger. We spent most of the day at the Dr's getting medicine and I wandered off to buy baby socks and photo albums. Above is all the clothes LM has to date. The bamboo cotton sock (sooo soft, I love bamboo blends) and leggings (I remember how awesome they are after helping look after Tenno) are new, only bought today. Most of them are 00's or 000's as I'm sure we'll get lots of tiny things and I'm thinking LM is going ... [ Discover More ]

Nursery Layouts *editted to add links*

Ok, this is what I'm thinking for the layout for Little Mez's room. The room is quite narrow and long so the furniture is kinda set up like a galley. It took ages to get the measurements of the room and all the furniture, then convert to feet and inches so I could use a free online program to make these up. This is my favourite layout but it's best to have a few options and opinions.I don't mind this but I'm not sure I like how the daybed breaks the room in half. We're keeping the daybed as it's ... [ Discover More ]

The unveiling…

Don't we have the sweetest little baby. We had our scan and everything went so well. Steve and I were beside ourselves with excitement. We watched the screen in amazement. So much had changed in 2 weeks. We also found out I'm actually 20wks and 3days but that may be just because we've got a rather big and long baby.Little Mez takes some of the cutest profile photos. I'm a bit of pro now when it comes to visualising what's on screen. Steve's slowly getting it, I still have to point most things ... [ Discover More ]

Happy Easter

Isn't this sweet. Allison sent me this cute little customised picture on facebook for Little Mez for Easter. I love that one is a boyish colour and one is a girlie colour. Very fitting as we only have 2 more sleeps till we find out. I hope everyone is happy hanging out with family and eating lots of good food and chocolate.It still trips Steve and I out that this will be the last major holiday we'll be spending as a two-some. It's hard to believe at Christmas we'll be celebrating as a ... [ Discover More ]

Shindigs and Pretty Outfits

This week has been pretty full on with social events left and right. On Wednesday I took Alice out to Rouse Hill for lunch and a couple of hours shopping. On Thursday Wez took me out for a pub lunch and a really good chat. On Friday I spent the afternoon with Casey trying on dresses (like the one above) and then later that night Steve and I were to attend Wez's heathen BBQ. There was over 40 people there. It was insane. Then on Saturday night we had Steve's work dinner that I organised and it ... [ Discover More ]


I'm liking the silhouette photo, I might have to do this every week. I'm loving that my butt sticks out just as much as my bump. Makes me feel a little balanced lol. Even my boobs look different thanks to my new bra. Better than some of those Madonna/Traffic Cone contraptions they tried to put on me... plus it's damn pretty. I'm going to Casey's this afternoon to borrow a few clothes to boost my dwindling wardrobe. It'll be fun dressing up my bump.I thought I would despise my ever expanding ... [ Discover More ]

Got Milk?

Well I got myself some Hot Milk. Totally gorgeous maternity lingerie that fits like a glove and was the kind of self esteem boost I needed after yesterday... but I'll talk about that later. Right now I want to gush about my GORGEOUS bra. I resisted modeling the bra myself and scanned a pic from a magazine instead. It's the first bra I've ever owned that doesn't have under wire and it's so comfy. The lace is so pretty and feminine... sigh. I can't wait to show Steve ;)What was I up to yesterday? ... [ Discover More ]

Happy Easter Cake

Isn't it just darling! I'm quite proud of my efforts. To tell you the truth I went a bit over board for a work BBQ but once I started I couldn't help myself. Plus I had a few new piping nozzles I've been meaning to try out. I'm really chuffed of my buttercream icing too, it came out perfect. I got the cute Easter eggs and bunny from ALDI of course. I just loved the wrappers, so different and festive.I made Devils Food Cake, with choc fudge as the middle layer and iced with vanilla buttercream, ... [ Discover More ]

Toby & Charlie

Toby (5 at Xmas) & Charlie (3 in May)I've gotten quite a few questions about Toby & Charlie lately; "How are they coping? Have they noticed any changes? Have they treated you differently?" etc and I thought it was really interesting. They are of course wonderful but I have noticed Toby is a bit sooky and has cried a couple of times from wanting attention specifically from me. He's very protective which is cute but he's not aware of his strength so I always make sure Steve's in the yard ... [ Discover More ]


Thank the people up above for Jacq teaching me how to use bronzer/blusher. Since I've gotten all "puffy" it's been a godsend. I think I have it down-pat now. It looks a little more defined in person. I've also gotten into the habit of putting a touch of foundation on my nose and under eye area as I've found my complexion has changed a little. Thankfully the pimples have calmed down a little but haven't gone away completely.Here's my 18wk old bump. It's starting to feel less and less like a well ... [ Discover More ]

Told you I’d Try

Power pole in front of my house.Rain on our car.Flowers soaking up the sun.Old inner spring baby mattress dogs used to sleep on.It did have stuffing, Charlie ripped it all out :PToby wagging his tail and Charlie getting a closer look. ... [ Discover More ]

I’m going to TRY

If my camera could pull a face right now, that's what it would look like. Poor little abandoned Niki. I do love her, a lot actually but my brain seems otherwise occupied... can't think why. After posting about all those baby books yesterday (I've finished 2 so far) I thought I should probably read a few assignments and do a little study today.So I had a light lunch, a lovely shower (hence the damp hair), did the dishes and put the book in front of me... then decided I should probably blog about ... [ Discover More ]

A bit of light reading…

The library list:Then We Were Three - DVDAussie Fit Pregnancy - DVDBaby LoveUp the DuffThe Official Lamaze GuideDelivery by Appointment, Caesarean Birth TodayHandle with Care, Real StoriesConception, Pregnancy & Birth - Miriam StoppardNow I'm off to enjoy this glorious grey, rainy, stormy weather snuggled up in my doona with one of these lovelies. ... [ Discover More ]

Our Little Alien

Cute hey! lol. We got our photos today and I love them. What I love even more is that well see Little Mez again in less than 2 weeks. Man, this cracks me up every time I see it. Steve has this pic as his screen saver at work lol.Now here's a cutie photo. So sweet and less alien-like. Mama's favourite. Steve's convinced Little Mez suck up it's rude finger during the scan but I think he's full of it. My sweet little baby would never do such a thing.Look at those big feet. Dad and Mama have the ... [ Discover More ]