91 days to go... 13 weeks left... only 7 more paydays till he arrives. The last one freaks Steve out more than the others lol. I have only 6 months left to do my course. Can you tell I've lost enthusiasm? I'm really starting to buckle down as I only really have 3 months to complete the course because once LM is here it's game over. I also need to get my hair done. BAD. These are one of the many things that keep me awake at night.I had my glucose test last week and as a few of you know it didn't ... [ Discover More ]

Nerves of Steel

Most people enjoy eBay. The satisfaction of finding what you were looking for. The possibility that you could walk away the winner. Constant days of watching the price go up. Sticking to your budget. Being outbid in the very intense last 38 seconds. Redoing the whole process with another item... and the cycle continues. I lost 8 change tables in the last 2-3 months. This was one roller coaster I was ready to get off.I just couldn't justify spending over $60 on a second hand change table and I ... [ Discover More ]

Aunty Steph

This is my sister Stephanie, she lives in Townsville with her boyfriend and she turns 21 in September. She's pretty gorgeous and is very excited about being an Aunty to Little Mez. She's traveling all over Europe at the end of the year and is saving like crazy to be able to spend a couple of months abroad. Lucky thing. So she asked me what I wanted for LM specifically so as not to waste a cent... we're very alike that way. I told her I REALLY wanted a Bumbo, a Lime one to be specific and you ... [ Discover More ]


Whatever you do don't Google image "Poo Explosions". I feel a little queasy. At least I'm yet to have experienced being a mother and I can say quietly to myself "Our baby will be different". Denial is my current blessing and I'm going to run with it... at least until my stomach settles. My only real experience with an exploding disposable was with the ever cute and sassy Josceline. I thought it was hilarious at the time A) because she wasn't my child, B) because we were at a posh restaurant on ... [ Discover More ]

Idle Hands

The bouncer is in perfect condition but the cover that came with it was nothing short of horrible. I bought some fabric while I was out and about today. I got some orange and white polka dot fabric and this yummy lime stripe one. I plan to remake the bouncer cover and use the left over fabric to make cushions for the daybed. So, the plan is to unpick the ugly cover and use it as a template. I'll also buy some new batting and some pretty green ribbon to keep it tied on. I think it will be a fun ... [ Discover More ]

Op Shop Delight

I haven't been op shopping in MONTHS. It was my thing... that is until I found out I was having a baby, donated and purged most of the items in my house and vowed not to fill it with stuff again. Well, not for awhile anyway. Isn't the bouncer ugly! To an untrained eye it is but to me, I could see the potential. Remove the horrible cover and ancient toys and...... hey presto!!! It's a natural cotton colour and all it needs is a quick steam clean with the Tobi. Steve can do that tonight. Seriously ... [ Discover More ]

I just don’t get it…

Steve has barracked for Richmond Tigers AFL team for as long as he can remember... don't hold it against him, he grew up in Victoria lol. I've always poked fun as his team is pretty lame but at the same time also admired his loyalty, something Steve has by the truckload. For his birthday this year he took his Dad to a game Richmond was playing in Sydney.His family sent us a package yesterday with a heartfelt Thank You card for letting them stay and these little Richmond Tigers baby booties. ... [ Discover More ]

Makeover… continued

I've made some steps in the right direction with regards to the master bedroom in the last few days so I thought I'd do a little progression report. Above is drawings I did last night of the bedroom. A blank slate, no colour and includes some of the features I intend to add to the room. For example, the Flokati rug in front of the dresser, the cradle in position as well as the brand new lamps I have on layby. The little "i" dots represent picture hooks. Yes, I was really bored last night.Now, ... [ Discover More ]

Baby Shower

(The GORGEOUS original invite scanned)I received my official invitation to my Baby Shower this afternoon. The baby shower in my town of Windsor has evolved. Actually it's totally changed. Having a big bash and paying for it, without any sort of help or assistance from my friends just seemed stupid in the end and decided to call the whole thing off. My Mum is planning a lovely shower for me with my relatives and Danielle and there's talk of a lunch sometime in Darwin.A few things happened, a ... [ Discover More ]

Bathroom Delight

I've been indulging in baths once a week as both LM and I really enjoy them. It's my time to chill out, usually while The Simpsons are on TV and Steve's cooking dinner. I get to float my bump and LM likes it if I make little waves and bounce my butt off the bottom. I've been spending so much time in there reading magazines and books I started to feel the need to spruce up the bathroom and turn it into a place to relax rather than a library. I'm not a fan of overhead lighting, preferring lamps ... [ Discover More ]


Hello 3rd Trimester!!! Wow, this has been one hell of a roller coaster so far. To think I've only known I've been pregnant for 3 months is crazy, even crazier knowing I only have 3 more months to go... 29th August here we come!!! Luckily we've been planning for this baby for YEARS so it hasn't taken much to get our butts into gear and get organised. The nursery is almost complete (see post here) and we've chosen and purchased all the "big ticket items" we need. GO TEAM!!! Steve has been the best ... [ Discover More ]

Little Mez’s Master Bedroom

Ta-Da!!! It is still a work in progress but it's on it's way. You can see my alphabet art above his cot. I used a pack of $5 flash cards and some blu tak and of course a line marker to keep it straight. His mobile is a proud feature of the room and I love it so much. Steve said I'm not allowed to put batteries in it or they'll be flat before LM arrives... I think he might be right. I tend to spend about an hour each day in there fussing about with something or other. I lay on the daybed and rub ... [ Discover More ]

"I have nothing to wear"

Well that's what I originally thought. I have a non existent budget for new dresses thanks to Ob fees, cost of travel, getting all LM's stuff and trying to make our bedroom a sanctuary. So I decided to delve into my closet and see what I could find and possibly revamp into something workable. I have a wedding in Darwin to attend in late June (outdoor ceremony with reception at Thai restaraunt, 50 ppl), as well as a Hen's Party AND as of 2 minutes ago I also have another posh dinner at the Sebel ... [ Discover More ]

Spread the Love

I was given a blog award from the ever lovely Lucy this weekend, Thank you sweet. As a recipient I'm obliged to award 5 more blogs with the honour and as the saying goes, "You can only truly receive love by giving love" so here I go...Big Beauty @ Le blog de Big BeautySusannah @ Ink on my FingersAlix @ The Cherry Blossom GirlDanielle @ Live LifeBelinda @ The Happy Home ... [ Discover More ]


He's getting bigger. Thankfully I'm not packing it on, although when you see me in the evenings decked out in my warm purple trackies and jumper, snuggled under blankets, you'd think a Heffalump had taken up residence. That said, when I venture out I try to make an effort. Today I'm hitting the library. I have to return the mountain of books I borrowed and maybe acquire some new ones. Maybe one with sewing projects, hmm...LM has been a lovely baby. Lots of tumbles and ticklish kicks. Steve's ... [ Discover More ]

Nesting??? *editted*

The books say "If you rent you'll want to buy and if you own you'll want to renovate". I believe them. A few people I know have taken the plunge and advantage of the housing price fall and I long to join them. Now we don't have to worry about IVF a whole new range of financial possibility have opened up to us. I'm not one to go on a whim so I analysed my feelings (as I do) and realised I was just nesting. Phew, saved us several $100K. I decided to put all these feelings into revamping the main ... [ Discover More ]


I know, deep down, it's my decision. People will have plenty of advice, personal experiences and recommendations they'll want to share. I am prepared for it. Just don't be too hard on me. I'm learning as I go along and my journey is very individual, as was yours. Here's what's on my mind...Nappies. The wondrous human waste catchers that seem to consume a pregnant ladies brain at 11:30pm. To cloth or not to cloth? THAT is the question. If I use cloth should I use Modern Cloth Nappies or the ... [ Discover More ]


Yes, I'm a slack old mama bear. This post is 5 days late and it's almost time for the next installment, but it's done and I have some pretty good excuses up my sleeve. On Friday was the first time in almost 3 weeks that I had the house to myself. I spent it in my PJ's. I planned to take some pics when we went out for Thai food with friends that night (my outfit looked hot) but with my preggy-brain I completely forgot. Then on Saturday I woke in a hurry, missed my train but finally managed to ... [ Discover More ]

Mother’s Day

I got totally spoilt. I received a beautiful card that made me cry from Danielle, a HUGE box of Lindt chocolates and a pamper hamper from Steve. I woke at noon, had lovely croissants for breakfast and watched "He's just not that into you" snuggled up on the couch. Then I had a nice looong bath and re-read pregnancy magazines. Which was followed by a gorgeous foot massage (with products from my pamper hamper) from my caring hubby. Then I watched a lot of TV, ate a yummy chicken and salad dinner, ... [ Discover More ]

Baby Shower Ideas

I'm completely in love with Jennifer's Baby Shower concept which you can read about HERE. I just don't think I could pull it off with the friends I have here, let alone find the space to do it. It's really cute and seems like a lot of fun though, better than Jelly Babies popping out of ice cubes and guess how fat/big the pregnant lady is. I guess as long as there is cupcakes I'm happy.I'm having a bit of trouble making plans for my Richmond Baby Shower on Sunday the 14th June. I know, it's a ... [ Discover More ]

Proud Wifey

Steve has been a busy boy at work and making leaps and bounds in his career. I'm so proud of him and the changes that have come about because of his new career path. In 2005 (pre-blog lol) Steve made a huge, risky decision to leave the RAAF and move his fiance, his dog and all our stuff from Townsville to Sydney. This was HUGE. Life altering. Best thing we could have ever done. I praise him for his courage, his vision and for pulling it off. We have such a great life now.He went from being a LAC ... [ Discover More ]


This is the Windsor YMCA where I attend my Aqua classes. It's very small but does the job. I thought I'd try and be sneaky and take my small camera along and sneak one or two photos for you. See, I'm dedicated to my blog lol. There wasn't as many people in attendance today, as this morning it was quite nippy but the temperature inside and in the pool was lovely. On Monday's and Fridays I have a lovely blonde instructor who's classes are pretty basic but get the blood pumping and on Wednesday's I ... [ Discover More ]

Bump Book

I started my "Bump Book" the other night. It's more lovely than I imagined it to be. So far it's up to date and in order, I'll just add to it as I go, probably every 4 weeks. I bought another matching album ($20, BigW) that's the same as our wedding albums and attached the pictures with removable glue dots. Cheap and oh-so-easy.All LM's ultrasound photos are kept safe now. I printed a few enlargements of my favourites too. I'm going to go back through all my Bump Pix posts and write a little ... [ Discover More ]

The In-laws

Nicklas, Steve & HeatherWell their trip has come to an end and in about 5 minutes they'll be boarding their plane at Sydney Airport to head home to Melbourne. As always with visitors it was lovely to have them here and spend time together but it's also nice to have the house back to normal. We've had almost 3 weeks of relatives visiting and it's been great but I'm a little drained.We went shopping a lot (as you do in Sydney), got our hair done, played with the nursery, bought presents for LM ... [ Discover More ]

Aqua Aerobics

On Monday I started Aqua Aerobics a my local YMCA. Thankfully they have huge indoor heated pools so I'm not too worried about continuing my class through winter. I go every Mon, Wed & Fri at 12:30 so I have no excuses. I don't have to get up early and it's not around dinner time. The class goes for 45min and costs $6. It's lots of fun.I'm the youngest in attending by about 30-40 years and I'm the only pregnant lady but that's OK. I was hoping to meet some people like me but I guess that's ... [ Discover More ]


Impromptu photoshoots... gotta love them. We've had an unusually good batch of weather the last 3 days and when I ran into Luke at work yesterday afternoon I jumped at the chance for a photoshoot before he went to work today. It was like a miracle. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the leaves were golden. I took total advantage of the situation...Gorgeous. Windsor is so English. So many pretty perennials, rustic fences and open paddocks. Luke just wore his jeans, layered shirts, his new ... [ Discover More ]