My Grand Creation

This is the cake I made as a labour of love for our best friends Danielle & Luke for their wedding last Thursday in Darwin. It took 3 days, 6 layers of devils food cake, lots of chocolate frosting and a tonne of buttercream frosting to make it, all while 30 weeks pregnant and not feeling 100%... GO ME!!!It was huge and would easily feed 120 people, only the top tier was eaten at the wedding of 50, just to give you an idea of it's size. That said, at the end of the night the second layer got ... [ Discover More ]

Polyvore Challenge

The idea behind the challenge is this: "If I asked you to slip on a pair of jeans, a simple top, a pair of flat shoes, and any accessories you liked, what would you come up with? No doubt you'd come out looking vastly different to the next person, but how?" - Challenge by Fleur Delice... Create your own outfit using Polyvore and share it on your blog for all to see and make sure to leave a comment to share your outfit!I love dark jeans, especially these from Torrid an American plus size store ... [ Discover More ]


Here are the rules:Respond and rework; answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, add one more question of your own.What is your current obsession?Baths, I could soak in them all day.What are you wearing today?Jeans and a teal long sleeve shirt... and slippers.What’s for dinner? Chicken Schnitzel with saladWhat’s the last thing you bought? Nutri-Rich Bath Oil and 2 new shades of lipstick from Nutrimetics.What are you listening to ... [ Discover More ]


That's what I've been for the last few weeks. Dani (and everybody else it seems) duped me into believing that Dani wasn't able to attend the wedding in Darwin. I was sad, really disappointed but it was out of my control, nothing I could do... Nothing I could do but CRY when I saw her sitting at the airport in Darwin with Wendy, grinning ear to ear. It was a lovely surprise but I'd been traveling for almost 12 hours and 2am wasn't the best time for surprises.Once over the shock and being filled ... [ Discover More ]

Good Friends & Warm Weather

We fly out at 7pm and I'm thankful it's a Red Eye Flight so there's no rushing about this morning, no early freezing cold trains and I might even get the chance to sleep on the plane. Our bags are almost packed, lots of dresses in mine and lots of shorts in Steve's. I've decided not to wear either of the "wedding" dresses I posted about, I sourced something else but you'll have to wait to see it. The blue one is lovely but it needs to be professionally altered to be comfortable.Now I've just got ... [ Discover More ]

Ahh the memories…

It's really simple. I love how every photo tells a story. Some short stories, some long tales. I want to know what is your favourite photo of yourself. Everyone has one. The photo they look at and smile. It reminds them of something, some time, some place. A moment in time.So share the photo, share the story and then tag three other people. I want to see photos and stories all around the blogosphere.So I've been tagged to partake in a very cool project started by the lovely FatMumSlim and it's ... [ Discover More ]

Wedding Outfits

Wedding Possibility #1Blue strapless sheer overlay dress in cobolt blue, worn with blue gem necklace and black crop cardi. Originally planned to wear silver cardi and accessories but my feet don't fit any of my silver shoes. The dress is still a bit big so I may have to sew it tighter or I'll be pulling it up all night.Wedding Possibility #2Black & Cream sheer overlay dress with black sheer wrap. I didn't think it would fit but I tried it on and it looks dreamy. Not sure about so much black ... [ Discover More ]

LM Finished Nursery

From the hallway.From the doorway.Playtime area.More toys coming soon.Reading, napping & feeding area.Changing area.Sleeping area.We LOVE his room!!!For more photos and details on items check out my Flickr HERE. ... [ Discover More ]

The postman loves me…

I got some much needed love from friends in the mail yesterday. Dani sent me a sweet-as care package that was wrapped so beautifully I was afraid to open it. It had a whole bunch of DVDs (including Marley & Me, one of my faves) and an i love you project card which is now fondly stuck to the front of my iMac.I got an even larger package from Susie... an Avent electric milking machine and some flat nappy covers. Her baby girl Chloe is so adorable. I love receiving pre-loved goods and so does ... [ Discover More ]


He's getting bigger! Steve and I are really starting to get excited now, especially after the baby shower. LM's room is filling up with stuff like nappies and powder and tiny socks... real evidence that a little baby boy will be joining us in just 10 weeks!!! His nursery is so lovely and I think I did really well to keep so under budget and still get the look I want, YAY for second hand items! Steve can't wait to put the car seat in. I told him when I'm 35wks he can get it installed but no ... [ Discover More ]

For A Spoilt Baby Boy

On Saturday my parents drove down from Newy and after a quick cuppa we headed over to Alice's for my Baby Shower... eeeek!!! It was almost like it was his birthday and he isn't even born yet! Alice & Benny did such a fantastic job and everyone had a great time. No games just lots of yummy food and wine a-plenty... obviously no wine for me.The cake they ordered was HUGE... I have half of it sitting in my fridge even though everyone went back for seconds, it was sooo delicious and looked ... [ Discover More ]

How I spent my Friday…

It was SO cold last night and it didn't really ease up today. We had heavy frosts and even though the sun was shining, the freezing winds were brutal. It was definitely one of those days best spent inside, preferably in a fort made of quilts and pillows.After about 30 minutes in my fort with a stack of magazines I got bored and cleaned the house instead. I also had a huge task ahead of me... downloading a pile of old CDs to import onto Steve's new ipod. I swear he will never listen to all the ... [ Discover More ]

The little things…

A lot of little things have taken up my week so far. I know I've been rather absent from my blog, you'll have to forgive me, but it seems I prefer to spend my days in my head of late. I'll try my best to explain...I hate blogging without photos, I even hate it when other people blog without photos. So, when I forgot to take my camera to our posh Sebel dinner, I didn't blog about it. When my shitbox camera batteries died when I was trying to take a cute photo of Alice and I in our fluffy robes ... [ Discover More ]

Shopping for LM

I finally ordered my part time BumGenius! pack of MCN and I'm so happy... probably more than I should be in regards to nappies but happy all the same. I also got a 500 roll of biodegradable nappy liners (which can be cut in half to save even more $) and now we'll just see how we go. It's another great big tick off our list and I should expect them sometime in early July. Steve even rang me this morning to make sure I remember to buy them lol.I also received in my inbox today, notification that ... [ Discover More ]


Check me out, working the bump! I don't know what made me pull this funny face but I can't bring myself to delete it. I'm working a new outfit invention, tights and a dress. I know, I'm SUCH an innovator lol. I've rarely worn this dress and I'm quite pleased it works with the bump-a-roo. I still have to come up with a few more outfits for Darwin without spending any money and I'm sure I'll come up with something.I also have Alice's Baby Shower on Saturday and I'm so excited. I went out and ... [ Discover More ]


Today is a public holiday, the sun in shining... and Steve is at work. So I'm left to entertain myself and decide that staying inside stalking eBay is a waste of such a beautiful day. I grab my granny trolley, my Niki, wallet and keys and head out the door for a solo suburban adventure.A long weekend = junk curbside. People have time to do those extra jobs around the house. I saw 3 different houses putting up pergolas, two burly blokes waxing their Mac Trucks with such love and one guy putting ... [ Discover More ]

OiOi… guess what I got?

It started innocently enough, I was at Babies Galore paying off some of my layby (car seat/stroller) and I thought I'd have a little look around and see if anything catches me eye. Well, something did... a lovely, gorgeous OiOi Nappy Bag. It's a Kiwi Blue Tote. I lost all rational thought and wanted to take it home then and there... so I called Mum, told her to look at it online and to tell me what she thought, I needed confirmation I was making the right choice as I'm not one for impulse ... [ Discover More ]

Canadian Air

Little Mez and I were completely spoiled today, sure we were woken at 9am but it was worth it. Alicia sent a parcel all the way from Canada for us, we felt very special even though it was a cold misty morning. I'm woken to a deep bark from Toby telling me "To get my arse of of bed, there is someone at the door" and opening the door like a Kinder Surprise with a very child-like look on my face. Most times I'm not so lucky, it's just Mormons, but today I was very lucky indeed.I won a shoe ... [ Discover More ]

Sebel Dinner

My posh work dinner at the Sebel Resort is on Friday night and I've had a few thoughts on what I should wear. The Black & White dress I thought of wearing the other week doesn't sit as well as I'd hoped on my bump but luckily I have another option I'm happy to wear...I could wear my "only worn once" black satin corset top and wrap cardigan. I got from Target It's one of those clever 2 tops in 1 things. I was never a fan but this one looks quite hot on me, with plenty of room for the bump. ... [ Discover More ]

Lamps… after 3 years of searching.

We have LAMPS... seriously my soul feels lighter. I've been on the hunt for the right lamp at the right price for oh so long now and finally my search is over. Of course Steve didn't really understand my obsession and was quite happy with the ones we have but he's a boy and we have an understanding that I dress the house lol. The bedroom makeover is going so well. Lamps were $30 each so it suited our budget, plus they're touch lamps so they're perfect for late night feeds with LM.I let out a ... [ Discover More ]

Talk about a BARGAIN!!!

While I was at Target today, picking up my lovely lamps I thought I'd have a look in Manchester as they had a sale on... maybe I'd find some nice curtains. Nope, no curtains but I did find these GORGEOUS cushions. There was two of them sitting on the shelf and neither of them had tags. So I went to the registers and asked how much they were. You will never believe me... $2.12 each. That's right TWO DOLLARS AND TWELVE CENTS each. I was so happy I kid you not, I did a little dance right then and ... [ Discover More ]

Lesbian Vampire Killers *editted

Wez is taking me out to lunch followed by a movie. I've been looking forward to it all week. I haven't been to the movies in ages and I'm really looking forward to getting out of the house. This is a new outfit I invented today. I think it works. I've also decided I really hate my hair and it's been WAY too long between appointments. I'm getting it cut on Friday before the Sebel dinner so I guess that's something else to look forward to.This is the movie Wez picked out... it's soooo us. It looks ... [ Discover More ]

Cute Little Monkey

This is the little cross stitch I designed for my lovely friend Rhi and her little chickpea's nursery. You can see my previous post about it here. I was quite satisfied that it would suit the rest of the decor, especially with his little matching red & white striped socks. I wanted to wait until she had received it before I blogged the end result...I suck at cross stitch... but I did my best. He's not exactly the way I originally planned for him to look but all those curves and skinny bits ... [ Discover More ]

Baby & Kids Market

On Sunday Steve took me out for the morning to the Baby & Kids Market held at Kellyville, 15 minutes from home. We're loving all of our second hand nursery bargains and were keen to try our luck for more. Plus Kellyville is a bit of a yuppie area so we were on the look out for brand name items on the cheap. We got lucky...I snagged these cute shoes for $2 brand new. We also grabbed some trendy pumpkin patch jeans for $2 each. A couple of singlets at 50c each. A cute onesie with a puppy ... [ Discover More ]

DIY Bouncer Covers

Ta-Da!!! On Saturday I really enjoyed this project and it only took an hour or two to complete both of them. So simple, I'm glad I convinced myself to do it. They look like accessories you'd buy with the bouncer. Too cute. It cost just under $30 for both covers but it could be done cheaper with different fabric and polyester batting. I used a gorgeous soft organic cotton batting for a few dollars more but I think it's worth it.I love the colours and how they jazz up the bouncer. I'm sure it will ... [ Discover More ]