Orange you glad I LOVE you

I've had one of those pesky "nesting" days today. The laundry is transformed, the bathroom spotless and the studio is perfection. All it cost is some back pain, a tomato sandwich and half a litre of red cordial lol. I've had a project lingering at the bottom of my to-do list for awhile and I took the opportunity to cross it off this afternoon.BEFORE: This wall has been blank forever and I hate it. It's a large wall and opposite a window that is about the same size so it gets great light. The ... [ Discover More ]

Something for me…

I was given money for my birthday and since I'm the bill payer in our household it automatically went toward awesome things like rego, new tires and other boring things like that. I knew that eventually down the track I'd find something I like and be able to justify the purchase as a belated present to myself. But since all the shopping I seem to to do these days is for Little Mezza I began to doubt my plan. I'd probably walk out justifying a purchase of another 48 pairs of socks!I'd been ... [ Discover More ]

Peek a Boo

Little Mezza and I have graduated to weekly Ob appointments this week and I've been told due to his growth and wellness scan that any time from now could be "go" time, very exciting! He's measuring really well and even had a growth spurt which is all good news. He was head down during today's ultrasound and I really hope he decides to stay that way. He's still laying on his side, his spine is along my right side with his feet crossed and on my left side. I'm happy with that but I know a lot can ... [ Discover More ]

Movies with Wez

Once a fortnight for the last couple of weeks my mate Wez gets me out of the house and we do lunch and a movie. So far we've seen Lesbian Vampire Killers, Harry Potter, The Hangover, Ice Age 3 and today we're going to see Bruno. It's also been great as I've sampled lots of new cafes and restaurants I might never have tried.I've never been to the movies so often but I'm glad because I know I wont be going for a few years after Little Mezza is born. I can't take Steve to the movies, he falls ... [ Discover More ]

Volley Me, Volley You

My first ever pair of volleys weren't a voluntary purchase, they were bought for me by my Dad for my voyage on STS Leeuwin II way back in 2001. Yep, I sailed on a 3 mast tall ship through the Arafura Sea when I was just 16 years old as a part of the Northern Territory Youth Program. The point is, I thought that Volley's were ugly and only old people wore them but my Dad swore I'd love them in the end... and boy was he right. I wore them literally to death. I did take a beautiful photo of them ... [ Discover More ]

Jabba the Hutt

I think this is a pretty fair interpretation of my mental/physical state... please don't commit me, just consider this as part of my therapy...I'm loving my pregnant belly, the way my nipples have completely transformed and for the first time ever I've had nice nails. What I don't like is the fluid retension, the multiple chins, swollen feet, pimples, back pain and it honestly seems like my lips and nose have doubled in size. I've wanted to be pregnant for so long and I feel totally and utterly ... [ Discover More ]

Cuddles for Kelly

This morning a sweet little package arrived to send me into pre-mumma bliss. I requested and she delivered. A mixed CD full of so many tracks already close to my heart, songs that sent me back in time and some that made me just get down and boogie. Kelly wrote to me on gorgeous stationary about why she picked each song and what they meant to her, making the gift extra special. She also included 3 crystals without knowing about my rather abundant collection and personal interest in them. Kelly ... [ Discover More ]

Lazy Weekend

This weekend Steve and I decided to play it cool, take it easy and not plan any activities in advance, just wing it. Yesterday we fussed about with Little Mezza's new ride, took the dogs to get their annual booster shots (and their nails done) and did a general tidy of the house. We also got the car detailed inside and out and booked the car seat installation for Thursday. Steve got a haircut and I stocked up on new knickers (as you all suggested) and a nice button-front nightie. Then we had ... [ Discover More ]


I only own black, purple, blue and teal items in my wardrobe now but I think I still manage to make it look cute. I'm ever so thankful that my jeans have fit right through the pregnancy. Sure I have to undo the button and zipper whenever I sit down and sure, sometimes I forget that fact when I get out of the car and they start falling down... but that's all apart of the journey right? At least it's a good indicator that my arse and thighs haven't ballooned too much.My skin is horrible. Normally ... [ Discover More ]

How many socks does one kid need?

Little Mezza has a LOT of socks... 43 pairs to be exact! I had to buy a little box to keep them organised in his draw but the box just isn't big enough (see below). Thankfully though there are a range of sizes to fit him until he's two so unless the washing machine or dryer eats them we should be right for awhile. The only problem is, how will I stop myself from buying more?He also has an ever-growing hat and cap collection. I'm not a hat person but I wish I was, I just can't seem to pull off ... [ Discover More ]

For the Love of Books

These are a few of the new additions I've bought for Little Mezza to add to my own personal collection from when I was a child which Mum thankfully saved for my children.My favourite is the "Alphabet" touch and pop up book, it's so gorgeous. I loved the message in "Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes" plus you can never go wrong with Mem Fox. The Grug books are a blast from the past that Steve and I couldn't resist, especially "Grug Plays Soccer". The Baby Einstein "Mirror Me" book is sure ... [ Discover More ]

Moments of Solitude

I think the best Christmas present I've bought myself to date is my annual subscription to Real Living magazine. I'm only missing 4 issues in the whole 4 years it's been going to print. What I love is that it comes to me, out of the blue and perks me right up. Steve knows whenever it arrives that the bath will be occupied for at least an hour. It's my chill zone and I'm glad it's going to continue after Little Mezza is born. If I didn't have my subscription though it might be a different story. ... [ Discover More ]

Tennyson The Tickilish Tyke

Today is my godson Tennyson's 2nd Birthday and I really regret that Steve and I can't be there to help him celebrate. It was great to see him whilst we were in Darwin for his parents wedding but as I was so sick I was afraid to get too close. Now the little baby I cradled in my arms and washed in the bathroom sink is now two years old and is turning into such a little heart breaker.Happy Birthday Tenno!!!Lots of Love, Aunty Lelle oxox ... [ Discover More ]

Spending Money on Me?

It's started. I spent all day at the shopping center with Wez and I didn't buy one single thing for myself. I bought LM 2 soft downy towels and then proceeded to purchase two matching hand towels, bath mat and a plush bathroom rug for in front of the bath and basin. I even bought Toby & Charlie some new dog toys. Then I went into Target in the hopes of buying a nice top to cheer me up in these last few weeks and instead I walk out with a cute fold up canvas shopping bag (for the stroller) ... [ Discover More ]

Keep Calm

The nursery has been "finished" for ages now it seems, but I can't help but fuss and potter around in there. I'm actually willing myself to find another project to do.. something... anything. I just love preparing for him, nothing else seems to give me as much enjoyment right now. I've opened packets of his nappies and put them in the basket under his changetable and I've sorted the clothes in his draws a million times. I just have to find reasons to be in there.I bought him a new CD player from ... [ Discover More ]

Steve’s Nesting

This is what I returned home to on Saturday after I spent the afternoon at the hairdressers. The bathroom was completely cleaned out and it just sparkled. I use vinegar and bicarb as cleaning products in the bathroom but in the last few weeks of pregnancy, getting down on my hands and knees to scrub every inch seems a ridiculous feat. As I'm the only one who cleans the bathroom it was slowly sliding down the slope of disgrace. Steve took the opportunity whilst I was out of the house to hose the ... [ Discover More ]


6 weeks and counting, wow! He's really popped out and is so active and today, for the first time, he's movements hurt. He seems to like kicking or punching my cervix. Not so much fun for Mumma. Since the ultrasounds this week I think I've clued into his turning movements. He's turned 3 times already. I'm just going to let him do his own thing and see what position our little wild card will land in on the big day.So far I'm doing pretty well at not over thinking, keeping myself occupied making ... [ Discover More ]

It’s my Birthday…

Isn't my birthday cake just simply stunning! Ok, so Steve wasn't organised enough to bake me a cake but he did take me out to dinner last night for gourmet pizzas followed by Krispy Kremes in lieu of a cake. I can work with that, I'm only turning 24.Today will be a whirlwind of exciting activities like seeing our accountant to get our taxes done and going to Aldi and the grocers because there is a mythical beast that seems to be eating all the food in our fridge. My Nutrimetics order was dropped ... [ Discover More ]

Turn Baby Turn

Apparently my uterus is also a disco, I was unaware of this but LM seems to be enjoying himself. I got to my Ob appointment and happily said (ok, also a little smugly) that LM had moved just before yesterdays ultrasound and was happily in position.As I was getting up on the chair for the Ob to do his routine ultrasound I jokingly said "I bet he's turned just to tick me off"... famous last words. Yep, he's moved. He didn't go back to his very comfortable (b) position and definitely was no longer ... [ Discover More ]

LBD Challenge

I hate wearing black especially when formal occasions can call for more flamboyance but I'm towing the line with a stunning pewter dress I'd happily wear as its the perfect cut for my shape. The shoes and clutch look like something I'd buy and wear/use over and over again as they could go with so many outfits. The jewelery is totally my style, I even gave a little gasp when I saw them. I love a funky colour on my toes and I usually get this shade when I get a pedicure, I'm crazy like that. You ... [ Discover More ]

Got Balls?

Aren't they the cutest little balls you've ever seen HAHAHA!!! Sorry, no cute profile photos this time ladies because my precious boy did something amazingly cheeky... he turned. He's no longer transverse, he's head down/bum up and I'm very pleased he did it in time for the ultrasound as it makes my Ob appointment tomorrow a lot easier. Vaginal birth here I come... that is if his big head manages to make it through my pelvis.Steve couldn't be there and I promised I'd bring him some photos home ... [ Discover More ]

Baby Days

I hate laundry, I really do. It's the bending over into our deep washing machine that does it for me. I just can't seem to reach the tiny socks stuck to the bottom but I did yesterday and don't they just looks so cute and cuddly. You can smell the baby powder can't you? I also washed all his linen, he has about 6 sets and numerous blankets. I'm a bit of a linen freak, especially white sheets but they have to be quality, nothing under 600 thread count in my house. I know, you're all sitting in ... [ Discover More ]


Music is very important to me at the moment. I could spend a whole pay check on new CDs. TV is getting less and less interesting, especially once MasterChef is over. LM and I love that show, he always kicks like a crazy man during the show. Maybe we'll have a little foodie on our hands, Mumma can hope. Anyway, back to music, I'm finding it's the only way I can truly chillout and stop my brain from over thinking. Feel free to make me many mixed CDs and send them my way... I have 6.5 weeks of over ... [ Discover More ]

Knitted Joy *Editted*

These are the knitted toys my grandma made me for Little Mezza. I totally adore them and had to share. She also made mittens & booties, blankets and little knitted overalls. LM is one lucky little baby.The softest white baby shawl with matching booties and mittens.The cutest little knitted overalls with pom-pom beanie for added style. ... [ Discover More ]

Baby Shower @ Mum & Dads

It really was great to visit Mum & Dad for the weekend and soak up the family environment. I asked questions about what I was like as a baby and poured through my baby albums and found this little gem of me when I was about 10. We were at Brisbane Airport and friends came to see us during our wait and bought their kids along. I love how comfortable I look holding the little blue snuggly bundle and the little yellow duck by my side. There were a LOT of photos of me holding/playing ... [ Discover More ]