Bassinets, Bjorns & Boobs

Before I left for Darwin I noticed in the window of my Op Shop a lovely blue portable bassinet but the shop was shut and I was leaving for Darwin the next day. When I got back home I thought maybe, just maybe it still might be there. It wasn’t… but a better one was! The shop was once again closed as a few of the ladies are on holidays, so I popped a note under the door asking them to put it aside for me. I got a phone call today asking if I can come and pick it up now as they’re going to be shut for another week. I grabbed my purse and nabbed this baby for $15! On ebay similar items sell for $60 as they sit in strollers. I gave her an even $20 to thank her for calling me and letting me pick it up when they weren’t even open.
It looks brand new and even the white lining is spotless. I know Steve will give it a good clean with the Tobi as soon as he gets home. The reason I wanted a portable bassinet was because our car seat is a convertible one from birth so there is no convenient capsule to carry LM around in. Our stroller is from newborn but it would be nice to have a little bed for him to sleep in when we make house calls and even our trip Melbourne to visit Steve’s family so we don’t have to take the big portacot…… another one of my ebay bargains. I picked this one up for $50 and as well as having a raised base it came with the changemat/bassinet thingy that goes on top. Barely used at all. It’s going to be perfect for Nanna & Grandpa place.I’ve been at it again, I JUST won (at 3:15 this afternoon) a Baby Bjorn Active Carrier for $82 incl postage! I’m very excited as it’s the first one in AGES to sell at under $100 and when the RRP is $189 you can’t go wrong! It’s the only carrier Steve liked and since he’ll be the one wearing him when we’re out and about it made sense to buy what suited him. YAY ebay!
A few weeks ago I won a competition on MamaMia by simply leaving a comment on her blog. I won Being Dad DVDs 1&2 and I can’t wait to watch them with Steve tonight. I was bummed our local library didn’t have copies to hire and I didn’t want to pay $$ for something we’d watch once. Since I won these I’m going to donate them to my library, passing on the good karma. Hopefully other new parents will get a “free” kick out of them as well.
I scored another great deal last week at my pharmacy. They had LilyPadz on sale. Originally $42.95 but at 50% off. There was only 2 boxes and I grabbed both… buy one get one free! I’d contemplated buying them online as a few people couldn’t recommend them highly enough but I was a bit nervous as my boobs are slightly bigger than the average bears. I opened one box and they just fit and were strangely comfy. The real test will be to see if they fit well enough to stop any leakages.

Also, I ordered some REALLY cute “Thank You” cards from and they’re perfect. We’ve already recieved so many things for Little Mez and I can’t wait to start thanking everyone personally.


  1. 1

    Danielle says

    Woohoo. I'm glad the liitle old ladies called you before they went on holidays again. It looks perfect.

  2. 3

    Miss Simplicity says

    Well done with the Baby Bjorn! and if you get bored of the black.. you can zip up nifty covers on the sewing machine in no time.. they look fab!

    Hey, please keep us posted on the lily pads, I'm very curious to see what you think, because I've been wondering what products on the market are good in terms of nursing pads

    Ronnie :)

  3. 4

    Kelly says

    Fantastic idea to donate the DVDs, how many do we all have that we only watch once! Share the experience!

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