Missing Daddy

Today was Steve's first day back at work and whilst we missed him like crazy, the day continued on and was pretty good. For Daddy however the day was long and hard without us and couldn't help but call just to say hi and make sure things were OK. I could hear the longing in his voice but at least the band aid has been ripped off and tomorrow should be easier for him. I emailed him lots of photos for his screensaver at work and took this photo today just for him. We can't believe he'll be a week ... [ Discover More ]

Splish Splash

Aidan's first bath at home.He loved every second. If he could smile he would have.Even Mumma had fun and was beaming from ear to ear.Daddy got in on the action too. ... [ Discover More ]

Shhhh… Mumma’s Sleeping

Hi everyone, had a few spare minutes before Aidan's next feed and thought I'd let you know we were discharged from hospital today and thankfully happy and settled in at home. It's slowly sinking in that our little family is real and we're enjoying soaking up our new babe. Steve has been an absolute godsend and I don't think I could have ever attempted to be the kind of mother I am without him. So far feeds are going well but due to the c-section my milk is taking a little longer to come in so ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan Ryan

On behalf of Danielle, I Aunty Steph sat down with Steve and let him choose his favourite photos of Aidan so far so I can share them with you, Danielle's family, friends, fellow bloggers and people who she is yet to meet but already care about her new little family so much.He is such a cute little guy and it is easy to see both Danielle and Steve in his features. At only 3 days old he is doing well and passing his tests and eagerly awaiting more cuddles from me and his Grandma tomorrow when we ... [ Discover More ]

We’re Parents!!!

It's pretty bad when you've just had a c-section, learning to breast feed, haven't had lunch yet and in desperate need of a nap... that I make my way down to the hospital internet cafe with baby and Steve in tow... to blog. Aidan Ryan Melnyczenko was born via c-section at 7:42 am on Tuesday the 25th of August. We had planned inducement with my Ob for Thursday but due to blood pressure complications, swelling and other factors, I was admitted to hospital on Monday afternoon with an overnight stay ... [ Discover More ]

welcome baby

Hi Everyone,I'm Danielle from over at Hello Owl. I'm Danielle's BFF and guest blogger for today.A few weeks ago Danielle asked me to do a short post when the time came to let you all know that LM had made an appearance. {I know it sounds totally weird doesn't it, like there's too many Danielle's rolling around in your head}Well today is my lucky day because this morning Danielle gave birth to a healthy baby boy, both of them are doing well and having a nap as I type.She'll be in hospital for a ... [ Discover More ]


I'm sorry it's late this week but I have been caught up with Mum and Steph.I'm so in love with Little Squishy (Little Mezza) and can't wait to hold him in my arms as a family.Today I decided to do thing differently with a sparkly top and even ventured into some eye make up. I'm looking forward to my hair appointment on Wednesday. But for now I will soak up as much of my sister as I can. ... [ Discover More ]

A different kind of labour…

... slave labor that is. As I already posted, my family arrived on Saturday (explaining lack of posts over the weekend) and I'd made a list of things for Mum to do around the yard since she'll be here for a few weeks and LM will hopefully be sleeping a lot. I didn't want her going batty and I know how much she loves to get her hands dirty in the garden... and my what a big garden we have!(click to enlarge)We rent so have no say at all about the garden, we just have to keep it looking nice and ... [ Discover More ]

We are Family

Christmas 2008 was the last time my whole family was together. Stephanie and her boyfriend Joshua flew down from Townsville to celebrate with us and Mum & Dad drove over from Newy. It was nice and casual and really special that we were able to host a family Christmas for the first time. I dragged us all out onto the front lawn on the last day of their stay and took this photo as a lovely reminder... little did we know that Little Mezza was only a couple of weeks at the time.After the passing ... [ Discover More ]

Light & Fluffy

I have a busy out and about with Steve today who's taken time off to hang out with me. We have an Ob appointment that I hope won't throw us any surprises and maybe a little shopping to prepare for my family's arrival on Saturday. Steve and I are also making time for another date tonight (two in one week... woohoo!) to go to the cinema and see Inglourious Basterds, by Quentin Tarantino and maybe grab some Thai food for dinner. So I'll leave you with some light & fluffy images collected from ... [ Discover More ]

Highs & Lows

The past few months have been a roller coaster of emotions and Steve and I have tried our best to weather each high and low, gripping the handlebars, feeling the wind in our hair and screaming bloody murder with a bit of reflux and lots of smiles and laughs along the way. It's all new, exciting, draining and heartwarming all at the same time.I've been blogging for a few years now and been a reader of others blogs for even longer. Sure it's a great way to meet new people, delve into the lifestyle ... [ Discover More ]

Lunching with Luke

Today was a beautiful day. As soon as I woke up I knew I didn't want to be cooped up inside so I called Luke in hopes of grabbing a coffee with him before he started work at 1pm. To my delight he had the day off and was open to lunch as well as coffee. Sweet deal. I picked him up and we were off. We chose a quaint little cafe in Windsor and soaked up the sunshine. The food was so brilliant that we were almost finished our meals when I remembered to take a photo. I like the way the photo captures ... [ Discover More ]

When I’m bored…

... I go Op Shopping. It's something I can do on my own and if it's a good day can take up most of my afternoon, jumping from shop to shop. I don't feel guilty because I'm helping charities and I know I'm not going to spend more than loose change. I've been trying my best to kill the time and soak up the "me" time but it's proving rather frustrating because all I really want to do is meet LM.I always go to the bulky items section first and wouldn't you know it... my highchair from Ikea, that I ... [ Discover More ]

Spontaneous Steak

I was hungry, really hungry... so I hatched a cunning plan. I got dressed, put some make up on and waited. As soon as Steve walked in the door I shoved him in the shower, then told him to get dressed... he was taking me to Hogs Breath. The shock factor worked and within 10 minutes we were out the door and officially on a date. We were on a Date, we were going to eat Steak and we each got free Cake.We arrived at 6pm, just before the rush and boy was it busy. We got a lovely little table right by ... [ Discover More ]

Sharing is Caring

Katie Holmes is your bff and one day she takes you to the mall and surprises you with the most amazing present...the use of her credit card for one day {within reason of course} What would you buy? ... Thanks Dani, fun challenge.Obviously I've whinged way too much about my pregnant body and to cheer me up Katie is taking me out to buy me a stunning post baby outfit... and to stock up on a few essentials if I'm to keep hanging out with her in public. She buys me a classic black Birkin, oozing ... [ Discover More ]

Clever Contrast

My lovely sister bought me the one thing I coveted for the nursery but couldn't seem to get my hands on... an alligator clip mobile. Wherever I looked they were sold out but Stephanie found one, bought it and shipped it down to me. I really wanted a mobile hanging over the change table but I didn't want anything too bulky. This is perfect as you barely even notice it hanging there and doesn't clash at all with the room.I hung it using a trusty 3M hook and some invisible sewing thread. My ... [ Discover More ]


Isn't it gorgeous. I'm so in love with my bump and "my little squishy" aka: Little Mezza. After going to the Birth Suite and seeing all the squishy newborns it's all I can seem to call him now days. I can't stop dreaming of what he'll look like and what features he'll have. This is going to be the longest 2 weeks of our lives, it's already started to draaaaaaaaaaag...Everything is done. Everything. Even my assignments are being ticked off quicker than expected. The house is spotless and Steve ... [ Discover More ]

Nappy Novelty

Today I got so many things ticked off my check list, must have been the brilliant sleep I had last night thanks to the acupuncture. One of the things I managed to get done was the first wash of LM's new nappies.The microfiber boosters are so soft and really absorbent.I'm so happy with the colours we picked, so fun.They looked so sweet drying in the sunshine. It's hard to think I'll get sick of washing nappies every day and seeing them on the line... but I guess I also forget what they'll be ... [ Discover More ]


I've never had acupuncture before but only ever heard good things about it and now that I'm in my final DAYS of this pregnancy I thought it couldn't hurt to try. I chose to go to the same place where I had my massage and reflexology last week at Rouse Hill. Lovely people and the atmosphere is really nice. The photo is a bit shaky because Steve didn't want to stand outside a shop with a lady taking a photo of a shop... but that's the way I roll and that's what he signed up for lol.The acupuncture ... [ Discover More ]

Master Bedroom… Finally.

Completely by accident I found the most perfect quilt cover, the one from my dreams and it was on sale. It's a lovely soft 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton, duck egg blue quilt cover with 2 tailored pillowcases. After just one wash it felt like we'd been using it for years, so so soft. It doesn't have flowers or anything girlie on it so Steve's a fan too.The colour is very subtle but just right and doesn't clash at all with the walls. It looks almost white in these photos but up against our ... [ Discover More ]

Drive @ Dawn

Last night I treated Steve and cooked him dinner. I cooked a real "Man Feast" of Taco's with all the trimmings and I could tell by his saucy grin he appreciated every bite. Then I whipped up some fresh diced strawberries with icing sugar and a little strawberry ice cream for dessert. I totally won that guys heart. My heart however burned all night long...I took my beloved Ranitidine pill as usual but still found myself waking every half hour. At 3am I'd had enough and took some liquid Mylanta as ... [ Discover More ]

All the Pretty Flowers

Spring is in the air... or available by the cartload at your local nursery. I went to Bunnings on Monday to cure an evil that has been haunting me for weeks. The 'nesting' has spread people. Not only am I completely neurotic about cleanliness IN the home, it turns out I'm partial to the outdoor clean up as well. I'm definitely making Steve work for this kid of ours.We have lovely hanging baskets (ok, they're just cheap $2 ones from the Reject Shop) and over Winter they didn't survive as well as ... [ Discover More ]

Thanks Grandpa

As soon as we announced to our families that we were expecting Little Mezza my Dad had already picked out the name he wanted LM to call him, thus "Grandpa" was born and a very excited Grandpa he is! Every time I call my parents he answers the phone "Is it time?" and it's so very very cute.He wanted to give LM a gift that was substantial and would keep on giving. We'd already purchased all the furniture so I asked him to pitch in for BumGenius nappies. Something he'd use everyday for months and ... [ Discover More ]


Before I left to have my blood pressure test this afternoon I snapped this weeks bump pix as I'm sporting my new green cardi from BigW of all places. I also have it in black lol. I also wasn't sure how the test would go and if it would eventuate to a C-Section and I really wanted to make sure I had a record of this weeks bump. Obviously LM is quite happy where he his and no one wants him out of the oven just yet although as of today I'm officially full term and he's welcome to vacate whenever he ... [ Discover More ]

Blood Pressure Test

My Ob ordered a 4 hour blood pressure test at my last appointment and I had to done today. Seriously a great way to spend a perfect sunny Saturday... not. In the end it took 5 hours and was so boring I had a nap. The best part was the trace and hearing LM's heartbeat and having to press the button every time he moved. A fun game. Thankfully Olly was in my handbag and kept me entertained for awhile.This is me, don't I look sexy sprawled out on the bed with my huge belly bulging about. I knew I ... [ Discover More ]