When I’m bored…

… I go Op Shopping. It’s something I can do on my own and if it’s a good day can take up most of my afternoon, jumping from shop to shop. I don’t feel guilty because I’m helping charities and I know I’m not going to spend more than loose change. I’ve been trying my best to kill the time and soak up the “me” time but it’s proving rather frustrating because all I really want to do is meet LM.
I always go to the bulky items section first and wouldn’t you know it… my highchair from Ikea, that I just paid full price for, was on the floor for $15. I was so dumbstruck I took a photo, only realising whilst writing this post that I should have bought it for grandma’s house… I’m going back today.
I did however buy this cute little etched glass Eiffel Tower paperweight, about 15cm high. I really love it and it lives on my computer desk for now.
I also picked up some practically brand new Pumpkin Patch gear for LM. A soft organic sleep-sack, pants, matching socks and a hat. The yellow onesie is Bonds and has a tiny bee embroidered on it. The other two green onesie’s I suspect are from BigW but considering I got the whole lot for $4 I’m pretty happy. No stains of course, they look like they just came out of the store.

Afterward I walked into my local massage place and had Reflexology. My feet were so swollen and I loved every single second of that half hour of bliss. Today I’m doing laundry and then taking Luke out for lunch and a catch up before LM arrives… if he’ll ever decide too…


  1. 1

    Danielle says

    woohoo fabulous buys. im exactly the same. when we brought our ikea highchair I'm pretty sure they were $15 but I know they have gone up since then. It will be perfect for grandmas house.

  2. 2

    Zoe says

    Ouh, I love those highchairs.. I had a terribly bulky thing thats not coming back out for this baby..
    Im Zoe by the way.. I found you through Dani.. Good luck with the last stretch of your pregnancy.. Loving your belly pics!!

  3. 4

    ***Amy*** says

    What a fantastic Op shop! I can never seem to find great things like that when i go!

    Hurry up little Mez! We are ready to meet you now!

    I know that it feels like forever, the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy were soo slowwww…and then i went 4 days overdue. Humph. They do come out eventually though- and i have the four month old to prove it :P

  4. 6

    Aneets says

    Good haul!

    I had a score myself this afternoon, found two dresses- one for work (Cue last season and gorgeous!) and another casual one for the beach in summer (Myer brand), both in mint condition. $4 each!

  5. 7

    Permanently twenty three says

    Oh I'm such an op shop fan, it's super addictive.

    You'll be pelased to know that op shops are awesome places for kids … lots of old ladies to chat to baby, and usually a tub of toys in the corner. Awesome. LM will love them.

    It's gotten to the point where E thinks going "to the op shop" is a REALLY fun outing.

  6. 9

    Stephanie says

    hehe thats one sharp little paper weight… mummy and i will get you a real one :P. i swear your op shops must be magical because all the stuff i seem to find isnt nearly as interesting… best thing i found was a thing you hang you clothes on which has wheels for $5… so now when i put my washing away i dont have to walk bak and forwards from the cupboard to the bed

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