Aidan’s Picnic at the Park

I really wanted to be in a little bubble with my boy for the first few weeks after he was born. I asked friends to keep their distance so I could learn to breastfeed, get into a routine and give us time to get to know our son. I didn't feel I could do that well if I had added unintentional pressure from visitors. I liked the freedom of walking about the house in just a bra all day knowing that no one was going to drop by. It also made it a lot easier to nap whenever I felt like it. I ran on ... [ Discover More ]

Not about Aidan

Everything in my life is all about Aidan and I've noticed I've transferred my passion for him onto my blog and he's all over the place. My blog is, primarily, a place for me and I understand that right now my little boy is my entire world but if I don't take a step back and remember pieces of me I'll be a goner for sure. So after trawling through my iPhoto searching for photos unrelated to Aidan these 2 are the ONLY photos I came across. SAD. I'm determined to change this habit and with the next ... [ Discover More ]

Flying Solo

Yesterday was my first full day home alone with Aidan, my first day at being an "all rounder" mother. Now that my lovely mother has gone home and Steve was away at work all day it was just me and the baby. I remember thinking "Now what?". I mean, what do you do with a newborn when you're all on your own? There is only so much staring I can do at his cute face and right now that's about all we can do besides feeding.Showering with Aidan is a lot easier on my back than bathing him but we'd never ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s Birth Story ~ Part 2

TUESDAY 25th AugustI jumped in the shower, pausing to take a few last minute naked bump photos. I really loved my pregnant body and I knew I would miss it (and I do). It would be the last shower when I’d feel my little baby moving inside me and I relished the moment. I got dry and a nurse came in, shaved me good and proper then gave me gowns to put on. Needless to say I was feeling pretty sexy… not. Meanwhile Steve had put his scrubs on and was looking rather spunky. I asked if he could bring ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s Birth Story ~ Part 1

This week Aidan will be a month old and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you his birth story since I've now had a bit of time to write it. I know a lot of you have been curious and keen to hear it. I'm not one for a short story so I've paced it out into separate posts which will be added to every day this week, reflecting the week of his birth and the first week of his life. Be sure to come back and follow up on the events everyday. MONDAY 24th August My Mum, Sister ... [ Discover More ]

Nappy Time

Gma is great at changing my stinky bum first thing of a morning. Mumma says she lets Gma do it because she'll miss out on all the fun when she goes back home on Saturday. I think she's fibbing.See how irrisistable I am when I'm stink-free and smelling like powder-puff perfection. Mumma says that I'm getting little fatty rolls in all the right places... I told her she's not as lucky* but they're all the better for snuggling. * Love you Mumma*Mumma thought that since I insist on saturating every ... [ Discover More ]

Mumma & Bubba

Ok... so I got lazy on the weekend, didn't brush my hair and wore my nightie all day and didn't particularly feel like posing for photos. C'mon, it was the weekend after all. Today I thought I'd wash and straighten my hair, put a bright happy top on and even a necklace... look out world! Just before our daily walk down the street I thought I'd take a few photos using my very neglected photobooth and I'm quite pleased with the result...Aidan is nice and dozey after his feeds and will pretty much ... [ Discover More ]

Not much to say today…

The days are starting to blur together into a whirlwind of feeds, naps, apple juice, toast, more feeds and more naps. We do venture out everyday for a walk which is lovely and refreshing and good for my fitness (or lack there of). I think the sunshine helps more than anything as the house is so cool, dim and relaxing, the sun perks me right up. Thankfully Aidan loves his stroller. Today is a nothing day, nothing planned, nothing expected. We're 'just being' and I like that. We're going to ... [ Discover More ]

Breast Feeding

Before Stephanie left I asked her to take some photos of Aidan and I (using the Niki) in 'our moment' just after a feed. I'm so glad I did because I treasure them dearly. I do have a few photos of him on the breast but I'm keeping those just for me. These were taken one or two days after coming home from hospital so he's about a week old... and I look completely worn out but totally loved up. My milk supply has quantified thanks to feeding him every 3 hours and expressing after each on top of ... [ Discover More ]

Is it the weekend yet?

*yawn* Hey Mumma is it Saturday yet?No Aidan, it's still Friday.When will it be Saturday?After you've had a sleep... why?Because Dad's home all day on Saturday. ... [ Discover More ]

Upgraded *editted*

Aidan has been kicked out of our room and upgraded to the penthouse suite... his very own room in his very own bed. No more cradle, no more waking Mumma when he talks in his sleep and he loves it. Since Stephanie left I've been doing all the feeds in the nursery. Afterward I put him in his cot and he gazes and talks to his mobile while I use the bathroom/put the rubbish out/sort the laundry etc.He really loves his mobile and the frogs and cricket sounds intrigue him. So this morning I decided we ... [ Discover More ]

It’s Daddy Time

While Mumma is sick and laying low Daddy is soaking up as much of our little Aidan as he can. Even though it's blurry (see how tired I am) I love love love this photo... sigh... my boys. ... [ Discover More ]

Busy Busy Busy

I'm sick. Yup, a nasty little chest infection so I'm laying low and trying my best to beat this thing to death with naps, hot showers, chicken salad sandwiches and doctor approved cough syrup. I want this thing gone pronto so I can go back to being a fun Mumma.Got a few things on this week. I have my first Mothers Group this afternoon with first time mums with bubs 0-3 months so I'm bound to find someone with a nice smile and gentle conversation. Wednesday is payday and I also have a Doc ... [ Discover More ]


I really like a nice sunny spot for a nap after lunch but...... whenever the light is "just right" Mumma goes a bit nuts...... and whips out the Niki. I try my best to ignore her but...... sometimes she just can't take a hint.Thankfully Grandpa arrived just in time...... for some serious snuggles... ... but that didn't stop Mumma... ... [ Discover More ]

Little Sister

Stephanie has been staying with us for the last week and a bit and today Mum and Dad took her to stay one night in Sydney before she flies back to Townsville early tomorrow morning. Steve and I are officially at home alone with the baby! Steph has helped out so much with Aidan and loves him down to each and every tiny toe. I know it was hard for her to leave him and it was hard to watch them bond knowing how short lived her visit was.I bought Steph this dress... almost 3 years ago and I finally ... [ Discover More ]

I’m Not Shy

I noticed earlier in the week that Aidan's right eye was a bit weepy and was getting a little gunky. So I kept it clean but over the course of the day I realised we were dealing with conjunctivitis so the next day I made my way to the nearest drop in clinic and got him checked out. This ugly and kind of scary machine was in the waiting bay and it was just too creepy not to take a photo of Aidan in it.The whole clinic situation is totally new to me. I rarely go to the doctors myself and now I ... [ Discover More ]

"With an A not an E"

Here is the story of how Little Mezza became Aidan Ryan Melnyczenko...Steve and I could always agree on girls names and before we even knew we'd conceived we had a short list of favourites. Boys names on the other hand was a minefield. It's not that we couldn't agree... we just couldn't think of a name that fit just right. So when we found out our little baby was a boy the pressure was on and there wasn't one night where the baby name book wasn't open. By the time I was 4-5 months pregnant we'd ... [ Discover More ]

Baby’s Big Day Out

The last few days our routine is working wonders but I'm mindful not to get to happy because things change with little notice and I don't want to jinx it. I managed to score 2 naps this morning so by lunchtime I felt a degree of normalcy. I decided it was the perfect day to venture out being the first day of Spring so we set off to the Post Office for our first little adventure.I timed the journey well and he slept the entire time. He looked so comfy in his stroller and it's a dream to drive. We ... [ Discover More ]