Family Ties

The whole point of the trip was to see Steve's family and introduce them to Aidan. They couldn't have been more besotted if they tried. It was great to see Steve in his hometown and realise Aidan will always have ties to Moe even though we'll never live there ourselves.Steve's Dad was so sweet with him but at the same time, very nervous. It's been a long time since he's held a baby. Aidan was great and never cried when he was being held.Aidan's too "Crazy Aunts" wanted to kidnap him I'm sure. ... [ Discover More ]

Traveling with Baby

I'd like to say it was difficult, that we should never have left home, that it screwed up his routine but it wasn't, I'm glad we did and it didn't. I thought traveling with a baby would mean extra work and take out all the fun, but to be honest he enhanced everything. Sure, as I mentioned previously popping the girls out on crowed public transport wasn't a breeze but I did it and we managed... Go us! It was of course only a short trip to visit the in-laws and show off Aidan. I'd heard plenty of ... [ Discover More ]

It’s good to be home…

Phew... it's been a busy week, it felt like 2 weeks went by but in reality it was only 5 days away from home. This is just a quick note about what's going on with us and then more detailed posts will follow.Aidan decided it was perfect timing for a growth spurt so I feel mentally and physically drained. He fed constantly and I can prove it as he gained 310 grams this week. It was really hard work but it's the kind of work you can't hate. Sure, breastfeeding on a bus, on a peak hour train, 2 ... [ Discover More ]

Carried Away

Mumma wanted me to let you all know that we'll be traveling to Melbourne so they can show me off to the in-laws. That means she wont be able to share my cuteness with you for a week. We're going by plane but I'm not worried as I've already flown, even if I was in Mumma's belly at the time. Mumma bought me this cool sling to keep me nice and comfy for traveling and I really love it.Maybe whilst we're away it would be a great time for you to ask any questions that have been on your mind about ... [ Discover More ]

Wasn’t me!

Seriously Mumma, I have no idea what you're talking about.I mean there is no way I'd suck my thumb.Especially when it's so hard to get it in my mouth.That said Mumma, I'm not one to give up.You could say I'm "trying". ... [ Discover More ]

Keepsake 2

Before - Aidan's tiny feet scanned onto my computer.After - Aidan's tiny feet on a stubby cooler!My Dad likes homemade/thoughtful gifts from my sister and I, rather than anything flashy or expensive. What man can't do without one more stubby cooler? So that's what I made him for his birthday using Snapfish. I created the graphic using photoshop and added Aidan's name and birth date. I then uploaded the graphic as you would a photo. It was so simple and cost under $20. The feet are also to scale! ... [ Discover More ]

Crying Room

Wez & AidanI went to the movies a lot when I was pregnant. Towards the end Wez and I were going once a week, seeing everything from romance, animations, 3D, horror... anything that looked good on the day. I'm sure we'd seen over 15 movies. He was the only one of my local mates who put up with my baby brain, puffy ankles and constant baby talk on a regular basis. I will be forever grateful.Since having Aidan I've missed my weekly fantasy fix, not to mention the mandatory Malteasers. So after ... [ Discover More ]

Ouchy Ow Ow

Well Aidan got his shots on Thursday and it was probably the worst day of his little life so far. I'd always been confident about him getting shots and that I wouldn't cry and that it wasn't a big deal.WRONGWe waited in the little room, a nurse came in and gave us the talk and papers to sign. Once that was done we laid Aidan on a little soft mat and I stroked his temple to keep him calm. I thought it would be a good idea not to watch the needle go in but to focus on his little face.WRONGI'd ... [ Discover More ]

Mothers Group

I'm putting myself out there, way out there and whilst it's been a little uncomfortable at times it's still be worth the rewards. One issue I had was that I was meeting people but never got the nerve to exchange contact information. I remembered Belinda had beautiful play date cards made and thought I could make some for Aidan and I. I just used photoshop and printed them at home. All I did was put our names on it, Aidan's birth date, my mobile number (removed from photo) and email address. I've ... [ Discover More ]

Rock the Bubba

This is Aidan's swing. He doesn't use it a lot but as he's staying awake more during the day it gives him a chill out space where he can relax other than his cot. I liked this one because it vibrates, swings on lots of different speeds, plays music, reclines, has cute toys, a tray table, comfortable harness and headrest. It's also mid-sized which is great for our tiny house. Oh and it was on sale for $99. The only downside is that it runs on batteries but isn't too bad since he doesn't use it ... [ Discover More ]

oh how I missed thee

This is what 2am looks like at our house and I thought I'd share my breastfeeding spot with you all just in case you were wondering where I was spending my time. It's beyond uncomfortable but it's the best I can do for the moment. I've tried every spot in the house, the daybed, my bed, a chair, my computer chair, the guest bed... nothing seems to give enough support. Steve and I are on the hunt for a lovely new "feeding" chair but that's for another post.I've never looked at a clock so often in ... [ Discover More ]


I was home alone with the baby and I was bored... so I decided to scan Aidan's feet. Not usually the first thing that comes to mind but I'd been thinking of ways to immortalise his tiny fingers and toes. I'm not really into moulds and I'm not very good at painting. I could take photos all day long but I wanted something different, maybe something I could turn into a graphic and utilise over and over again. Standing my baby on the scanner made the most sense.I just think it's totally adorable. ... [ Discover More ]


My friend Rhi (who I met through my blog) has a baby boy named Carter who is only a few weeks older than Aidan. Not only has she been a great support but also introduced me to The Woombie. We've wrapped Aidan since birth but Steve had a bit of difficulty with it and as the weeks went by Aidan started breaking out of mine too. The Woombie answered our wishes for a simpler bedtime routine. Basically it's a cotton jersey sack with a zipper, that's the best way to describe it I guess. Lay The ... [ Discover More ]