I've realised that I can't be great at everything, when I attempt certain things they just seem to go bad, no matter how much I persevere or how big I dream. I can sew and make plenty of things, I just simply cannot make toys. This little guy is proof.I wanted to make a little monkey toy that was light-weight, and had skinny arms and legs for Aidan to grab and chew on. I altered the Black Apple doll pattern in hopes that it would simplify the process. Oh, I was so wrong.I'm not even going to go ... [ Discover More ]

Frame it

As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm in the middle of a lounge room make over. Nothing really drastic, it's actually more of an update than an overhaul. The point is I'm having fun and Steve's enjoying the results with minimal impact on the purse strings. One thing I wanted to change was the mantle display and here's how I did it.I went to my local quilting shop in search of some extraordinary fabric and I got lucky. I bought 2 fat quarters ($5) of this beautiful batik print on linen and it ... [ Discover More ]

Brain Training

Whenever we visit Mum the scrabble board gets a work out. Mum and Steve have so much fun challenging each other, it's their little bonding activity that I can't help but roll my eyes at. I even had to go and buy Steve his own board last Christmas so they could play at our house. I like Scrabble but you must understand that my Mum is a scrabble nut, she reads dictionaries... for fun.My sister and I were badgered during school holidays to play against her but we always lost. Sorry, that's an ... [ Discover More ]

Pure Vanity

Danielle. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Bossy. Happy. Sulky. Funny. Sensitive. Sarcastic. Loud. Quiet. Sexy. Obese. Vain. Artist. Negotiator. Mediator. Blogger. Photographer. Writer. Student. Shopper. Stylist. Designer. Gardener. Cleaner. Cook. Serious. Worrier. Fun.There are things about me that I love and there are things I realise make me who I am, whether I like it or not. Like the fact even though I tried not to let it, hurtful comments are just that. Hurtful. I'm a sensitive ... [ Discover More ]

Santa’s Coming!

There is nothing quite like Christmas, a day solely devoted to giving, eating and being merry with loved ones. Steve and I have always tried to make a big deal out of Christmas. We work together planning gifts, the menus, any traveling and really enjoy making it special but there always came a point, without fail, that both us felt some of the magic was missing. The "magic" of course, being children.If you have children, imagine a Christmas without them... that's how we felt every year. Aidan ... [ Discover More ]

Cloth Nappies Full Time

As of today Aidan has been in his BumGenius cloth nappies for a whole week. It's been a lot easier than I expected and I finally feel like the outlay was worthwhile. I originally bought 12 nappies to use part time but once I started using them I wanted to use them full time, not bounce between both. 12 wasn't enough so I ordered another 12 and 24 is the perfect number. I still have to do a half load of washing everyday but that's only because Aidan is still little and "goes" a lot. It's nice not ... [ Discover More ]

Rockin Revamp

A couple of weeks ago I shared my breastfeeding area with you and as time goes on the soft squishy couch is taking it's toll on my back so I've decided to change things around. I've been patiently searching for the right chair to replace the 2-seater in the lounge room. I wanted an armchair glider like the one above. Whilst they may be popular in the US and readily available, getting one here seems impossible... without paying boutique prices anyway.When the Toys R Us catalogue arrive and this ... [ Discover More ]

Lobster Please

After a hard day Op Shopping I wasn't sure going out to dinner would be such a great idea. I thought Aidan had done it a bit rough, I thought I needed to just chill and not get dressed up and be all social. Mum convinced me otherwise and said that if I didn't go and have my very first lobster dinner, the one I'd been drooling about all week, I'd regret it.We had a nice nap and then headed out for dinner at one of my Mum & Dad's favourite regular places, "The Deck". The staff are really ... [ Discover More ]

The Op Shop Hop

On Saturday Mum, Aidan and I headed out on an adventure... an Op Shopping adventure! Everyday last week I'd driven by an Op Shop and everyday I neglected to go inside but as Saturday was our last day in town I thought why do one, when you can do them all...The first one we went to was the one I drove past daily called "Brighter Days" in Soldiers Point, a small warehouse filled with brica-brac and lots of 70's furniture. Aidan scored a few onesies and I was pretty happy. It was a good start to ... [ Discover More ]


I am capable of loving more than I ever thought possible.Dirty nappies don't phase me, but I laugh every time Steve gags whilst changing Aidan.Op Shops are great for babies clothes. I would have wasted so much money had I not been showered with pre-loved items from my lovely readers and hunted for them myself. I can't stand to pay full price now and I don't feel the need too.Aidan adores his mobile. The best gifts are those made at home and from the heart. Everytime I see something Aidan might ... [ Discover More ]

Long Awaited

Whilst we've been in Newy we've managed 3 visits with my girlfriend of 16 years who has been eagerly awaiting Aidan's arrival... and that very first snuggle. She has 3 beautiful/perfect kids of her own and I can say that because I'm their God-mum. Now that Aidan is in our lives the bond between our families feels even stronger. Danielle and I have always felt like family to eachother even if some years we were more distant than close, but that's what growing up is all about, living, changing and ... [ Discover More ]


My parents have one of those great big spa sized baths which is totally perfect for soaking in some fluffy bubbles. The more bubbles the better.As much as Aidan loves his daily showers, he's really learning to love baths with me too. He's started laughing and responding to splashes and really likes the sound of his voice echoing off the tiles. This photo is too sweet. His little double chin with his privates covered with bubbles. Definitely one for his 21st album. I can't wait til next year when ... [ Discover More ]

Fun in the Sun

Tuesday afternoon Mum and I took Aidan to the beach for the vey first time. I can't say he loved it but he didn't hate it either. It was 35 degrees and the wind was so hot like a hairdryer, even at 5pm. We only stayed for 20 minutes, had a little splash and then headed home.Mum and Dad live at Soldiers Point in Nelsons Bay NSW, a short 3 hours drive from home. It's a beautiful coastal town full of sailors and pensioners. The perfect place for Aidan to spend his holidays.The water was a little ... [ Discover More ]

More than Photos

sigh... finally a minute to myself. My blog is becoming more and more of a mental safe house for when I need (require) some time out. Sure, I don't get to blog as often as I used to but when I do it feels good, nay... great.Aidan is growing in leaps and bounds and it honestly baffles me at how much he's changed and how quickly he's becoming "Aidan" and not just "Baby". We've already arrived at the 2.5 month mark and gone up 2 sizes in clothes. We've got a routine, breast feeding is going great ... [ Discover More ]

Favourite Things

What could keep a little baby so transfixed for such a long period of time?What would make his little arms and legs spasm in excitement?The answer is the black & white mobile I made Aidan. He LOVES that thing. I call it his "friends" because he has the longest conversations with it and giggles and gurgles at it too. It's made nappy changes a breeze and he gets visual stimulation for development at the same time. He's decided he doesn't like the Fisher Price Rainforrest Mobile that's over his ... [ Discover More ]