The Op Shop Hop

On Saturday Mum, Aidan and I headed out on an adventure… an Op Shopping adventure! Everyday last week I’d driven by an Op Shop and everyday I neglected to go inside but as Saturday was our last day in town I thought why do one, when you can do them all…The first one we went to was the one I drove past daily called “Brighter Days” in Soldiers Point, a small warehouse filled with brica-brac and lots of 70’s furniture. Aidan scored a few onesies and I was pretty happy. It was a good start to the day.
The second one was the Salamander Bay Salvos, I’d been there before and got lucky with some cut glass bowls. This time however Mum managed to get two brand new purple block-out curtains for Stephanie and a cute beaded evening bag for herself. All Aidan got was a few pinches on the cheek from the elderly staff.
After the Salvos Aidan was due for another feed and since we were still near home we decided to head back and we’d all have some lunch. On the way however I came across a garage sale sign and just had to stop in… I was on a roll. As most of the residents in mum’s area live on yachts it wasn’t uncommon for garage sales to be held at storage yards. However I didn’t manage to find anything… except for a very unimpressed child when I returned to Mum and Aidan who were waiting in the car.
Whilst I fed Aidan Mum looked online for Op Shops a short drive from home. We found another 3 addresses and once the baby was burped we were off. Next stop was Nelsons Bay St.Vinnies and Mum scored again with a new pair of swimmers. The next destination was right next door but by the time we got through the first one the second one had closed as it had past noon. I didn’t bother taking a photo.
Once we were done with Nelsons Bay we drove half an hour to Lemon Tree Passage and went to the Salvos Super Center. Probably one of the nicest op shops I’ve ever been to and quite big too. Mum found another pair of swimmers, some placemats and a bikini for Stephanie. Aidan and I rocked it hardcore in there too. He got teeny tiny board shorts, swimmers, wool nappy covers, some onesies and a few other things. He was so excited he wet himself…
… No really, he actually wet himself… whilst in the Bjorn… in the store… all down my leg. Of course he thought it was hilarious and wouldn’t stop smiling. So you can imagine me bending over the backseat wiping his smug little ass and not being able to help smiling back.
Once we were both cleaned up we paid for our gear and jumped in the car and headed for the water. We dined on wedges & sour cream and Aidan had “Boobie in a Bottle”. The weather had been pleasent all day up until that time so we drove home in the rain and Aidan slept in his carseat dreaming of all the new Op Shop adventures yet to come…

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