Health Matters

I finally booked myself weekly Chiropractic sessions as my back has been killing me ever since I fell pregnant. In the weeks after Aidan was born I was getting weekly massages on my neck and lower back as the strain from breastfeeding was taking its toll. My chiro is lovely and I felt really good walking out of there. I really shouldn't have waited so long.Yesterday I had to have full spinal x-rays done. The ladies looked after Aidan at reception for me. I left him happy with a rusk and came ... [ Discover More ]

nom nom nom

This week I've been busy making food. I know there are healthy, organic and affordable options available for little babies at the supermarket but because I'm a SAHM, have all the equipment and skills, I decided to make his meals myself. I bought Annabel Karmel's book (in my sidebar & pictured above) and it's been a wealth of information and full of yummy recipes. I highly recommend it.I really wanted to practice Baby Led Weaning and we do to some extent but as Aidan is down to 3-4 bottle ... [ Discover More ]


After Heather had her hair done we decided to go to my favourite Mexican place for dinner and show off her new 'do'. We both munched our nachos and sipped our drinks whilst Aidan put on a great show of smiles and giggles for the people in the restaurant. Everybody thought he was divine and just loved him. He was so good. Mind you we had to eat dinner at 5:30 but that's ok, better than staying at home for bangers & mash.Heather was drinking huge strawberry margaritas and I wanted one soooo ... [ Discover More ]

Give me Wings

I don't drink caffeine. No coffee. No Cola. Nada. Zip... but this week I changed my mind. Well, actually my mind was made up for me. I was 4 days into "Operation Manage Without Steve" and I was already beginning to flat line. It wasn't pretty. I was still being Aidan's mum, I just wasn't a great one. Usually I'm up for all the games, the bouncing and whinging but I was just so tired.Granted, the quilt probably wasn't great idea whilst Steve was away and I'm big enough to admit that but I just ... [ Discover More ]

Sew Cool

Photo taken with flash... I hate flash but it was midnightLast night I managed to get all those squares sewn into panels and I'm quite proud... sleepy, but proud. I haven't sewn the panels together yet, I just laid them out for a photo. Steve's sister Heather arrived this morning so I might be able to get that part done tonight. I still have a border, backing and binding to do yet. It's not perfect but it's made with love. ... [ Discover More ]

Slow Progress

It's taken awhile but I'm slowly getting there with the playmat project. I can't believe I thought I would be bored with Steve gone, I have so much more to do around the house. Steve pitches in a lot and it took him going away to remind me. Anyway, after measuring and cutting a bajillion fricken squares and figuring out where to place them, I popped them into little baggies and they're waiting for me to sew into panels.It wasn't until last night that I was reminded of an old childhood book of ... [ Discover More ]

I can do it!

I didn't think he was old enough to drink with a sippy cup. My sister bought him one and I was certain he wouldn't get the gist of it. As soon as she gave it to him it went straight in his mouth like he'd been doing it forever. He sucked and chewed that thing half to death. I was so proud but a little sad that he was getting so much older and no longer my itty bitty baby.Sometimes it takes another person to share their experience or for me to witness another baby of a similar age doing something ... [ Discover More ]


As Aidan's getting more playful and taking an interest in things other than food I thought I would share his play areas with you. I'm trying to keep things as tidy and organised as I can, for as long as I can. I think I have a few good systems in place but if you have any tips please leave a comment...Every morning whilst I put his nappies in the wash, have a shower etc Aidan plays in his cot. He has a soft Lamaze book Grandma bought him for xmas and a mirror I picked up on sale. Also the teddy ... [ Discover More ]

Forever Love

We celebrate love everyday in our's pretty hard not too... when we've been so have a little boy...who embodies our love for one another...yet somehow makes us love even more.I don't need flowers...but some chocolate would be make up for all the times you threw up on me...not once... but twice! ... [ Discover More ]

Starting Out

Steve's going away for a week and leaves tomorrow so I twisted his arm and dragged him to Spotlight to pick up a few things I required for Aidan's playmat. I needed a project for whilst he was away or I would go insane. The reason I chose to make a playmat is because the one he has now is too small... one roll and he's off it. I considered buying one but couldn't justify the cost as they can easily lead into the hundreds. Plus what's better than making one myself!So I bought a $20 quilting set ... [ Discover More ]

The Man, The Husband, The Father

I've wanted to write this post for awhile, actually a little over 5 months. I just can't seem to form words and sentences that do the man I love justice. I will make an attempt because the man deserves it. When I see him with our son, our beloved little boy, the child we dreamed of daily... I honestly want to cry. I know, I'm such a sap.I was told I would see Steve differently after we became parents. I expected to watch them play and tickle as he got older but I wasn't prepared for the way they ... [ Discover More ]

Jolly Jumper

I admit that I'm a bit behind on purchasing the Jolly Jumper. I honestly I didn't think he needed one (I'm trying to keep things minimal here) but I got sick of the bruises on my thighs from him bouncing up and down on my lap and took the plunge.He loves it.The video above is of his very first jump in it so he's pretty laid back but check out the video below with Steve joining in and hear the squeals. They're jamming to Tenacious D... no wiggles in my house until absolutely necessary lol.We've ... [ Discover More ]

Jolly Jumper

I admit that I'm a bit behind on purchasing the Jolly Jumper. I honestly I didn't think he needed one (I'm trying to keep things minimal here) but I got sick of the bruises on my thighs from him bouncing up and down on my lap and took the plunge.He loves it.The video above is of his very first jump in it so he's pretty laid back but check out the video below with Steve joining in and hear the squeals. They're jamming to Tenacious D... no wiggles in my house until absolutely necessary lol.We've ... [ Discover More ]


Alexie from In My Little Alexie WorldCongratulations, I hope you enjoy your brand new Hello Owl bag! Please email me your postal address and I'll get it shipped to you ASAP. Be sure to blog a pic of you and your new bag when you get it lol.If you missed out on this stunner, check out Hello Owl Designs on Madeit, Dani's brand new store. In the coming weeks it's going to be filled with lots of goodies so be sure to add it to your favourites. Thanks again to everyone who entered and shared the ... [ Discover More ]


Since we have our very own live-in babysitter (my sister) we thought we'd make better use of her before she goes on Thursday. Steve made a reservation at our favourite Mexican restaurant on Sunday night. We washed and fed the baby, put him to bed and we managed to get there on time.I haven't really had a drink (besides one or two West Coast Coolers.. lame) since I found out I was pregnant. Tequila was my drink of choice but I knew that the first one I'd have would throw me and boy did it ever. I ... [ Discover More ]

Photos for a Cause

by Samantha PearceMy new friend Samantha from Samantha Pearce Photography loves doing a good deed and I want to help spread the word about her current offer for 4 lucky people (I'm one of them!!! Ah the joys of Facebook notifications). Donate $500.00 to the Smith Family Back to School Appeal, email her the receipt and you will receive:Photoshoot (incl. sitting fee)10 Gift Prints (5x7 or 8x10)10 Full Resolution digital files on discFiles can be the same or different to the prints, so there's ... [ Discover More ]

Sticky Situations

by ppbaby888Steve and I are facing many new challenges being first time parents. We like to think we're as prepared as we can be. We've read all the books, the magazines and forums. We have friends we can call and our parents are always there to answer any questions. One area that still remains a little grey is sex. Sure, people do it but it's rare to come across people who discuss it openly and honestly. I'm used to talking about sex, it used to be a part of my job.I haven't really approached ... [ Discover More ]

Crack for Babies

Aidan's taking to solids really well. At the moment he mainly eats sweet potato, pear and apple and he's now having 5-6 bottles a day which is brilliant. He wakes once a night now. We're very proud.He's having breakfast and dinner everyday now but with these hot summer days and his sore tiny gums I've been giving him afternoon tea as well. Around 2-3pm I pop him in his highchair, give him a mesh feeder filled with frozen pureed watermelon and he sits and watches Toby & Charlie outside.I wish ... [ Discover More ]

Get your craft on

by Lilley's Handcrafted LoveliesLately I've been feeling the itch. The itch to stitch, sew and stuff. I don't know where the urge is coming from but it's been lingering in the back of my mind for awhile. I haven't started anything because I'm afraid I wont be committed to any project long enough to finish it. We have a few visitors over the next couple of months and I'm really excited about it all but I know deep down I'm going to need a creative release soon or this twitch in my fingers is ... [ Discover More ]

Follow Me

It was brought to my attention yesterday that I had a 100 followers on my blog and that I should celebrate. I instantly had thoughts of everyone syncing their watches, sitting at their computers wearing party hats, nibbling on TimTams and eating Cheezels off their fingers. Then reality kicked in and the dream was gone... sigh... Instead my BFF over at Hello Owl suggested I do a giveaway, to thank you all for being awesome and caring about my everyday life. Yep, another giveaway!All you have to ... [ Discover More ]

Nursery Love

Erin from House of Turquoise has featured Aidan's nursery on her blog and I'm so excited! Sure, I'm no designer, I couldn't paint the walls and had a very limited budget but people really seemed to dig what I created. It's still my most favourite room in the house. The photos on Erin's blog were taken before Aidan was born so I thought I'd share some recent photos...I wanted a playful space that was functional and had plenty of storage. The chaise ottoman has been brilliant, especially for those ... [ Discover More ]