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I finally booked myself weekly Chiropractic sessions as my back has been killing me ever since I fell pregnant. In the weeks after Aidan was born I was getting weekly massages on my neck and lower back as the strain from breastfeeding was taking its toll. My chiro is lovely and I felt really good walking out of there. I really shouldn’t have waited so long.
Yesterday I had to have full spinal x-rays done. The ladies looked after Aidan at reception for me. I left him happy with a rusk and came back to find him like this… check out the sticker! sigh, his FIRST sticker :)
I had time between the x-rays and my appointment so I wandered down to another favourite op shop and found this gem. Be still my beating heart. I can’t stop thinking about the teal velvet and those squooshy buttons. There are 2 love seats and a single chair for $80 and I’m tempted to put my big chunky expensive brown one out on the lawn and buy this… but Steve would freak. If my sister moved down here I would have bought it for her jsut so I could visit it lol…oh how I love it so.
I knew Aidan would get his first cold when sickly Steve got back from Hawaii and I was right. Aidan is filled with boogers and is just simply miserable. We have his 6 month check up and needles this afternoon so I’ll get the doctor to check out his sniffles too. I’ve had the humidifier in his room and been rubbing baby balsam on his little chest and back. He’s a trooper and still manages a smile and a giggle. I’m just hoping it’s over and done with soon as I’m so tired. A sick baby I can manage but the Man-Cold just tips me over the edge.

I’ll be back to our regular programing soon :)


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    Danielle says

    What a good boy. Your couch isn't tar expensive :P why don't you buy them blue one and ask them to hold it and put yours on eBay. Tell Steve when the deal is done. You've have a few good years with tour couch so as long as you cover the costs of the new couch it's ok.

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    Bethwyn says

    Eukybear Rub is better than Vicks, I've found. It's stronger, but still gentle enough for the little ones and just seems to work better than the Vicks baby basalm does. The tubes are from the chemist for a few bucks. I think it's also more natural than Vicks is, too.

    I like Dani's idea, too. Get the couch and recover the costs by selling the old one!

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    Danimezza says

    Natalie, I've heard that too and I've been doing it :)

    Bee, I'll have a look next time I'm at the chemist, ta.

    The couch we have now is about 20 times the cost of the op shop one. I think Steves head would spin off… but I'm taking him to go and see it tomorrow.

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