Polly Dolly

I love Polyvore and I loved the challenges that I used to see around but lately I haven't seen any at all. Trust me, I went looking. I get a kick out of playing dress up and I know a lot of you do too. So... I was thinking... maybe you'd want to play with me!Every Thursday I'll post a new Polly Dolly Theme Challenge, then you toddle off and get creative. You can credit the items if you want and add a bit of an explanation of why you chose the pieces or you can just share your clipboard... it's ... [ Discover More ]

Easter Party

This week at Mothers Group we had a little Easter Party for the kids... ok, well for us. We each brought a plate of goodies and I organised a few craft activities. Here is Aidan sporting his bunny ears.All I did was draw some ears, cut multiples out and stick them to a strip of cardboard for the headband. Then everyone coloured in the centers with a crayon and glued on strips of cotton wool. Sticky tape held the headband in place once it was sized for each child. Super cheap and super cute.I ... [ Discover More ]

For the Love of Ted

Aidan's Great Grandma knitted this cute Teddy for him when I was pregnant. From the first day he slept in his cot I made sure that Teddy was right there with him. When Aidan was in his Woombie he just kind of nuzzled him or didn't pay any attention to him at all. But now he's sleeping in big baby jammies he reaches out and hugs him, shakes him by the arms or legs and chews on his hands. It's really sweet to watch. Yesterday though, he decided to do something else...... he used Ted as a ... [ Discover More ]

On the right path…

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary and we have so many exciting things planned. Like grocery shopping, washing nappies, going to the post office and traipsing off to Target to buy Aidan some new pajamas. If we're lucky we might stop off at Hungry Jacks on the way home.Every year we hope we'll do something but our plans always seem to fall by the wayside. It's becoming our tradition to do nothing at all. Steve woke me this morning to a little sing-song of "Happy Anniversary" and he trundled off ... [ Discover More ]

My Place & Yours

I'm this weeks "Theme Queen" and I chose Top Draw as our challenge. I'm sharing my top bedroom draw and all it's contents. I couldn't help myself and styled it a little bit first... ok, a lot.Things I can't seem to live without at bedtime:Notebook - I do most of my deep thinking right before bed. Sometimes it might be about a blog post, challenges for the day ahead but mostly about Aidan. It's good to have a place to jot things down.Pens - What's the point in a notebook without a pen! The silver ... [ Discover More ]

Bye Bye Woombie

Taken during his lunchtime nap, 1.5 hrsAs I've grown up I've always seemed to question myself and the choices I make. I'm my own worst critic yet still feel the need to seek approval from others. Being a mother has opened up a whole new world of questions and personal vulnerabilities but some days I feel more strength than I have in my entire life. Those are the days when I go with my gut.You know that feeling, the invisible tug in a certain direction which always seems to conflict with either ... [ Discover More ]

Spontaneous Spending

Today was Wendy's last day in Sydney and I had an hour and a half before the shops shut to help her spend all her money... so I took her to Parramatta.First stop was JAG, Wendy's "favourite store ever" and didn't leave empty handed. You can tell she was pretty excited. Aidan didn't do too badly either as the sales lady had a microwave out the back to heat up his bottle. So he sat back and enjoyed his milk whilst Wendy bought some smoking hot jeans.She also scored at a few sales and spent way to ... [ Discover More ]

Illustration Friday

I've been stuck on this theme (subterranean) all week and it wasn't until this evening that I was able to transfer my ideas to the tablet. I was inspired by a movie I saw this afternoon, you'll never guess which one... Play along here. ... [ Discover More ]

Cute as a Crumpet

Today I conquered my fears... and took Aidan to the city for the day on the train. I'm one of those people that plans for the worst and hopes for the best. I'll admit I'm a half-empty kinda girl. I wanted to tackle my fear of a long solo day trip with a baby on public transport because it was holding me back. Now, consider me unrestrained!I spent all night packing and repacking Aidan's stroller (Maclaren Vogue, best ever!) and whilst I may have packed a few things I didn't end up needing, I ... [ Discover More ]

My Place & Yours

When I saw that this weeks theme was PINK, I was a little taken a back. I didn't own anything pink, I was sure of it but once I started looking I found it everywhere...I bought this gorgeous bromeliad a few weekends ago when we spruced up our outdoor area. I makes me happy to see the explosion of colour.I bought this water bottle when I was pregnant and use it every single day. It's exactly 1 litre so I make sure I drink at least two a day. It was my lifesaver when I was breastfeeding.I own pink ... [ Discover More ]

Best is Best

When you're in school you say "Friends Forever" but in the back of your mind there is a sense of reality that you'll grow apart and lead different lives once you leave and have nothing in common. Most fall off your radar (until they pop up on facebook) but there are the very special few who remain in our every day lives or thoughts. When your friend turns into someone you consider family it's a pretty special thing. When you go off and create your own family and they just blend right in and ... [ Discover More ]

Happy Weekend

I really have to stop using my iPhone to take photos but it's just sooo convenient. I took this one on the way back from swimming lessons. I desperately want to go back and take another using my Niki but that will have to wait as we're entertaining a guest this weekend. My BFF Wendy is traveling down from Darwin to stay with us and I'm so excited. I'm going to just relax and soak her all up. Oh and keep an eye out for my Illustration Friday entry, this weeks theme is Subterranean. Have a great ... [ Discover More ]

Road Trip

On Wednesday one of my new friends that I met through mothers group joined me on a little road trip to a little store named IKEA. We bundled up our lovely boys (born 6 days apart) and headed off on our hour long drive with two sleepy darlings. Yup, we're so clever that we coordinated nap time. They had their toys, dummies, blankies and were as happy as could be.I should just say that these pictures aren't the most flattering but man they give me the giggles. We went nuts in the kids section of ... [ Discover More ]

Point & Shoot

Steve and I spent the weekend fixing up the outdoor room which involved a trip to Bunnings and several nurseries and pot places. It was nice to get dirty and involve Aidan in all the fun.Look at those cute little frogs and bunnies... too sweet.It was beautiful and sunny and Aidan was happy to take it all in and touch the leaves and flowers whilst Steve and I looked for bargains. It was a great way to spend the weekend out and about as a family.Come and play Point & Shoot @ FatMumSlim ... [ Discover More ]

My Place & Yours

I don't usually play these games but since my BFF over @ Hello Owl adopted a "My Place & Yours" I couldn't help myself. The photo above is a self portrait I took on my iPhone to show off my new grey beanie with the cutest crotchet flower, from Kmart of all places. When I was taking the photo I accidentally bumped the iPhone and it smeared and I loooove it.Another iPhone moment worth sharing. Aidan and I play in bed every morning. We roll and tumble and jump (ok, well he jumps) and tickle and ... [ Discover More ]

Something New

I've started drawing again, usually late at night when I'm meant to be sleeping. Instead of going to bed and playing Words with Friends (my username is Danimezza if you play) I've been sitting at my desk with the internet off, listening to some tunes and getting some serious use out of my tablet. I'm still getting used to it. I thought the pen would make it easier to control but it's bizarre to be drawing and looking at the screen instead of a piece of paper. I'll adjust eventually.I was also ... [ Discover More ]

Worth Every Moment

When I have moments to ponder (like now) I like to think back to how we got here. How we became parents. Aidan is 6 months old now and he didn't exist to us 12 months ago. I only found out I was pregnant because I was randomly sick one morning and Steve suggested I do a test. That man always had more hope than me. I'll always remember sitting on the toilet waiting for the result to appear, then finding it really hard to breath when it did. I remember excitedly looking at the monitor at the ... [ Discover More ]

Pinned in Place

The quilt is actually starting to look like a quilt now. I added a pretty border around the edges (man I hated cutting all those damn little rectangles) then took it to my local quilting lady to give me a hand putting it all together. I bought some cotton batting (with enough left over for another project that I have in the works... I know I'm hopeless) and we clamped it all onto a table nice and tight and began pinning the layers together with special bent quilting safety pins.I was quite ... [ Discover More ]

Spish, Splosh

I'm getting tired of my own excuses about not going for walks. I get out of the house five out of seven days and usually for about an hour but it's not good enough. I'm kicking my saggy butt into gear. Even contemplating one of these. My goal is small... get out everyday. I'm not talking about going out and doing errands, just a walk for the sake of walking on top of errands. So I bundled up Aidan, grabbed my gorgeous new brolly in my favourite colour and off we went.Isn't he just adorable. It ... [ Discover More ]

Snot Bubbles

We've had a sick little monster on our hands this past week. It's been taking it's toll on all of us but getting his first cold at 6 months is a pretty good effort so I've just gotta suck it up and keep on keeping on. Despite feeling like crap he's still been a happy baby with a few grumbles here and there. Even his sickly smiles melt my heart. If I could make one wish right now it would be that babies understood the concept of blowing their nose.Being 6 months old it was time again for his next ... [ Discover More ]

Geek Speak

I snapped this image off a tshirt I found at Roger David on my iPhone.I've been thinking a lot about my blog, how it started, how it's evolved and where it's going. What I do know is that you like me. Aww shucks. You like to read about my son, the deep thoughts that float from my head to the page and the everyday mundane that is my life. I've gotten to know so many of you through email conversations that make the Dictionary look like a Post It and all your lovely, supportive comments. My blog ... [ Discover More ]