Be Bold, Be Beautiful

Today, instead of having the nap with Aidan I so desperately needed, I decided to dress up, head outside and take a few photos… I needed a pick-me-up.
Yup, I even put make up on. I bought a huge stash of Benefit cosmetics when I was in Bondi and honestly every single item was an investment. I’m not even wearing foundation! Oh and I’m also sporting my new Op Shop find, an $8 mustard yellow necklace… I adore it *swoon*
 I’m no stranger to making fun of myself and had a grand old time striking poses. The neighbours would of been having a good old laugh I can tell you now but you know what… I love this one!
Just incase you were wondering what I was wearing:
Dress: Best&Less circa 2010
Belt: City Chic second hand
Shrug: City Chic circa 2010
Leggings: Crossroads circa 2008
Shoes: City Chic circa 2010
Flower: GemmaJoy circa 2010
Necklace: Op Shop second hand
Earrings: Diva circa 2010

Headband: Equip circa 2010


  1. 4

    angelique says

    You could teach those girls on Oz's next top model a thing or two…..hehehehehehehe! Love that yellow necklace too.

  2. 9

    Teer Wayde says

    That last shot is HOT!

    I freak out my neighbours and my dog when i take pics :P

    You look amazing honey, I love that print and colour on you plus mixing the yellow in – just perfect!

  3. 10

    Danimezza says

    WOW… thanks everyone, wasn't expecting so much love xx I wish I could go around looking like this all the time but it's just not practical with Aidan… who loves to chew on the necklace btw. Within 20 minutes of this shot I was in my jeans and sweater again, wiping generously donated mashed banana off my sleeve whilst he had lunch.

    Thanks for all the comments about my skin *blush*, after a year it's finally back to normal, pregnancy hormones were very cruel to it. I still have a little "mask of pregnancy" on either side of my mouth but the Erase Paste does wonders.

    oh this just totally ended the day on a high xx

  4. 11

    Anonymous says

    Groovy, you could be in the pages of a mag.

    I can see where the bolero comes from but do you remember its actual description?


  5. 12

    Danimezza says

    Thanks Michelle – I amended the post to add the direct link to the item and fix my mistake, they call it a shrug :)


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