Like & Win

If you’re a follower of the Danimezza Facebook Page you would already be in the know… but if you’re not *sad face* then you really should be because you get all the latest updates on everything I’m up to and new post notifications straight to your wall so you never miss a thing. Awesome huh!
To thank all my lovely Facebook “Likers” I thought I’d have a little giveaway for them and you can be in it to win it to just by “liking” me too. When Danimezza FB Page reaches 200 likers then I’ll do a random draw… c’mon it’s only 17 more likes til it’s drawn!
What do you win? Well, you win this awesome book “Photojojo“, seriously a piece of modern culture filled to the brim with projects. You need this… so come and like me HERE.
I should mention this post and giveaway isn’t sponsored by Photojojo, i just love their stuff!


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