Weekend Away

We packed up the new car last Wednesday and headed off up the coast for five days for our friends wedding which I was to photograph. We decided to stay overnight at my grandparents which just so happened to be the half way point for our trip. It was so lovely to see them and watch them interact with a busy toddler. 
 Aidan loves my Grandparents place, Steve does too and has mentioned on several occasions that he’d be quite content living there. They have a large open plan home and beautifully maintained gardens and fruit trees and vege patches. It was a wonderland for Aidan, I mean where else is the bath as big as the ocean?
And where else could swim in a solar heated pool`and have enough space to play a game of soccer with his great grandpa? Aidan picked strawberries and ate every single one… then ran around the backyard laughing with red juice all over his face.
Aidan is great in the car but just in case we’d bought a DVD player for the 7hr trip. We had In the Night Garden, Justine Clarke, YoGabbaGabba and The Wiggles ready to go in case of emergencies and it worked like a charm. We all ended up singing along and laughing, it was pretty fun. We planned to camp while we were away but we got rained out and ended up staying at a motel. If you’re ever in Kempsy NSW this place is awesome, affordable and totally friendly.
 The motel was right on the river. Aidan saw bunnies and lizards and just loved it. Everything was so green and lush and despite being on the coast it was a very rural area. If the weather wasn’t so crap we would have explored a bit more.
 Even when I’m on holiday I venture out to the op shops and I wasn’t disappointed, Aidan got this adorable wooden truck for $5. A guy who volunteered there made them and it’s beautiful. Aidan’s jaw dropped when he saw it and he held his hands out wide and straight away started making brrrrooom sounds and rolling it about the motel. It’s about the same size as a tissue box but so light. I think it’s going to become one of those lifelong treasured toys.
On the grass at the front of the motel was masses of clover and these dainty flowers. I took some time out to play with my camera and be a little creative. It was nice just to be for a moment. The rest of the weekend was a blur of wedding photos, subway sandwiches and driving, lots of driving. It was lovely to arrive home and sleep in my own bed and I’m so proud of Aidan for traveling so well, he’s grown so much, but more on that later. I’ll be spending the morning at the gym and then the rest of the day editing photos like mad. I’ll give you all a sneak peek once I’ve shown the bride.


  1. 1

    Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song says

    Oooh.. how beautiful. Your grandparent's house is the perfect escape for a mini holiday. (Glad you're back though, I missed you! :P)

  2. 2

    emmaonafarm says

    Looks great, great break for your family – and what a lovely house your grandparents have – Noticed how late you posted this entry!! I think you should have been getting some ZZZZZ's…..

  3. 3

    Danielle309 says

    Gotta love holidays!

    It's so special that he gets to see his great grandparents.

    T has a truck like that too – the man who made it wrote his age on the bottom and '1 eye' because he's well into his eighties and only has 1 eye but he can still do what he loves. Sweet huh.

  4. 6

    Danimezza says

    Rhi – Missed you too doll x

    Emma – The house pictured is the motel but yes they do have a lovely home. Pity they're selling it. It's in Bulladelah NSW. oh and I never sleep :)

    Dani – how sweet! maybe they'll play together soon.

    Michelle – I actually love YoGabbaGabba lol

    Dani – Steve's grandparents passed a long time ago and mine just adore him, he loves visiting them.

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